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Success Story

Fulfilling from the Heart: How Thailand-based Mama’s Choice is Making Healthcare Products More Accessible with Logistics by Locad

Mama’s Choice is a healthcare brand based in Thailand focused on developing products tailored to the needs of mothers and babies. Their catalog featuring high-quality, safe and natural products caters...
Success Story

The Recipe for Growth: How Same-Day Fulfillment by Locad is Helping Cosmic Cookware Grow

Cosmic Cookware is a kitchen companion brand that creates pans and accessories that not only look good, but cook good. By outsourcing fulfillment to Locad, Cosmic Cookware has delivered better...
Success Story

Awaken Your Best: How Emma Started Shipping Marketplace Orders 2X Faster Through Fulfillment by Locad

Sleep brand Emma is one of the biggest names in the mattress industry – providing sleep products specifically engineered for a good night’s rest. By outsourcing fulfillment to Locad, Emma...
Success Story

A Clearer Vision of Growth: How Kids Optics Is Increasing Its E-commerce Stores With Locad as a Fulfillment Partner

Digital specs brand Kids Optics provides screen-safe eyeglasses optimally designed for children. With extensive plans to scale its business to more social commerce platforms such as TikTok, Kids Optics outsourced...
Success Story

Planting the Seeds of Trust: How Leafy builds customer trust through Locad’s 100% on-time delivery

Plant-care brand Leafy provides premium quality agricultural products for ornamental plants and outdoor gardens. With the bulky and sizable nature of its products, Leafy outsourced warehousing and fulfillment to Locad....
Success Story

Function, Fashion, Forecasting: How NuPrene grew 6X via effective demand planning powered by Locad’s tech

NuPrene produces bags and accessories – inspired by the latest fashion trends – and suited to fit the Filipino everyday lifestyle. Since working with Locad for fulfillment and logistics, NuPrene...
Success Story

Sip of Success: How MD Brews Coffee Doubled Their Sales with Locad as a Fulfillment Partner

MD Brews – short for Medical Doctor Brews – locally sources drip and ground coffee from the mountains of Cordillera. Since working with LOCAD for fulfillment and logistics, MD Brews...
Success Story

Success is in the Bag: How Good Totes saved 50% on storage costs with fulfillment by Locad

Good Totes is a Singapore-based brand of stylish yet functional tote bags. Since enlisting the fulfillment and logistics services of LOCAD, Good Totes has saved 50% on costs spent on...
Success Story

Stirring Business Growth: Why Lyger Coffee Decided to Kickstart their Business with Locad as Fulfillment Partner

Lyger Coffee – known for its crystallized coffee – brews powerful coffee experiences with each cup. From the very beginning, they worked closely with Locad to ensure that customer delivery...

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