Cross-Border E-Commerce: Key Trends to Watch in 2023




E-commerce Tips to Succeed in the Singapore Market

Almost every entrepreneur dreams of doing business online. It's like giving customers an experience of the mall from the comfort of their homes. Because it offers so much, customers are...

Consolidating Your Technology Stack for Your E-commerce Store in Australia

Introduction With the growing popularity of e-commerce businesses worldwide, customers have now started having higher expectations when shopping online.Fortunately, even the tech industry has amped up its game, and now,...

Top E-Commerce Tips To Dominate the Australian Market

Introduction The Australian e-commerce market offers a ton of benefits to all those looking to establish themselves in this industry. However, with the right strategy and timing, a new e-commerce...

Everything You Need To Know About Starting An E-commerce Business in Singapore

E-commerce business around the globe, especially in the Asia Pacific region, is growing by the day. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has gravitated towards online shopping, where people can...

Singapore’s E-commerce Industry: Everything You Need to Know

The e-commerce market in Singapore is constantly evolving, just like its counterparts worldwide. For businesses looking to expand into Singapore, it is necessary to understand the trends relevant to the...

How to Choose the Best 3PL for Australia

3PL stands for Third-Party Logistics, service, or partnership that helps e-commerce merchants manage their supply chain. This service entertains various facilities, including exchanging and returning goods, warehouses, retail coordination, order...
E-commerce Logisitics | Importing | Shipping | Locad

Quick Guide on Importing to Australia

One of the essential processes in starting an e-commerce business in Australia is to import goods into the country. In this blog, we discuss the steps you need to follow...

The Best E-commerce Platforms for Small Businesses in Singapore

Singapore is known for its e-commerce sector because of its variety of products and services catering to Singaporean citizens. The wave of e-commerce in the world started in the mid-1990s,...

Challenges of Expanding into the Singapore Business Market

It's no secret that Singapore is great for setting up your business. In 2021, there were approximately 1500 business leaders in Singapore from various industries, such as environmental services, logistics,...

How Do I Apply for an E-commerce Business License in Singapore?

The e-commerce business in Singapore is rising each day, and it could be a great option to give it a shot. Entrepreneurs worldwide already have their skin in the game,...

Guide to Applying for an E-commerce Business License in Australia

Business License: Where You Can Get It Every country has its own set of laws related to how businesses should be run. Likewise, even Australia has specific rules around licenses...

Top E-commerce Platforms for Small Businesses to Flourish in Australia

In the last few years, e-commerce soared to new heights. Additionally, with the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, buyers rely more heavily on e-commerce platforms to meet their needs. In fact,...
A Guide to Starting an E-commerce Business in Australia | Locad Blog

A Complete Guide to Australia’s E-commerce Industry

E-commerce Trends Set to Become Dominant in Australia  Just like the market landscape of any other part of the world, even the Australian market is constantly changing and evolving. Due...

The Australian Business Market and its Challenges

The COVID-19 pandemic and its lockdowns drastically changed how Australians shopped. Interestingly, it was reported that in 2021 4 out of 5 households resorted to online shopping. Currently, more than...

A Guide to Starting an E-commerce Business in Australia

Introduction While it may seem relatively easy to start an e-commerce business in Australia, the truth is, you will have to consider quite a few things to realize success early...
E-commerce business owners shipping Shopee orders | Locad

Shipping to the Philippines: Guide for Shopee Sellers

Are you a Shopee seller who wants to tap into the lucrative e-commerce market in the Philippines? Look no further! As a fellow e-commerce enthusiast, I know that the success...
Shopee e-commerce business office | Locad

21 Top-Selling Products & Categories on Shopee Philippines 2023

If you're an e-commerce business looking to start or grow your presence on Shopee, this is your go-to content. We've compiled a list of the hottest categories and products selling,...
Future of e-commerce shopping in the Philippines | Locad

Future of E-Commerce in the Philippines Under the New Administration

After winning the presidential election in 2022, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., who is often referred to as Bongbong, there are already expectations that he will commit to his campaign promise of...
Online shopper looking at Lazada product through a mobile device | Locad

Best Practices for Lazada Product Listings

Advertising your products might seem a lot more different today with the rise of eCommerce marketplaces but to be honest, the principles stay the same. You got to learn the...
Avoiding bobus buyers on your e-commerce online store | Locad

How Lazada Sellers Can Avoid Bogus Buyers

Nowadays, business owners are shifting to e-commerce platforms to get what’s best for their little business to take off. However, it would be a pity when our hard-earned investments suffer...
Best Lazada Store Examples | Locad Blog

Best Lazada Store Examples

Are you a new business owner hoping to start with Lazada online selling? Or are you an established business seeking to venture out into e-commerce marketplaces to get another milestone...
Protecting your Shopee site from e-commerce scam | Locad

Shopee Scammer Alert: How to Identify and Avoid Bogus Buyers

“Scam,” “bogus,” and “fraud” are perhaps the most dreaded words when it comes to the e-commerce or online business space. Unfortunately, scams do happen and can happen on both sides:...
Shopee e-commerce seller and e-wallets | Locad

Benefits of E-wallets: Shopee Pay for Shopee Sellers

With more and more consumers turning to online shopping, Shopee Sellers must have a strong digital presence and a streamlined e-commerce strategy. One key aspect of that strategy is payment...
E-commerce Order Management | Locad Blog

Preparing for the Ber Months in E-commerce Philippines

Prepare yourself as the Ber months are almost upon us!As a business owner, it seems as if right after finding one’s bearings at the end of a huge event, another...
E-commerce Order Deliver Person | 3PL | Locad Blog

Double Trouble: How to Prepare Your Shopee Store for the Monthly Mega Sale

As a Shopee seller, you probably had to learn how to make the most out of your Shopee store through the Seller Education Hub, Shopee University Summit, and tech and...

How to Deal With Off-Peak Seasons in E-commerce

Can you feel your pulse rate slowing down as your adrenaline gradually drops? For the first time in what seems like weeks, you are able to shut down your laptop,...
E-commerce Package Delivery Process | Locad Blog

Last Mile Delivery Trends and Challenges in Australia

Last mile delivery is arguably the most crucial part of the delivery process because it ultimately determines how the customer rates their satisfaction with the whole consumer experience a company...
Drone in last mile delivery | Locad

Delivering in the Future: How Drones and Bots are Used for Last Mile Delivery 

Autonomous delivery systems such as automated trucks are being developed by different courier companies across the world to further streamline the delivery experience. While these automated trucks may take some...
E-commerce Warehouse Automated Delivery Vehicles With Packages | Locad Blog

Tech Tools and Trends in the Logistics Industry

The global logistics business continues to boom in parallel to the growth of e-commerce. More and more companies now have logistics and supply chain strategies to adapt and thrive in...
Unloading e-commerce orders from a shipping carrier | Locad

What You Need to Know About Cross-Border Shipping in Southeast Asia

Not surprisingly, the e-commerce industry across Southeast Asia is entering a golden era. The region has more than 620 million people (accounting for 8.58% of the world’s population) across 11...

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