IOR SOR- 2024
IOR SOR- 2024
IOR SOR- 2024
IOR SOR- 2024
IOR SOR- 2024

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IOR SOR- 2024
Introducing Locad Cross Border – your gateway to global e-commerce with end-to-end solution coverage. Maximize your business growth beyond borders, take your products to customers across the globe! Partner with Locad Cross Border for tailored solutions at competitive rates, paving the route for your business expansion.
IOR SOR- 2024

Our Services

IOR SOR- 2024

IOR and SOR services

Each country comes with its unique set of laws and regulations.


Locad’s Importer of Record & Seller of Record services help your brand navigate through complex laws, helping you sell without registering as a local entity!

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Freight Forwarding

Importing and exporting can quickly become a costly & time-consuming endeavor.


Locad’s Freight service (via air and sea) manages every aspect of transportation right from custom clearance to Destination handling to our Warehouse.

IOR SOR- 2024

Value Added Services

Selling your products to customers around the world should not come with barriers to entry.


Locad’s Value Added Services helps your brand and products get registered for selling on Local marketplaces!

How does Locad Cross Border work?

IOR SOR- 2024

Jump the ship with Locad

See how Locad Border solution can help your business

Navigate Local Laws

Locad’s dedicated team with local know-how, helps you make an informed decision before you begin your borderless avenues!

Custom Pricing

Get tailor made solutions that suit your business the best, without compromising on your budget.

Account Management

Get a dedicated Account Manager for 12 months to manage your storefronts – Be carefree with Locad Cross Border!

Locad Cross Border: Your Gateway to Southeast Asia

Win the Southeast Asian e-commerce challenge with Locad as your strategic partner! Choose your origin destination and discover how Locad can unlock opportunities for your breakthrough!
Seize opportunities beyond national borders with Locad’s Cross Border capabilities in Southeast Asia.

In recent years Cross Border e-commerce has fruitfully surged in the region. Driven by advanced tech, rising consumer demand, and fueled by eased trade agreements.

Access improved logistics networks in the region to reduce costs and delivery time. Fully harness the potential of cross-border trade in the region with Locad.
China to SEA
With strengthening partnerships and diminished trade barriers, cross-border commerce continues to thrive between China and Southeast Asia!

China has continued to use its strategic location and infrastructure as an integral hub for exporting various goods to Southeast Asian countries.

A strategic partnership with Locad can help your brand capitalize on its manufacturing expertise to cater to the high demand markets in Southeast Asia.
Rest of the World to SEA
Standing at the crossroads of global commerce, Southeast Asia offers immense potential for brands seeking to expand their reach across.

From top MNCs to innovative startups, brands are leveraging cross-border e-commerce to tap into the Southeast Asian demand.

With tech enabled logistics and payment systems to streamline the process- Locad is making international trade simpler!

Cross Border Solutions

Locad serves across Southeast Asia markets, enabling your brand to reach new customers!
IOR SOR- 2024


Cross-border shipping involves transporting goods between countries, navigating customs, tariffs, and regulations. Cross-border shipping can be conducted by various modes of transportation, such as air freight, sea freight, rail, or road transport.


All businesses are eligible for Cross Border ecommerce.

Shipping products to a country without registering as a company there can be challenging but feasible. Here are some common approaches:


Third-Party Fulfillment Services: Utilize third-party fulfillment centers or logistics companies with a global presence. These providers can store your inventory in their warehouses located in the target country and handle the shipping process on your behalf.


Freight Forwarders: Work with freight forwarders who specialize in international shipping. They can coordinate the transportation of your goods, manage customs documentation, and ensure compliance with import regulations.


It’s important to conduct thorough research on the regulations, taxes, duties, and import restrictions of the target country to ensure compliance with local laws. Additionally, consider factors such as shipping costs, delivery times, and customer service when selecting the most suitable cross-border shipping method for your business.

In cross-border shipping, the storage location for your products can vary depending on the logistics setup you choose. With Locad, your products will securely be stored and shipped from our network of strategically located warehouses across the countries where we operate.

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