Success is in the Bag: How Good Totes saved 50% on storage costs with fulfillment by Locad

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Good Totes is a Singapore-based brand of stylish yet functional tote bags. Since enlisting the fulfillment and logistics services of LOCAD, Good Totes has saved 50% on costs spent on office space used for product storage. Founder Yoyo also credits the significant increase in customer happiness to how LOCAD ships out orders in only 1 to 2 days. With LOCAD picking, packing, and shipping out orders for Good Totes, Yoyo is able to save time and energy to focus on marketing and product development. 

Key Metrics

  • 50% savings on storage costs
  • 20% increase in customer feedback on shipping speed
  • Shipping in 1-2 days

About Good Totes

After quitting her full-time job in tech, Founder Yoyo decided to start her own business selling a product she herself could not find on the market: a tote bag that was equal parts stylish and functional. “I wanted totes that could match my outfits!” enthused Yoyo. And so, she designed totes with purposeful design in mind while making sure they were minimalist and simple enough to be able to be paired with any and every outfit. 

Since then, Good Totes has gained 3 million likes on TikTok for its best-selling bags that meet the needs of people just like Yoyo who just want a no-fuss tote bag for every occasion. Their Going Places Totebag maintains a simple look but features many pockets – a huge selling point for many of the brand’s followers. Another distinct product of Good Totes is its Circle Tote – a design that Yoyo prides herself on managing to make both modern and practical.

Success is in the Bag: How Good Totes saved 50% on storage costs with fulfillment by Locad

Finding a way to fulfill a 200% increase in monthly orders

After blowing up on TikTok, Yoyo watched her business transform overnight from handling a 200% increase in monthly orders. And as a result, packing orders went from being a manageable day-to-day task to an impossible one. “I was doing everything on my own but because we expanded so quickly, it became too overwhelming,” she explained. “And it became impossible for me to pack everything on my own.”

Yoyo knew that she didn’t want to spend the majority of her days at work picking, packing and shipping out orders. Instead, she wanted to keep her focus on marketing and product development. “Doing the math, I realized it was more cost-effective to outsource fulfillment to a fulfillment partner like LOCAD,” she said.

Yoyo did not just see fulfilling 200% increase in monthly orders as an unfeasible and unmanageable task to handle on her own but also as a burden that would cost her the time and energy she could otherwise spend on the more important and exciting parts of running her business. 

Success is in the Bag: How Good Totes saved 50% on storage costs with fulfillment by Locad

When she was searching for a fulfillment partner, she was looking for affordability, reliability, speed, and range of shipping options. “After talking to a lot of prospective fulfillment partners, I decided that LOCAD was the best because it’s comparatively affordable and it offered free storage for 30 days,” she recalled.

Yoyo also highlights how her LOCAD account manager was very fast in answering all her inquiries. “When it comes to making a big decision like finding a fulfillment partner – which entails a long-term relationship – it’s important to find someone who is reliable.”

Saving 50% of storage space costs

Given the bulky and sizable nature of her products, storage became a concern for Yoyo – especially when she was fulfilling a 200% increase in orders on a monthly basis. This left her with no choice but to allocate space in their office purely just for storing and packing their tote bags. 

“Another part of my business that LOCAD has helped with is storage,” said Yoyo. Through the on-demand warehousing services offered by LOCAD, Yoyo is able to save costs on office rental space intended for storing Good Totes products.

The distributed warehousing network of LOCAD did not only offer flexible storage for her products but also opened up a wide range of local couriers. “Not many local couriers can integrate with Shopify – which is where I host my e-commerce store – but LOCAD has solved that problem for me,” she shared. “LOCAD works with many local couriers and integrates it seamlessly with their tech.”

Keeping customers happy through fast shipping

Before outsourcing fulfillment to LOCAD, Yoyo experienced surges of e-mails from customers inquiring about the tracking status of their orders. But with LOCAD now handling her customer deliveries, orders are shipped within 1-2 days and tracking details are automatically sent to her customers without Yoyo having to lift a finger. “No matter how many orders we get, I don’t have to worry because orders are now always shipped within 1 to 2 days.”

“I definitely would recommend outsourcing fulfillment. When a business has more than 300 monthly orders then it’s a good idea [to outsource fulfillment] because it just saves a lot of time, money, and operating costs in terms of hiring people,” shared Yoyo. 

Running a business in real-time

With full integration and automation through the LOCAD Control Tower, Yoyo is able to monitor and track the fulfillment operations of her business in real-time. “I think it’s pretty user-friendly,” she shared, adding: “I like that I get a real-time view of when orders get picked, packed, and shipped out. I refresh and the numbers update and it gives me a sense of ease that everything is going really well.” 

Yoyo explained that LOCAD has helped her a lot in terms of fulfillment and costs. “Before, I was doing everything by myself, but now it’s pretty much hands-off with fulfillment so I save a lot of time for me to focus on more important parts of the business like branding, product development, and customer service,” she said. 

“I’m really glad I outsourced my fulfillment to LOCAD and I think the time and money saved definitely outweighs everything,” said Yoyo. “ I can’t even think of any con.” By letting a fulfillment partner handle the time-consuming task of picking, packing, and shipping out orders, Yoyo makes sure that the success of Good Totes is in the bag. 

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