Taking Ayurveda Global: How The Ayurveda Experience is delivering to Australians from India at reduced costs and faster delivery times with Locad

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Key Metrics:

  • Zero SLA breaches
  • Achieved 100% Same Day Fulfillment
  • Reduced Shipping time to 3-5 days compared to 7-15 days
  • Reduced Shipping costs by 6%
  • 25x Increased order volume in 6 months

About The Ayurveda Experience

Transformative Learning Solutions is a house of brands that has developed one of the largest, global, singularly Ayurveda focused portals – The Ayurveda Experience. The platform has been the key impetus behind the rapid popularity of Ayurveda across the West and has helped rehash the modern approach to health, wellness and lifestyle with the ancient, holistic 5,000-year-old science of Ayurveda.

Getting the right ingredients: Problem Statement

”We were seeing longer transit times and we were seeing heavy shipping costs when we were using our earlier methods of shipping in Australia.” Anirudh, Operations Manager, The Ayurveda Experience

The Ayurveda Experience, packs the essence of Indian Ayurveda in a beautiful bottle with aims to globalize its reach. Operating in 20+ countries, their main focus is on optimizing markets with high demand. Over the past eight years, Australia has emerged as a prominent market for The Ayurveda Experience, with a fruitfully increasing demand. Despite possessing a suitable product, market fit, and target audience, the Ayurveda Experience faces a critical challenge: the absence of a third-party logistics (3PL) partner capable of reducing fulfillment costs and time, thus enabling them to effectively manage the surge in order demands.

“Now if you look at the broad industry, its moving in a direction where we are seeing Amazon get Same Day Delivery, Next Day Delivery and obviously to reduce the lead time was paramount at that time and that is why Locad came into the picture or I can say 3PLs came into the picture.”, says Harsh, Marketing Associate at The Ayurveda Experience.

Taking Ayurveda Global: How The Ayurveda Experience is delivering to Australians from India at reduced costs and faster delivery times with Locad

The pure assurance: The Locad Solution 

Since 2023, Locad Australia has had the opportunity to engage in a fruitful partnership with The Ayurveda Experience, catering to tailored 3PL solutions.

“What drove us towards Locad is ofcourse I think one of the major reasons is how quickly we were able to implement. There was absolutely no friction at all. I think we were onboarded within a week or 10 days after signing the contract.” says Amogh, Head of Global Operations at The Ayurveda Experience.

Locad’s end-to-end Fulfillment services enabled by our prominent tech stack has enabled The Ayurveda Experience meet their described SLAs in the Australian market in the following ways: 

  1. Faster and Economical Fulfillment:
    The Ayurveda Experience was able to achieve Same Day Fulfillment with Locad Warehousing capabilities – hence reducing their lead time and also reducing their shipping costs by using our Cheapest First feature on the Locad Order Management System (OMS) which helped them practice control on the choice of their last mile carrier.
    “ I can choose whatever carrier I want to use. I want to use express delivery or if I want to use the cheapest option possible – so these kinds of characteristics you gave us basically helped us to factor in Locad”  says Harsh.

    As mentioned in the problem statement, a big deal maker for The Ayurveda Experience was to reduce the lead time to meet the increasing demand. With Locad’s warehouse and fulfillment capabilities, the brand is now able to reach its customers within 3 days rather than in 7 days.

  2. Tech enabled growth:
    The team at The Ayurveda Experience gives a special shout out to the tech stack of Locad in the form of our Order Management System that their teams use on a daily basis. Harping on the transparency that the dashboard provides, Harsh says, “One thing that I really found very useful was your tech stack as in the dashboard that you guys were providing was fully transparent to the processes you were doing.”
    The team appreciates the way their business has been able to handle the incoming surge in demand with our tech stack and support, in what was previously a very traditionally managed process.

    “I mean the tech was far beyond what we’ve seen in most 3PLs because most 3PLs come from a very traditional mindset and approach towards operations and logistics but Locad seemed to be a new age company that really aligns with the kind of things we’re doing globally.“ says Amogh.

    The team also mentioned the need for a centralized view when it comes to managing their SLAs with their partner 3PL.
    “ It’s a single source platform for us for all the information whether it’s order, shipment, or tracking information – we get all the information in one single place and that solves a lot of problems for us because many a times data is a major problem and getting it all at one point solves one of the bigger problems that we’re facing.” says Anirudh.

  3. Enhanced Customer Experience:
    With a product that boasts itself on purity, it was integral that The Ayurveda Experience also replicates that promise in their customer experience. With Locad, the brand has been able to increase the incoming order volume in the last 6 months by 25 times! Locad has streamlined the brand’s experience to reduce the time taken to fulfill orders, by crossing out the need to coordinate with multiple parties at different junctions and also saving them the additional costs.
    “Earlier we were dealing with two different customs – one at the origin, one at the destination, we were dealing with multiple different parties, taking control of our order before it actually reaches our end consumer. All of that is now very streamlined where we just have to make sure that information goes from our end to Locad on a real time basis”, says Amogh.

  4. Customer Support:
    To seal the fate of a 3PL partnership, its integral to deliver a round the clock support to our merchants – Locad’s local know-how expertise has enabled The Ayurveda Experience to reduce the number of barriers with regards to fulfillment. Amogh, Head of Global Operations appreciates the support from Team Locad and says, “The customer support has been a major relief for us mainly because we don’t have to deal with as many variables as we were dealing with before. Earlier customer support had to figure out where the package is – maybe it’s in customs, maybe it’s with some authority, maybe it’s still in transit, we don’t know. But with Locad coming in, with the kind of software they have, being given access to all information on a single platform has really helped us give our customers real-time updates on where their order is or help them with any kind of issue they have”

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