Top 10 Logistics Companies In The Philippines

Have you ever encountered any challenges while managing your logistics? This article discusses some frequent problems in logistics.


Shopee e-commerce seller and e-wallets | Locad
Shopee 8.8 Sale
The Shopee 8.8 Sale, an eagerly anticipated annual event in the e-commerce industry, is a game-changing...
E-commerce business owners logging order details for sales | Locad
8.8 Sale: Decoding one of the biggest Mid-Year Sales Day
For any e-commerce business operating in the Asia Pacific region, it’s impossible to ignore the virality...
aus sustainability ecomm
Meeting Australia’s Sustainability Expectations: A Green E-commerce Guide
In an era where ecological consciousness has taken centre stage, sustainability has become a defining...
australian made e-commerce
The Importance of Australian Made: Promoting Local Products in Your E-commerce Store
The Australian Made Campaign so far has played an extremely pivotal role in promoting and supporting...
inventory position
Using Inventory Visibility to Enhance Efficiency and Profitability
Inventory management is the cornerstone of any e-commerce business. In order to optimise operations,...
test orders
Mastering Test Orders: Optimizing Your E-commerce Store on Shopify
In the competitive world of e-commerce, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for customers is paramount....
Navigating Stock Availability and Its Impact on E-commerce Success
Remaining unaware of the stock in any business often dictates the success or failure of an e-commerce...
Conquer Global Markets: The Ultimate Playbook for Exporting Your Indonesian E-commerce Business
Introduction: Embarking on Your Global E-commerce Journey In recent years, the e-commerce landscape...
Importing to Indonesia: The Ultimate Guide for Brands Wanting to Enter the Indonesian Market
Introduction: Unlocking Indonesia’s E-commerce Potential Welcome to Indonesia, a land of immense...
Breaking Boundaries: The Ultimate Guide to Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Indonesian Entrepreneurs
Overview of the Booming E-commerce Market in Indonesia Indonesia’s e-commerce sector is experiencing...
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Panduan TikTok Shop untuk bisnis e-commerce

When Social Meets Shopping: How Tiktok Shop is Revolutionizing Social Commerce

By definition, social commerce means selling items online through social media platforms. Although social media platforms were not designed initially as e-commerce channels, their vast popularity made it almost inevitable...
E-commerce business owners logging order details for sales | Locad

What Not to Do as a Tiktok Shop Seller

Since its launch in 2021, the Tiktok Shop has proven to be a formidable platform for online sellers to start or expand their businesses. Who would have ever thought that...
Best Examples of TikTok Shops in Southeast Asia E-commerce | Locad Blog

Best Examples of TikTok Shops in Southeast Asia

There is no doubt that Southeast Asia is one of the regions where online shopping is becoming one of the most preferred options for purchases. With eCommerce platforms such as...
Using TikTok to boost e-commerce sales | Locad

How Your TikTok Shop can Integrate with Your Shopify, WooCommerce, and other Stores

Perhaps you are a starting social media influencer, trying out the best products available in your region. Or you are an online seller, wondering how social media can help you...
TikTok Shop for e-commerce sales | Locad

Rules and Regulations for Tiktok Shop Content 

You’re probably wondering how you can make your first Tiktok video for your shop a successful piece of marketing content. You might also have tons of gimmicks and promotional activities...

Shopify Troubleshooting: Most Common Issues And How To Fix Them

Shopify has become one of the go-to platforms in e-commerce today. It has become so popular a choice to host your online store that it has reached a landmark by...
E-commerce business owner reacting to penalties | Locad

Tips to Avoid Penalties and Account Suspension for Shopee Sellers

Shopee is an e-commerce juggernaut in the Philippines, commanding a respectable lead over the pioneering e-commerce platform Lazada with over 76 million monthly web visits over the latter’s 39 million. ...
E-commerce Order Delivery Through Trucks | Locad Blog

The Role of a 3PL Provider For Your Business To Cope in a Post-Pandemic World?

If you're somebody who has been following the latest developments in the world of e-commerce, then you know that things have changed a lot in recent years. There are so...
E-commerce Business Growth Analysis With Team | Locad Blog

3 Steps You Must Take to Discover the Perfect Name for Your E-commerce Business

Starting a successful e-commerce business is difficult. Especially at a moment when unemployment is on the rise, demand is declining, and prices are rising. Now, more than ever, every e-commerce...
Brainstorming a video marketing strategy for e-commerce | Locad

Getting Started With A Video Marketing Strategy For Your E-commerce Store

Videos are more popular than ever and for good reason. They're more engaging than text, easier to digest than imagery, and more likely to lead to conversions. The rise of...
E-commerce Order Management Issues | Locad Blog

Is E-commerce Immune to the Ghost Month?

As much as we’re ashamed to admit it, superstitions govern our daily lives. While we’ve discarded silly notions of meeting the right prince or princess to live our “happily ever...
Shopify e-commerce website on a laptop

Best Practices for Shopify Product Listing

Are you an online seller who just feels like your single account in a sea of online stores in a vast platform is not enough? Or simply you just want...
Boosting E-commerce sales through YouTube | Locad

How YouTube Creators Can Sell Through Shopify

Yes, we get it, live streaming and vlogging on YouTube are your passion projects. But would it do you more good if we tell you that you can make money...
E-commerce business owners discussing aftersales services | Locad

Why E-Commerce Brands Need to Invest in Great Aftersales Service

Most e-commerce companies know that the world is entering the golden era for online businesses. According to data from Statista, e-commerce accounted for 7.4% of total global retail sales in...
E-commerce online shopper unlocking discount coupon and free shipping | Locad

How to Source Shopee Products from China? [+Infographics]

If you’re an e-commerce seller on Shopee, you’re probably always on the lookout for ways to source products that will help you stay competitive in the marketplace. One of the...

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