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Midyear Sales for E-commerce Businesses

The much-awaited midyear sale is an avenue for e-commerce businesses to capture customers and grow. Learn how you can leverage it here.
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Checklist When Choosing the Best Last-Mile Carriers in Singapore

Reading Time: 4 minutes Here is a quick checklist of the features an e-commerce business should look for in a last-mile carrier. Read more.


What are smart ports, and how can they help during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Find out how smart ports use the latest automation and information technology (IT) solutions to plan, manage, and troubleshoot port operations. 


Integrate Shopify With Australia Post

Reading Time: 4 minutes Learn how you can integrate Shopify and Australia Post for your online retail business.


Getting Order Fulfillment in Shape: How MuscleU Expanded to Nationwide Shipping in Australia with LOCAD

Reading Time: 6 minutes With health and nutrition becoming rising concerns and priorities in recent years, LOCAD supports supplement supplier MuscleU by providing faster shipping and affordable shipping across Australia which has resulted in 70% faster fulfillment.


6 Important Steps When You Start Online Selling in the Philippines

Reading Time: 6 minutes Here is a simple yet effective guide on how you can start your online selling business in the Philippines.


Stepping Up the E-Commerce Game: How Havaianas Delivered 4x Faster Shipping Through LOCAD

Reading Time: 7 minutes Learn how leading flip flop brand Havaianas, under lifestyle retail giant Terry SA, leveraged LOCAD’s cutting-edge fulfillment solutions to provide faster delivery and boost customer satisfaction.


Easing The Most Common E-Commerce Pain Points

Reading Time: 8 minutes . Avoiding some of the most common e-commerce pain points for both your business and for your current and future customers is a great way to differentiate you from your competition.


Common Marketplace Mistakes And How to Avoid Them

Reading Time: 13 minutes We’ve compiled a list of the 13 most common marketplace mistakes to avoid when creating your seller account.


Australia Fulfillment Services for E-commerce Stores

Reading Time: 4 minutes Find our how LOCAD’s Australia fulfillment services can help your business.


Practical Tips For Starting Your Side Gig

Reading Time: 12 minutes Learn how to make some extra money and grow your side gig here.


How To Be Successful in the E-Commerce World

Reading Time: 14 minutes At the moment, there’s no better business to be in than E-Commerce. Starting up can …


5 E-commerce Sites to Sell Your Products

Reading Time: 6 minutes With the surge of various online shopping platforms and e-commerce sites to choose from, we’ve …


Why We Decided to Build Locad – An Introduction From The Founders

Reading Time: 9 minutes Enabling Consumer Brands with E-Commerce infrastructure as a service and flexible access to a distributed …


Inventory Planning Models: Which One Works for SMEs During the Pandemic?

Reading Time: 7 minutes Inventory planning is how a business can effectively manage the goods it sells. But what …


4 Warehouse Management KPIs for e-Commerce Businesses

Reading Time: 6 minutes When you have an efficient warehouse management system in place, you can make sure that a customer’s order is picked, packed, and shipped out the moment the order is placed.


E-commerce Warehousing: Benefits, Tips, and Challenges

Reading Time: 7 minutes As a merchant, strategic e-commerce warehousing will help you save money and help you beat direct competitors,


Optimize Your First Mile, Before Addressing Your Last Mile

Reading Time: 7 minutes The problem with this approach is that we can end up creating tunnel-vision around last-mile …


5 Key Misconceptions About Perfect Order Fulfillment

Reading Time: 9 minutes Learn how you could avoid getting the wrong idea about what “perfect” order fulfillment means.


The Basics of Delivery: Postal vs Courier Services

Reading Time: 9 minutes Mulling over postal vs courier service? Learn which one’s right for your e-commerce business


4 Key Trends Singapore E-Commerce Brands Must Consider to Succeed in the New Normal

Reading Time: 4 minutes Learn how Singapore e-commerce businesses can succeed by following the following trends.


Step-by-step Guide to Become a Shopee Philippines Seller

Reading Time: 6 minutes Your guide to starting your own online selling journey by becominga Shopee Philippines Seller


How to Find Suppliers for E-Commerce Store

Reading Time: 8 minutes Learn how you can source your products or find suppliers for e-commerce business.


How to Sell During a COVID-19 Lockdown: 4 Key Strategies

Reading Time: 7 minutes While the COVID-19 lockdown has made it clear that we won’t be going back to …


Leveraging Your Social Media to Engage with E-Commerce Customers

Reading Time: 9 minutes Social media is the best way to find new customers, retain them, grow with them, and rely on them to promote your business.

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