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  • We’ve boosted the efficiency of our Order Forecast feature. Now, you can update your order forecast in real time through the Locad portal instead of by email. This faster, streamlined process lets Locad gear up to manage your expected order volume more promptly.
  • Exciting news for Shopee brands! Now you can fulfill orders from multiple warehouses, extending our multi-location fulfillment solutions already available for Lazada and Shopify. This development significantly strides towards Locad’s mission: “Store local and deliver global”.
  • Stay informed and in control. Brands will receive an email alert whenever an inventory product goes out of stock. Sent as a consolidated email at 5 AM GMT+8 time, this helps you plan your restocking efficiently.
  • A new addition under Settings > Account Settings > Brand Settings > Brand Notification Preferences. When this alert is activated, brands will receive an email when their marketplace connection requires reauthorization.
  • Now, we can update Shopify’s payment status for Cash On Delivery (COD) orders once the order is delivered. This feature must be enabled on a per-brand basis. To activate, reach out to our tech team. This makes accounting clearer and easier for our brands.
  • Collapsible Navigation Bar: For a cleaner interface, users can now click the ⬅️ button to collapse the left navigation bar in both the partner hub and merchant portal.
  • We are rolling out the ‘Cheapest First’ carrier priority option. This smart feature selects the most cost-effective carrier for your shipment based on weight, shipping zones (e.g., NCR to Mindanao), and shipment type (Standard/Express). For instance, given three carriers, JnT with PHP50, Ninjavan with PHP45, and LBC with PHP55 rates for a specific shipping zone, Locad will smartly select Ninjavan for the order, ensuring you save costs.


  • Bringing you more convenience and autonomy, new users and brands can now sign up and establish a new brand independently without requiring assistance from Locad staff. Simply visit and follow the guided onboarding. This feature employs the secure AWS Cognito service for a seamless signup process.


  • Upping our game in security, Locad has transitioned to AWS Cognito for our login process, enhancing the overall security. Users can now log in via Google Single Sign-On (SSO) or email & password. Email addresses are verified via a one-time password. We’ve also introduced a new forgot password flow. Rest assured, existing users have been migrated over seamlessly.
  • We have extended the Expiry Management feature launched in January. Users can now input multiple expiry dates for the same SKU in the Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN). This eliminates the need for brands to divide into multiple ASNs for the same shipment if they have different batches of expiry-managed products in the inbound shipment, making tracks in the Order Management System (OMS) easier.


  • We have made a significant improvement to our pickup schedule functionality. You can change the pickup schedule date for multiple orders simultaneously, saving you time and boosting productivity. With this new feature, you’ll have more control over your pickup schedule, ensuring that your orders are picked up on the right date and reducing failed pickup rates.
  • We’ve enhanced our product page UX to make managing your products on our platform more user-friendly. Our updates include standardized terminology, new functionality like Product Uploads, clearer SKUs and Virtual Bundles identification, and new features such as Bulk Create Product and a Stock Cover filter. These changes make managing your products on our platform easier and more enjoyable.

You can check out more details on this here >


  • Brand admin users can now enable email notifications for Inbound Completion, On Hold Orders due to out-of-stock and other reasons on the Brand Settings page. They also can customize which users receive these notifications for optimal results.
  • ASN Expiry Management is now simplified. Brands can now easily indicate expiry dates for their products for ASN via the Locad Portal, streamlining the process and improving efficiency.
  • We’ve also spruced up the ASN workflow for an even more flexible experience. Brands can now create draft ASNs without all the info ready before submission and attach additional documents and materials for Locad’s reference.



  • We’ve made it easier than ever to track your packages with the ability to search for multiple orders on our dashboard using comma separators and the option to search shipments by marketplace order reference.
  • Additionally, we’ve standardized all Locad waybills to the A6 size, which is widely compatible with thermal printers. This gives you the confidence that your waybills will work seamlessly with your printing equipment.


  • We’re excited to announce our new carrier integration with J&T in Thailand, offering excellent rates and the ability to deliver to every region of the country.
  • With our seamless integration has made it easier for brands using Wix e-commerce to connect with our platform for fulfillment and shipping.
  • Get started with shipping quickly and easily with our new 3-minute how-to video, available to new users upon login.


