Cross-Border E-Commerce: Key Trends to Watch in 2023



4 Benefits of Shipping Internationally | Order Management | Locad Blog

5 E-commerce Sites to Sell Your Products

With the surge of various online shopping platforms and e-commerce sites to choose from, we’ve rounded up the most popular destinations best suited for your business and products.  In less...
Automated Delivery Vehicles Loaded With Packages | Locad Blog

The A to Z’s of Shipping, Fulfillment, and Logistics Terms

Understanding the different elements of the fulfillment and shipping process can get overwhelming. This glossary of common terms used in our industry will help you get started. 3PL: Third-Party Logistics. A...
Live shopping on an e-commerce store | Locad

Logistics, Shipping, and Operations: A Starting Guide

When it comes to your E-Commerce business, you put in a lot of work to get it to where it is today. You’ve designed and created the product, founded your...
E-commerce business owners discussing growth and scaling | Locad

Scale Up Your E-Commerce Startup

In the world of e-commerce, fulfillment, customer satisfaction, speed and reliability are key. You want to run your e-commerce startup with a customer-centric focus, deliver your products in a timely...
E-commerce Order Packaging Process | Locad Blog

Shipping, E-Commerce And COVID: The New Landscape

It’d be an understatement to say that 2020 has been an unprecedented year. The COVID-19 pandemic has created a confusing time of isolation, anxiety, panic buying, and a shift in...
Signing a contract for an E-commerce business | Locad

Tips for Finding The Right Fulfillment Partner

Every business starts out small, especially E-Commerce stores. No matter how big the industry leaders are today, most of them all started in someone’s garage or apartment and facilitated their...
E-commerce holiday shopping | Locad

Last-minute Holiday Shipping Hacks

Google studies revealed that Southeast Asia’s internet economy hit a record-breaking $100 billion (Php4.8 trillion) for the first time in 2019. With the continued growth of e-commerce fueled by the...
Online shopper carrying out Christmas shopping from e-commerce store | Locad

Christmas Season Preparations for Your E-Commerce Store

With the Christmas season just around the corner, and the world still navigating a pandemic that’s thrown the logistics, shipping, and fulfillment industry in a loop, this is a great...
Locad Founders | Locad Blog

Why We Decided to Build Locad – An Introduction From The Founders

Enabling Consumer Brands with E-Commerce infrastructure as a service and flexible access to a distributed supply chain. The Defining Opportunity of Our Time For those of us in the consumer...
E-commerce Warehouse With Packed Boxes | Locad Blog

Inventory Management: The Nitty Gritty Reality of E-Commerce

Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out in the e-commerce space, a medium-sized online retailer with a few years under their belt, or one of the big online retailers, you...
Dropshipping in E-commerce | Locad

Dropshipping: The Basics

While the name sounds like something that you hope never happens to a fragile package, dropshipping is actually a key component of the e-commerce fulfillment process. Dropshipping is a business...

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