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Midyear Sales for E-commerce Businesses

The much-awaited midyear sale is an avenue for e-commerce businesses to capture customers and grow. Learn how you can leverage it here.
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The Price of Free Shipping: Impact on the E-commerce and Logistics Industry

Reading Time: 10 minutes Free shipping is becoming one of the most sought-after benefits of customers who use e-commerce. Is it worth the cost for business? Find out.


Are Monthly ‘Double Double’ sales and payday sales still effective?

Reading Time: 11 minutes Despite “Double Double” and payday sales of e-commerce platforms becoming ingrained in our culture, are they still effective?


Leveling Up in Business: How PhoenixLab Doubled Their E-Commerce Sales with LOCAD

Reading Time: 5 minutes Learn how leading flip flop brand Havaianas, under lifestyle retail giant Terry SA, leveraged LOCAD’s cutting-edge fulfillment solutions to provide faster delivery and boost customer satisfaction.

leading women in e-commerce | LOCAD

Leading Women in E-commerce

Reading Time: < 1 minute Learn and be inspired by leading women in e-commerce and digital retail as they share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs in this two-part panel webinar, Leading Women in E-commerce: Fulfilling the Potential of Digital Retail, last March 31, 2022.


Factors to Forecast E-Commerce Growth in Singapore for 2022

Reading Time: 6 minutes The continuous growth of e-commerce in Singapore could be based on evolving consumer behavior. Learn more about it in this report.


Step-by-step Guide on How to Setup a Shopify Store

Reading Time: 6 minutes This summary will serve as a guide to encourage you to try creating your very own online business by setting up a Shopify store.


How to Fully Automate an E-commerce Business?

Reading Time: 22 minutes Learn how you can automate an e-commerce business and grow without all the hassle.


Exceeding Customer Expectations Through Your Last-Mile Delivery

Reading Time: 7 minutes In today’s “next day delivery” climate, it might be challenging to keep up with some …


6 Reasons Why Some E-Commerce Stores Fail

Reading Time: 7 minutes Making an E-Commerce store is a great way to start your own business or add …


How to Find Suppliers for E-Commerce Store

Reading Time: 8 minutes Learn how you can source your products or find suppliers for e-commerce business.


Stand Out in The E-Commerce Marketplace

Reading Time: 8 minutes In 2020, E-Commerce sales rose 44% and are expected to continue to grow this year. The Covid-19 …


How to Combat the Amazon Effect

Reading Time: 7 minutes What is the Amazon Effect and how can your business navigate it?


Why Fulfillment is the Key to E-commerce Success

Reading Time: 4 minutes More often than not, fulfillment and logistics remain afterthoughts for busy entrepreneurs and merchants. As …


Brand Loyalty In The Time Of E-Commerce

Reading Time: 7 minutes Learn how developing brand loyalty to your customers will save you money and energy in the long run.


Stand Out in The E-Commerce Marketplace

Reading Time: 8 minutes In 2020, E-Commerce sales rose 44% and are expected to continue to grow this year. The Covid-19 …


Mastering Shipping Like an E-Commerce Professional

Reading Time: 10 minutes Running an E-Commerce business can be a complex task and it is frustrating when something out …


How To Be Successful in the E-Commerce World

Reading Time: 14 minutes At the moment, there’s no better business to be in than E-Commerce. Starting up can …


Shipping, E-Commerce And COVID: The New Landscape

Reading Time: 13 minutes It’d be an understatement to say that 2020 has been an unprecedented year. The COVID-19 …


8 Kinds of Popular E-commerce Packaging

Reading Time: 6 minutes With the rise of online retail, e-commerce packaging is a key aspect of any business. Learn more about it here.


The Difference Between Fulfillment Center and Warehouse

Reading Time: 4 minutes Fulfillment centers and warehouses can help streamline your supply chain experience. Learn the difference between them by reading this.


The 7 Key Types & Functions of Warehousing

Reading Time: 6 minutes A warehouse is often defined based on its function. In this article, we take a look at 7 key types and functions of warehousing.


Lean Warehousing Principles: What Are They and How to Implement Them

Reading Time: 5 minutes Lean warehousing principles make it possible for businesses to maximize their productivity while minimizing the …


5 Benefits of Partnering With a Fulfillment Center for Your E-commerce Business

Reading Time: 3 minutes E-commerce businesses often consist of one-person manpower or a small team of few members — …


6 Best Practices for Warehousing Logistics Services

Reading Time: 6 minutes Storage plays a crucial role in running an e-commerce business, which is why the warehousing logistics services a business employs must follow best practices.


What are smart ports, and how can they help during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Find out how smart ports use the latest automation and information technology (IT) solutions to plan, manage, and troubleshoot port operations. 


Integrate Shopify With Australia Post

Reading Time: 4 minutes Learn how you can integrate Shopify and Australia Post for your online retail business.


6 Important Steps When You Start Online Selling in the Philippines

Reading Time: 6 minutes Here is a simple yet effective guide on how you can start your online selling business in the Philippines.


What Is Shopee Seller Transaction Fee and How Is It Calculated

Reading Time: 3 minutes Learn what a Shopee Seller Transaction Fee is and how it’s computed


Take Care of Your E-commerce Backend

Reading Time: 5 minutes When your e-commerce backend machinery is so efficient, it motivates visitors to sign up or make a purchase. 


E-Commerce Philippines: 5 Reasons for Businesses to Get into E-commerce

Reading Time: 6 minutes Being a consumer-driven economy, Philippine e-commerce remains one of the most promising markets globally. Learn more about it here.

humble sustainability locad

Growing a Sustainable Business: How Humble Sustainability Became a Preferred Seller with LOCAD

Reading Time: 5 minutes LOCAD’s localized fulfillment and shipping solution helps social enterprise Humble Sustainability reduce carbon footprint, smoothen operations, and so much more.

brighttech locad

Amping Up the Business: Bright Tech finds a reliable fulfillment partner in LOCAD and grows their orders by 25%

Reading Time: 5 minutes Since switching to fulfillment by LOCAD, Bright Tech had finally found a fulfillment partner that they could trust and grow with. Learn more about their story.

manila athletica locad

Fit for Business: Manila Athletica increased positive customer feedback by 40% through fulfillment by LOCAD

Reading Time: 7 minutes LOCAD’s automated fulfillment solution allowed Manila Athletica to deliver orders faster and provide an amazing customer experience.

skinni swim locad

Shaping Up to the New Normal: How SKINNI Swim Navigated the Pandemic with Locad’s Fulfillment Services

Reading Time: 11 minutes LOCAD’s fulfillment service helped hands-on brand owner Meryll Yan of Skinni Swim manage her multiple online stores through the LOCAD Control Tower even when she’s not in the metro.

kjm cosmetics locad

Beauty of D2C Growth: How KJM Cosmetics increased their conversion rate by 30% with fulfillment by LOCAD

Reading Time: 7 minutes LOCAD’s end-to-end fulfillment solution enabled KJM Cosmetics to reach customers nationwide at low shipping rates which helped increase their conversion rates and direct-to-customer sales volume.

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