  • Introducing our new prepaid wallet feature gives brands the flexibility to easily manage their shipping and fulfillment transactions.
  • Users can now easily connect to our platform through Shopify, with our simple onboarding process and the ability to start shipping within minutes. Plus, new Philippines brands will receive Php 750 in free trial credits.


  • September introduced our new homepage dashboard, giving you a comprehensive overview of all of Locad’s services and highlighting essential performance metrics and orders that may require your attention.
    We’re pleased to announce that we’re now integrating with Tiktok as a marketplace, similar to Lazada and Shopee. Tiktok will handle carrier management, opening new opportunities for all our clients.
  • We’ve improved our error handling when fetching waybills, giving you better visibility and a clearer understanding of how to resolve any issues that may arise.
  • Our support page, powered by Freshdesk, is live and features a comprehensive FAQ section, enabling you to quickly find the answers you need and help you resolve any issues.
  • We’re also excited to announce our integration with Singpost postal services for international shipping, covering up to 2kg parcels. With postal rates offering low prices and comprehensive coverage, you can now ship internationally at an affordable price.


  • Improved waybill error visibility clarifies the status and reason for any waybill generation issues, helping you, our customer service team and our carrier team understand the root causes and solutions.
  • The new user management portal allows you to manage your users and access levels, making the onboarding process smoother.
  • Announcing our integration with Levi’s through the marketplace Capillary, we are happy to have joined hands with this iconic brand.
  • We’re introducing an Open API that allows external parties to connect to Locad fulfillment, enabling custom integrations by prospective brands instead of Locad integrating with their marketplaces.


  • Announcing Locad’s integration with Kerry, Thailand’s largest and best-known last-mile carrier. This helps Locad expand its reach and offer more reliable delivery options for our customers.
  • The Shopify Public App allows you to discover and easily install the Locad app on the Shopify app marketplace.


  • We’re introducing the ability for brands to store inventory and fulfill orders from multiple warehouses within the same country with our new multi-warehouse feature. We’re thrilled to pilot this feature with Goodest as we launch our Cebu warehouse.
  • We’re also expanding our shipping-only product to include marketplaces such as Shopify as sources of shipment orders while still allowing brands to handle the packing and fulfillment.


  • Introducing a feature that automatically detects which carriers can serve a given pickup location, then allocates and approves them. This will help streamline the delivery process and ensure that orders are delivered promptly and efficiently.
  • We’re also adding a new module on the Locad Dashboard where brands can view their storage and fulfillment billing, with shipping billing to be added later. This will give brands greater visibility and control over their shipping costs.


  • First up, we’re excited to announce the integration with the Thailand branch of Ninja Van, which will be our first carrier in Thailand and unlock the expansion to a new region.
  • In addition, implemented auto-SKU size classification according to the dimension and weight of the product. This provides visibility for brands on space utilization and vendor charges and provides a basis for billing calculation.
  • We are excited to announce the integration with the Thailand and Hong Kong branches of Lalamove, which provides bulky and on-demand shipments.
  • We enhanced our order and stock management to allow Brands to accept orders without putting SKUs offline during the stock take. Orders will be put on hold until the stock take is completed.
  • Finally, we’re piloting a program for pre-ordering with several brands. Pre-ordering allows brands to start selling before we receive the physical stock from their suppliers.


  • We’re introducing a feature that calculates and displays estimated shipment prices to users based on the available dimension and weight data. This will help customers budget for their shipments and make informed decisions about their shipping options.
  • We’re also integrating with Pickupp, a carrier that serves the HK and SG markets and provides same-day and next-day delivery.
  • Finally, we’re updating the shipping experience for our clients with a shipping UX overhaul, including more intuitive shipment creation and tracking. This also includes the Shopify Shipping Engine, allowing brands to fulfill Shopify orders via our Shipping service.


We’re integrating with Asendia to provide affordable international shipments using the Asendia postal network for our Singapore clients. This will allow us to offer even more shipping options to our customers.

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