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We’re looking for logistics, fulfillment, and e-commerce enthusiasts who have a way with words and give a fresh new take on trends.
Write for Us
Write for Us

What’s up for grabs?

Who are the audience?

Write for Us
Write for Us

What are we looking for

Content guidelines

Engaging but impactful​

The tone of your content should be casual, engaging and deliver an impact. We’re looking for content that is less about you but more about the information it offers.

Be concise​

We prefer brevity in our content. Keep paragraphs short (4-5 sentences). Use short sentences to deliver a powerful message.

Opt for a good structure

Include appropriate headers, subheaders, listicles, and reference images to make your content visually appealing and easy to read.

Don’t sell your product

Guest submissions should be less about your product/ company and more about offering our target audience information, tips, and more.

Link it up

Back your claims with outbound links to recent study, published research and news articles. We will let you include up to 5 outbound links with one link going to your website.

Instructions for Pitchers

Before you send out an email, we’d like you to consider the following things:

Official email and LinkedIn account: Locad only accepts requests from official email IDs. Ensure your pitch is sent from an official email address associated with your company. Include your official LinkedIn account for the Locad team to review and consider your request. Please also ensure that your pitch is sent to Locad’s official “write for us” email ID, as we only accept requests directed to that specific email address.

Groundwork: Visit the Locad blog to understand the type of content we publish, themes and the tone of voice. Along with your email, remember to send details about the company you represent along and samples of your work.

Topic allocation: Once you submit your pitch, we will take a look at the topics you have suggested and will either choose one from the list or recommend a fresh set of topics that closely match our business.

Content development: Once the topic has been finalized, you will have to submit an outline that will be the basis of the final copy. If you choose to proceed without submitting the outline, we may not be able to accept the final draft of your content for publication. Once the outline has been approved, you can begin working on the draft.

Write for Us
Write for Us

Our Review Process

Content review: Locad’s editorial team will review your final draft to check for quality and accuracy. The team reserves the right to reject content submissions at this stage should it fail to meet our content standards/ expectations. The team also reserves the right to reject content if it:

  • Has been previously published elsewhere
  • Is promotional in nature
  • Doesn’t offer Locad’s readers any value
  • Has been found to be plagiarized

During the review stage, Locad’s editorial team has the right to make edits, tweak your content to suit our tone of voice and offer value to our readers.

Publishing: Once your content has been approved, we will send you an email notifying the same along with the timeline to go live. You may also include a brief author bio that will appear along with your blog post for credits.

Let’s hear your pitch!

To express interest, send an email to writeforus@golocad.com along with an introduction, samples of previously published articles, and your niche. You’ll hear back from us within 2-3 business days.

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