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Mother’s Day represents one of the strong sales periods for e-commerce businesses in Australia. Online shoppers on the other hand limit discretionary spending, due to rising inflation and toughening economic conditions. Despite such behaviour adjustments, the Australian Bureau of Statistics notes that retail spending saw a year-on-year growth of 4.2 % in May 2023.  

Online shoppers are limiting their spending and waiting for e-commerce sales days like Mother’s Day to leverage great discounts, low markups and budget-friendly deals. As an e-commerce business owner, Mother’s Day presents a great opportunity to convert high-intent buyers into customers for life. By understanding what shoppers are looking for, and analysing trends and sales forecast patterns, e-commerce businesses can tailor effective Mother’s Day campaigns and boost sales. This article will explore how you, as an e-commerce business owner, can gauge customer pulse and deliver a personalised shopping experience that results in sales. Let’s dive in!

Significance of Mother’s Day in Australia

There has been a significant shift in the percentage of working women, among whom the majority are mothers. This has led to Mother’s Day being a relatively intimate event rather than a commercial celebration. Businesses celebrate Mother’s Day to provide recognition and extend support to working mothers. 

Additionally, Mother’s Day is considered to be the third largest holiday after Black Friday and Christmas. 

Australian Shoppers and Spending during Mother’s Day 2023

According to an NRF survey, consumers are expected to spend around $254.4 on Mother’s Day.  The Australian Retailers Association estimated that sales revenue was expected to hit $925 million on Mother’s Day 2023. This was a significant $166 million rise from Mother’s Day 2022. As of Mother’s Day 2023, nearly half of the Australian shopping demographic were 18+. And For Mother’s Day 2024, that’s roughly above 10 million online shoppers with an intent to purchase gifts.

The survey also noted that while retail spending was weak due to rising financial pressures in 2023, Mother’s Day has the potential to influence purchases and promote sales. During Mother’s Day 2023, Australian Shoppers spent on gift cards, homewares accessories, and clothing.

How Do Businesses Celebrate Mother’s Day?

To increase buyer confidence and cater to demand, businesses employ a number of methods to generate buzz and capture the attention of shoppers for Mother’s Day sales. Various businesses have different ways in which they celebrate Mother’s Day, these include:

Marketing Initiatives & Exclusive Deals:

1. Targeted Discounts & Bundles: Some businesses create unique Mother’s Day gift baskets or provide discounts on goods and services that mothers usually find appealing. These bundles usually are receiving bath goods and spa treatments together, or finding deals on sets of cookware ideal for family dinners. Remember to include CTA links to the respective product pages/bundle pages to take your shoppers directly to your online store and increase the possibilities of sales.

Email Marketing Campaigns: Creating touching email marketing campaigns for Mother’s Day that include Mother’s Day greetings, gift suggestions, or customer stories about their mothers can be an ideal way to celebrate mothers day. A great way to bring in attention to your emails would be to highlight factors such as free shipping and/or fast deliveries. This would bring in the attention of last-minute shoppers.

Social Media Promotion: Businesses can also share engaging content on social media platforms that celebrates mothers. This could be blog posts featuring inspiring stories about moms, heartwarming videos, or infographics with interesting facts about motherhood. 

Understanding Australian Shoppers for Mother’s Day 2024

The Inside Australian Online Shopping report by Australian Post notes Gen Y and Gen X contribute the most in terms of e-commerce spending, totalling $ 39.6 billion in 2023. Baby boomers and GenX shoppers average a higher basket size valued at $110 while shopping online. While Gen Y and Gen Z are masters at online shopping, they prefer to shop from brands that match their value, seek simple returns and love fast shipping. Baby Boomers and Gen X shoppers on the other hand look out for a secure and easy buying experience.   

Australian shoppers value convenience and fast shipping. E-commerce sellers can rely on events like the Mother’s Day Sale to cater to early bird shoppers and last-minute shoppers.

How can an e-commerce business ensure they cater to both these consumer profiles during Mother’s day sales? Here are a few tips:

For Early Birds:

1. Pre-sale Announcement & Early Bird Discounts: Announce your Mother’s Day sale well in advance (ideally 4-6 weeks before) to generate excitement and capture early planners. Offer them exclusive discounts or early access to sale items to incentivize early purchases.

2. Gift Guides & Inspiration: Create curated Mother’s Day gift guides on your website or social media platforms, categorised by interests, price points, or recipient types (e.g., “Gifts for Tech-Savvy Moms,” “Luxurious Pampering Gifts”).

3. Email Marketing Campaigns: Run targeted email marketing campaigns highlighting your Mother’s Day deals and featuring personalised gift recommendations based on past purchases or browsing history.

