Year In Review: Locad’s 2023



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From Local Seller to National Player: Scaling Your E-commerce Business in the Philippines
From the vibrant markets of bustling cities to the tranquil shores of remote islands, the Philippine...
Cash on Delivery in the Philippines: Mastering Preferred Payment Methods for E-commerce Success
In this dynamic market, where credit card penetration is limited and trust is paramount, mastering Cash...
Understanding the Impact of Australia’s Strong Seasonality on E-commerce Sales
Seasonality significantly impacts e-commerce sales in Australia, with distinct peaks and troughs tied...
Understanding BNPL in Australian E-commerce
According to a 2021 survey, around 98 percent of respondents in Australia used cash as the payment method....
Navigating Shopee 8.8 Sale: Pro Tips for Maximum Impact
The Shopee 8.8 Sale, an eagerly anticipated annual event in the e-commerce industry, is a game-changing...
social media e-commerce
Crafting a Successful Social Media Strategy for the Australian E-commerce Market
Social media today has become an integral part of the e-commerce ecosystem, driving growth and opportunities...
rural e-commerce
Tapping into Australia’s Regional Centres: Rural E-commerce Opportunities
The e-commerce landscape in rural Australia has witnessed a remarkable evolution in recent years. Despite...
Step-by-Step Guide on Creating a Shopify Website with a Shopify Website Builder
For many e-commerce store users, Shopify acts as the complete solution for creating a professional and...
A Guide to Starting an E-commerce Business in Australia | Locad Blog
The Importance of Utilizing Shoppable Instagram & User-Generated Content for Shopify Stores
What is Shopify? Shopify is a robust e-commerce platform that empowers sellers to establish their...
How to Ship Makeup And Cosmetics: A Comprehensive Guide
Are you in the business of selling or shipping makeup and cosmetics? Ensuring the safe and efficient...
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How your Shopee Store can Grow with a Logistics Engine

Whether you are a seasoned online seller, or a local businessperson who just ventured into the e-commerce world the past month, we all encounter a myriad of issues in managing...

Why Shopify Stores Need a Logistics Engine

Shopify is currently one of the most comprehensive and helpful online systems when you plan to venture into the e-commerce world. It offers integrative approaches that can link with your...
cara mengintegrasikan TikTok dan Woocommerce

Logistics Engine 101 for Your WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce is an open-source, WordPress based online marketplace that allows you to get a headstart on your online selling business. With your account, you can get customizable themes and a...

How to Setup a Logistics Engine for Your TikTok Shop

The social media and e-commerce integration game is getting stronger by the minute. With over a billion active users, TikTok is continuously cementing itself as a social media giant while...

How TikTok is Changing the Game in Social Media, Shopping, and Supply Chain

Not surprisingly, the ongoing pandemic has been accelerating the logical shift to omnichannel purchases. Consumers from all over the world tend to prefer purchasing items through popular social media apps...
An e-commerce business owner with packed orders | Locad

Securing Cross-Border Suppliers for Your E-commerce Business

For many e-commerce businesses—either corporate or individual---securing a reliable cross-border supplier has become a key factor for business success.  But what does “cross-border” mean? In the online world, cross-border e-commerce...

How to Import to the Philippines

A report suggests that the e-commerce Philippines market will reach $24 billion by 2025. In June 2022 alone, the country imported goods valued at USD 12.49 billion globally. This nation's...

Consolidating Your Technology Stack  for Your Available E-commerce Store in the Philippines

Today the global retail framework is revamped, and e-commerce is an indispensable part of it. A report shows that in the market of e-commerce Philippines sales reached around $17 billion...

E-commerce Tips to Succeed in the Philippine Market

Currently, e-commerce Philippines is unquestionably on the rise. It is becoming increasingly common for people to make online purchases, and there are more methods than ever. Today, you can order...

The Best E-Commerce Platforms For Small Businesses In the Philippines

With a substantial population and greater digital technologies, Philippine consumers have begun relying on e-commerce platforms for online shopping. This trend of e-commerce businesses surged after the wake of the...

Challenges of Expanding Business in the Philippines Market in 2024 [+Infographics]

Are you thinking about expanding your business into the Philippines market? It’s an enticing prospect. With a population of over 113 million people, the country offers a vast consumer base...

How To Sell Online in the Philippines?

Due to the COVID-19 oubreak and the subsequent lockdown, the people of the Philippines have got immense free time at home. With time came the brilliant and unique ideas of...

Everything You Need To Know About Starting An E-commerce Business in the Philippines

The Philippines e-commerce market is continuously growing, and every entrepreneur is keen on starting or expanding their business in the Philippines. In 2021, it was estimated that the total e-commerce...

How To Import To Thailand

Setting up Your Business – Getting a Thailand Registration Thailand offers a lot of potential for e-commerce businesses. The robustness of Thailand's dynamic business market makes it ideal for foreign...
An e-commerce shopper glancing at the computer | Locad

Consolidating Your Technology Stack for Your E-commerce Store in Thailand

As your e-commerce business expands, you will have more resources to invest in the latest technology to run your company more smoothly. With additional tools added to your tech stack,...

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