The Scent of Success: How ABCD Organics increased their sales by 30% with fulfillment by Locad

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ABCD Organics is a local and affordable brand of pure, organic, and therapeutic-grade essential and carrier oils. Since enlisting the fulfillment and logistics services of LOCAD, ABCD Organics has boosted sales by 30% on both Shopee and Lazada. With the full end-to-end e-commerce fulfillment service provided by LOCAD, Founder Neil Bernardo has restored a work-life balance and gotten more time to spend with his family and loved ones – all while trusting that his business is running smoothly with LOCAD.

Key Metrics

  • 30% increase in sales
  • Efficient packing of fragile products 
  • Full restoration of a work-life balance

About ABCD Organics

For founder and CEO Neil Bernardo, his business begins with skincare.  While experiencing issues with acne and scarring, Neil was looking for skincare solutions online. It wasn’t until he stumbled upon tamanu oil on Shopee that he started reading about the benefits and advantages of oils. While he experienced first-hand the effectiveness of tamanu oil, he observed that it was scarce in supply and not easily available online. “At the time, there were only a handful of vendors of essential oils on Shopee so it wasn’t a competitive space back then.”

And as a result, he decided to start a business selling a product that he himself was confident in. “Since I used it for myself, I could easily tell [customers] on chat how it works,” he cited as one strength he had as a business owner. “At the very beginning, I was getting 3-5 orders a week which was modest but every week and month, it grew and grew,” he added. 

To this day, Neil’s ethos to business is rooted in being a user of your own product. “Before I sell anything, I use them myself for at least a month,” he shared. Soon, he will be coming out with hanging diffusers and venturing into soap-making before introducing artisanal soaps and linen sprays to his customers.

His business’ tagline “Everyday oils as easy as ABCD ” reflects how he strives to make more people see the many uses of essential oils as well as their ease of use. 

The Scent of Success: How ABCD Organics increased their sales by 30% with fulfillment by Locad
ABCD Organics Website

Keeping up with orders through fulfillment

At the onset of putting up his business, Neil was working closely with his mother who was largely in charge of picking, packing and sending out orders. Living in two different homes, Neil and his mom were able to coordinate remotely and manage to fulfill around 25 orders per week. But as the demand for their products grew exponentially  – reaching 150-200 orders per week – the need for outsourcing fulfillment became more apparent.

Neil – one of LOCAD’s first clients – has grown his business alongside LOCAD. As LOCAD introduced more services and more advanced tech features, Neil has been able to maximize his fulfillment partner to grow his sales, plan the future of his business, and keep his customers happy.

And during the year of the pandemic, Neil’s parents were faced with health issues that halted fulfillment operations. And because they were living separately, Neil wasn’t also able to easily go to their house to take over. It was at this point that he considered outsourcing fulfillment to LOCAD not only to streamline logistics but also to allow his parents to rest and focus on health. 

Currently, LOCAD is picking, packing, and sending out orders for ABCD Organics for both Shopee and Lazada orders. Third-party end-to-end fulfillment has allowed Neil to prioritize his family as well as the more pressing parts of his business.

“Everything is easier with LOCAD now,” he shared. “In terms of time saved – instead of booking picking, packing, and booking couriers, I am only worried about marketing, procurement, and handling customers,” said Neil.

Increasing sales by 30% with LOCAD

One of Neil’s primary concerns was the packaging. Given the fragile and delicate nature of his products, the packaging is what can dictate a happy and unhappy customer. Each and every product follows a strict packaging procedure wherein it is wrapped in a certain grade of bubble wrap and secured in a way that it can withstand heavy stacking.

Neil also underscores the value of the LOCAD Control Tower, which continuously introduces more advanced features that help him manage his inventory better and more efficiently. With real-time data made easily accessible in just a few clicks, he is able to track orders, identify products needing replenishment, and which items have the strongest performance.

“LOCAD [is] really helpful in making sure that everything is OK,” he shared. “During double-digit sales days, we get a triple or quadruple increase in orders and we don’t have to worry about it because LOCAD is handling everything now. And I just handle customer service and marketing.”

It has been a year since Neil first enlisted the help of LOCAD and he is happy to share that he has experienced a 30% increase in sales throughout that time. He credits this to the seamless and reliable fulfillment services of LOCAD which in turn has allowed him to focus on product development, marketing, and customer service. He also explained that LOCAD’s customer service team works closely with him in resolving issues, if any. “Now, everything is resolved in 5 hours or less,” said Neil.

Restoring a work-life balance

Beyond the technical and tangible benefits of LOCAD’s fulfillment services – including warehousing, packaging, and customer delivery – Neil believes that the biggest benefit of working with LOCAD is the time he now gets to spend with his family and loved ones. 

“Before LOCAD, we couldn’t go on holidays – no vacations at all,” he shared as he recalled the time when his mom was picking, packing, and shipping orders all by herself.  “Since I started with LOCAD, we could go on holiday trips or road trips practically every week which meant I could go enjoy more time with my family instead of handling fulfillment.”

With LOCAD as his fulfillment partner, Neil is able to enjoy similar benefits to that of essential oils – to sit back, relax, and run his business stress-free. 

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