For Last-Minute Shoppers:

1. Express & Same-Day Delivery Options: Offer expedited shipping options like express or same-day delivery for those who wait until the final hour. This caters to procrastinators who still want their gifts to arrive on time.

2. Digital Gift Cards: Provide the option for digital gift cards, allowing for immediate purchase and delivery via email, perfect for those who are truly at the last minute.

3. Guest Checkout & Hassle-Free Returns: Streamline your checkout process for guest purchases to avoid delays for new customers who haven’t created accounts beforehand. Additionally, offer a clear and easy returns policy to reassure last-minute shoppers.

How E-commerce Companies Can Prepare for Mother’s Day

Inventory Management Mastery:

1. Optimise Inventory Levels: By utilising historical sales data and industry trends to forecast demand accurately, you can prevent stockouts that disappoint eager shoppers and reduce the risk of excess inventory post-holiday. Inventory forecasting also enables you to preplan prior to the sale day commencing.

2. Embrace Batch Insights for Clearance: Leverage sales channel and inventory management software (OMS) that provides batch-level insights. Having information about the shelf life of products enables sellers to identify slow-moving inventory and inventory that is nearing expiry. This helps businesses promote these products either at discounted prices or under bundled offers, making them more saleable. E-commerce businesses can use Mother’s Day as an opportunity to clear old inventory, avoid dead stock and stop incurring high holding costs.  

Logistics Lifeline:

1. Flexible Warehousing: Warehousing can be quite expensive and rigid. The ideal way to tackle this problem is by partnering with a 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) provider offering flexible warehousing solutions. This allows you to scale storage capacity up or down based on seasonal demands, saving money on underutilised space during off-peak periods.

2. Discounted Delivery Options: Get special prices from a group of top last-mile carriers that offer both local and international shipping options. This guarantees prompt delivery at reasonable prices, which is essential for client satisfaction—especially for last-minute buyers.

Tech-Powered Selling:

1. OMS: Invest in a 3PL with a comprehensive Order Management System (OMS) that seamlessly integrates with your sales channels and inventory. An OMS provides real-time data on inventory levels, order fulfilment status, and sales channel insights. 

2. The Power of Bundles: Create irresistible gift bundles that cater to different budgets and interests. This not only simplifies gift-giving for customers but also encourages them to spend more, boosting your average order value.

3. Personalisation: Offer product personalization options like engraving or custom messages. This adds a sentimental touch, making your gifts stand out and increasing perceived value, especially for Mother’s Day purchases.

What Are Popular Gift Categories that Australian Shop during Mother’s Day 2024?

Australians are known for their appreciation of quality and style. When it comes to gifting, there are several categories that consistently rank high on their wishlists. Here’s a breakdown of some popular gift categories in Australia:


Makeup: Australian mothers love to look their best. Gifting a curated makeup palette, trendy lipsticks, or high-quality brushes shows you care about their self-care routine. Consider Australian-made brands that cater to local preferences for natural or sun-kissed looks.

Skincare: The Australian climate can be harsh on skin. Pamper someone special with luxurious skincare products like serums with SPF protection, hydrating moisturisers, or natural face masks. Australian brands are known for utilising native botanical ingredients, making them a thoughtful and effective choice.


Appliances: High-quality appliances can be a welcome gift for the practical person. Mothers love innovative kitchen gadgets like coffee machines, air fryers, or smart multi-cookers. Consider energy-efficient options that resonate with Australia’s growing focus on sustainability.


Apparel: The Australian style is known for its relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. Gifting comfortable yet stylish clothing items like linen shirts for men, flowy dresses for women, or trendy activewear caters to the Australian love for the outdoors and casual elegance.


Jewellery: Jewellery is a classic gift choice that never goes out of style. According to NRF, 40% more jewellery was purchased than other gift items. Mothers usually tend to appreciate delicate pieces with a touch of personality or statement pieces that add a touch of glamour. Consider locally designed or handcrafted jewellery that reflects Australian aesthetics and craftsmanship.

Mother’s Day Sale On Top Australian Marketplaces


Marketplaces in Australia attract shoppers through irresistible Mother’s Day deals! If you have online stores or list products on these Australian marketplaces or online platforms, here’s a quick rundown on what’s in store:

Shopify: Expect curated collections and targeted ad campaigns from independent sellers. Look for personalised discounts and free shipping offers. Shopify’s ability to integrate listings on Google will expand your store’s reach beyond the marketplace and search results.

eBay: Online shoppers can view curated offerings on eBay’s Mother’s Day shopping page. Make sure to tag your products and optimise keywords and descriptions to have your listing featured on that page.  

WooCommerce: WooCommerce is more customised and may not aggregate deals for Mother’s Day. Store owners must tailor special promotions and bundles and promote them through social media marketing and marketing email campaigns to draw new and repeat shoppers to their online store (e.g., pampering gifts, cooking gadgets for mom).

