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For brands that built a legacy over years and earned a name & place among households – Optimize your supply chain with Locad’s all-round Fulfillment solutions for enterprise brands. A partnership with Locad unlocks tailored advantages, ensuring seamless order fulfillment. With our expertise and technologically advanced fulfillment infrastructure you can confidently entrust critical logistics tasks to us and concentrate on what you excel at—your business.
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What drove us towards Locad is of course I think one of the major reasons is how quickly we were able to implement. There was absolutely no friction at all. I think we were onboarded within a week or 10 days after signing the contract.
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Leading enterprises embrace fulfillment

They look something like you! As an enterprise fulfillment partner, Locad participates in your vision and levels its offerings to match your ambitions.
Large e-commerce companies often have an extensive product offering and witness high order volumes on a daily basis.

The challenges:

Large e-commerce companies often face difficulties in dealing with peak season demands along with inventory management across multiple warehouses, thus affecting time taken for fulfillment and shipping.

The needs:

To meet the surging demands, large scale e-commerce clients require scalable logistics solutions to manage their complex supply chains efficiently.

The Locad Solution:

Locad’s enterprise fulfillment solution provides advanced order and warehouse management systems, inventor optimization tools, and streamlined last-mile carrier management to handle your operations effectively.


You’re a large scale e-commerce company offering an extensive product range and experiencing high order volumes on a daily basis.


Embrace the challenge: With Locad, simply peak season demands with effective inventory management across multiple warehouses. Reduce fulfillment time, increase customer satisfaction!


Orchestrate your Supply Chain: Trust Locad’s enterprise fulfillment solutions to easily integrate in your existing supply chain. Experience scalable logistics solutions and get the engine running!


Enhanced Tech Stack: Get access to Locad’s effective Management Systems that empower your operation control, optimization tools, and streamlined last-mile carrier management solutions.

Defined by the numerous brick-and-mortar stores and online sales channels, Retail chains are often present nationwide or multinational.

The challenges:

Retailers are often confronted with multi challenges. From balancing inventory levels, and optimizing last-mile delivery to synchronizing supply chain operations across multiple locations.

The needs:

To keep up with trends, retailers require flexible logistics solutions to effectively manage inventory stocking, store deliveries, and timely e-commerce fulfillment.

The Locad Solution:

Locad’s abled fulfillment solution for retailers offers a suite of multi-channel fulfillment capabilities: Connect storefronts, manage inventory, and easily fulfill your orders from various channels, without any extra cost and labour.
These companies are often identified by their large-scale manufacturing units. They boast of a diverse product line along with global operations.

The challenges:

Retailers are often confronted with multi challenges. From balancing inventory levels, and optimizing last-mile delivery to synchronizing supply chain operations across multiple locations.

The needs:

Large scale manufacturers have bulky needs i.e. they seek end-to-end logistics solutions to manage the movement of raw materials, components, and finished products across various touchpoints of the supply chain and locations.

The Locad Solution:

Locad understands the needs of a global manufacturer. With our enterprise fulfillment solutions, brands can access supply chain analytics, carrier management, freight forwarding services, and regulatory compliance support to streamline their logistics processes.
Remarked by their innovative nature in the technology sector, these companies have a growing product line and market reach.

The challenges:

With an agile nature, the biggest challenge that high-tech startups face is expansion in new marketings while adapting to changing consumer demands. Management of inventory volatility is a point of focus as well.

The needs:

High-tech startups often seek logistic solutions that can keep pace with their challenging scale. Their growth trajectory moves fast, and their shipment needs to move faster!

The Locad Solution:

Locad offers scalable warehousing solutions, timely order fulfillment services, and global distribution networks to help startups focus on their core competencies and accelerate their growth without worrying about logistics challenges.

A priority pass to all round fulfillment

While one does not fit them all, it is important to select a fulfillment partner that understands your industry as the core foundation of a trusted partnership.

A crucial priority for Enterprise brands lies in effectively managing periods of fluctuating demands. With e-commerce demands constantly shifting, brands like you seek solutions to navigate fluctuating demand without compromising efficiency or incurring excessive costs.
Without Locad With Locad
Manual overview of inventory leading to errors in warehouse staffing, thus losing out on the order volume.
Automated inventory and warehouse management for adaptable staffing leads to accurate fulfillment

Lack of scalable fulfillment can lead to a heavy cost burden with regards to items damaged/lost or orders not catered.

Embrace scalability and adapt to fluctuations in demand without any supply chain disruptions

A strategic approach to expedite order fulfillment, this is the key to enterprise brand’s success. Distributed fulfillment is where inventory is stored across multiple locations, strategically positioned closer to customers. By decentralizing inventory storage, brands can leverage a network of warehouses located in key geographic regions.

Without Locad With Locad
Singular and small capacity Warehouse facilities
Access Locad’s Multi Warehouse network across SouthEast Asia and Australia. (More coming soon!)
Excess risk of regional supply chain disruption leading to a loss in business
Embrace scalability and adapt to fluctuations in demand without any supply chain disruptions
Enterprise brands deploy effective management of inventory levels to ensure supply and demand, while minimizing costs and maximizing operational efficiency. With the rising demand, brands partner with fulfillment players to analyze demand patterns to determine the optimal levels of inventory to keep on hand.
Without Locad With Locad
Frequent stockouts leading to heavy business impact in terms of lost sales
Prevent stockouts and reduce inventory wastage with our inventory management systems that keep you informed.
No visibility on inventory tracking or marketplace performance to take effective stocking decisions.
Monitor your demand with our dashboard and take effective decisions for inventory levels across our warehouse network.
Enterprise brands are built by the loyalty and satisfaction of their customers, making it crucial for them to prioritize exceptional after-sales experiences. Fast shipping plays a pivotal role in this regard, serving as a benchmark of customer satisfaction in today’s e-commerce landscape. Enterprise brands are prioritizing swift order fulfillment and seeking logistics partners who can aid this vision.
Without Locad With Locad
Lose out sales volume month on month due to poor after sale performance.
Increase repeat sales thus driving long-term revenue growth.
The brand loses its credibility and favorability among consumers, leading to a long term loss of business.
Establish strong brand loyalty and trust with effective and fast shipping options through Locad’s carrier management.
Give your business a competitive edge with a key differentiator!

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To provide the most out of the partnership, Locad initiates a cloud supply chain as a service, elevating the standard of efficiency expected from fulfillment solutions.

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