Awaken Your Best: How Emma Started Shipping Marketplace Orders 2X Faster Through Fulfillment by Locad

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Sleep brand Emma is one of the biggest names in the mattress industry – providing sleep products specifically engineered for a good night’s rest. By outsourcing fulfillment to Locad, Emma has fully automated their customer delivery process, sped up shipping time for marketplace orders, and saved costs on inventory and warehouse space. 

Key Metrics

  • 2x faster shipping time for Lazada and Shopee orders
  • Savings in costs for warehouse space and inventory
  • Fully automated fulfillment and seamless integration with marketplaces

About EMMA

Emma is an award-winning mattress brand who offers a better night’s sleep tailored to every sleeping position. By providing optimal spinal alignment ­through distinct mattress technology and research done by German engineers and sleep experts, Emma is a leading and trusted expert in the sleep industry with their products available through B2B, D2C, and online marketplace channels. Emma, founded in 2015, is currently operating in multiple countries around the world, namely in areas of Latin America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The brand is currently one of the fastest-growing start-ups in Germany and Europe.

For its Philippine market, its best-selling product is the Emma Original mattress which features 7-zone foam technology and motion isolation technology. Additionally, it also contains memory foam for spinal support for all body types and sleeping positions.

At present, the award-winning sleep products are available for purchase on their own website as well as on leading marketplaces Shopee and Lazada

Automating processes to boost efficiency

According to the team of Emma, working with Locad – which has fully automated the brand’s logistics processes – has resulted in a boost in productivity. 

Prior to Locad, Emma’s team dedicated time, energy, and resources to managing their fulfillment operations in-house. Emma’s decision to outsource fulfillment is rooted on the objective to enhance and improve existing processes by leveraging technologies and partners to automate the entire fulfillment journey of their orders.

Now, with access to Locad’s integrated technology that streamlines and automates every task in the customer delivery process, their team is able to better manage their logistics. “Since Locad, our day-to-day work has lessened,” they shared. The Locad Control Tower enables Emma’s team to directly upload order slips, choose their preferred courier, and track all orders in real-time. And, they are also able to see and manage both their Lazada and Shopee stock inventory in one single place.

For Emma, outsourcing fulfillment is and always will be the strategic choice. “When we decided to launch mid-2021 in the Philippines, we already had the vision of being the leaders in this industry. We wanted to outsource fulfillment so we can find reliable partners who are already experts in this field,” said Emma’s team. 

Saving costs on inventory and warehouse space

Given the sizable nature of Emma’s products, the brand requires substantial warehouse space that is both flexible and scalable. The sizes of the products range from mattress taller than 6 feet and pillows as wide as 28 inches – requiring not only significant spatial capacity but also a full-force team who can pick, pack, and handle them.

Additionally, Emma also avoided spending hefty costs on building or renting out their own warehouse space. This resulted in long-term efficiency so the leading sleep brand only pays for the space they actually use – allowing them to keep costs at a minimum.

Outsourcing fulfillment has not only allowed them to spend less time picking, packing and shipping out items, but they were also able to focus on product development and marketing. And in turn, this supported Emma in their growth.

By outsourcing fulfillment for marketplace orders from Shopee and Lazada, the end-to-end operations of the leading sleep brand are also directly handled by a fleet of logistics professionals – saving Emma the trouble of training and putting together their own in-house team. 

“That’s why we wanted to outsource [fulfillment] so we can partner with someone who’s already an expert in this field rather than spend months and months optimizing for this so we could focus on delighting our customers with great products and services,” said Emma’s team. With Locad’s extensive network of courier partners, Emma can ensure that their products are being handled with care by a manpower system and fleet of trucks and drivers.

Delivering better sleep, 2x faster

When searching for a fulfillment partner, Emma wanted to look for one that could not only cater to their requirements in terms of size and speed of delivery, but also help them give their customers the best possible service and shopping experience. And this included making sure that their customers are getting their orders in the fastest possible way. Since outsourcing fulfillment to Locad, Emma shared that they are now delivering their products 2x faster.

Another benefit of working with Locad was the easy plug-and-play integration of Locad to their marketplace stores, which easily synced up their data and analytics from each storefront and allowed them to view and track their entire logistics operations from one dashboard. 

With the seamless delivery of their marketplace orders being enabled by Locad, Emma Sleep is now more than ready to awaken their best so that they can also awaken the best in their customers.

The team of Emma explained that for them, the customer is king. And one of the best ways to keep their customers happy is to invest in a fulfillment and logistics infrastructure that delivers on-time and shows full visibility on order tracking. And by working with Locad, they are able to do just that.

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