TikTok Shop: E-commerce business owners can rely on organic user-generated content and short-form video promotions to gain traction for their Mother’s Day Sale. They can also partner with influencers to launch a recommendation campaign for trendy Mother’s Day gifts sold on their store. Remember to direct shoppers to the store link to ensure that reel conversions lead to sales and not drop-offs.

How Is Mother’s Day A Selling Point For Brands?

In Australia, Mother’s Day is more than just a commercial occasion. Brands have a multi-billion dollar retail potential to increase sales by establishing an emotional connection with consumers. Mother’s Day is a major selling point for Australian brands for the following reasons:

Celebrating Mothers Is Deeply Rooted: Australians hold mothers in high regard. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to show appreciation and thanks, which may result in more money being spent on activities and gifts.

Sales are Driven by Emotional Connection: Brands can capitalise on Mother’s Day’s sentimental significance.  Campaigns that appeal to emotions and present well-considered gift options have a big impact on buying decisions.

Strategic Promotions for Every Budget:   Australians are savvy shoppers.  Brands that offer targeted discounts, special gift bundles, and convenient delivery options can appeal to a wider audience across various price points.

How Locad Can Help During The Sale And After

With tough economic conditions and rising inflation, shoppers are drawn by high-value deals. But rising warehousing rents, relying on a single carrier, and opting for multiple warehouses for multiple marketplaces can make it impossible for e-commerce businesses to offer competitive discounts on Mother’s Day Sales. 

With Flexible and Smart Fulfilment, Turn Window Shoppers into Customers

Having a best-in-class third-party logistics service like Locad gives your brand the competitive edge to offer shoppers great value deals without hurting your profit margins.

Pay as you use inventory:

Locad powers your inventory storage needs with a flexible infrastructure. Businesses can opt to distribute inventory across Locad’s network of strategic warehouses around Australia. E-commerce businesses only pay for the storage they use, eliminating costly overheads like warehouse rents, maintenance and labour costs. With decentralised inventory, e-commerce businesses store inventory closer to shoppers, giving them the ability to dispatch and deliver orders fast.

Smart inventory management practices:

Get complete visibility of inventory in a warehouse with automated alerts and notifications. This helps e-commerce business owners replenish inventory ahead of sales. With access to sales volume and history, e-commerce business owners can use this intel and insights to forecast demand and apply it in the Locad Order Management System to better manage sales fluctuations and meet target SLAs and fulfilment cut-offs. With batch-level visibility, surface SKUs with low sellable lifetime and list them for sale. Clear out inventory on time and reduce attracting high holding costs.

Multi-channel selling made easy: 

To capture a larger pool of customers, businesses today have online stores across multiple marketplaces. Manage online stores, inventory and sales across leading marketplaces like Shopify, eBay, TikTok and custom online stores without having to toggle between different tools and interfaces. Locad syncs with all your online stores and automates order processing. Get real-time visibility into orders and also allocate your inventory for specific marketplaces to manage sales demand and reduce out-of-stock situations. 

Packaging that’s in trend for Mother’s Day:

Unline marketplace packaging that dominates the order. Choose to bring in customised packaging to make sure your brand takes centre stage. With options to specify custom packaging requirements, Locad gives your brand the flexibility to choose the right packaging materials, void fillers, testers for cross-selling, and other time-specific packaging requirements for Mother’s Day sales.

Diverse fulfilment and returns management:

Locad lets you partner with multiple leading last-mile carriers in Australia. This allows you to offer different fulfilment options to cater to both early and last-minute online shoppers looking to buy gifts for Mother’s Day. The Locad OMS automatically assigns the cheapest courier for each order that you receive to make shipping affordable and reduce the dependency on a single carrier.

Manage online and offline selling:

With Locad’s integrated logistics solution, you can handle both online sales and ship your inventory to offline retail stores for the Mother’s Day Sale. Get one logistic provider to understand your online and offline selling needs with a powerful suite of solutions like processing inbound shipments, preparing to ship out inventory, knitting and packing services, and more. Relax as experts handle both local and international fulfilment and help stock up offline retail shelves ahead of the sale.


Mother’s Day is an integral day of celebration and sales. To make sure online shoppers find the best deal to recognise their mothers, e-commerce businesses must promote their product offerings in a way that speaks to shoppers. For those celebrating Mother’s Day, buying a meaningful gift matters most. For businesses, it is important to draw these buyers and offer them a compelling shopping experience from the store to their doorsteps.

This is where partnering with Australia’s top logistics provider comes gives your e-commerce business a competitive advantage. Cater to the needs of the consumers and fulfil orders on time for the holiday by partnering with a 3PL company like Locad.

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