A Clearer Vision of Growth: How Kids Optics Is Increasing Its E-commerce Stores With Locad as a Fulfillment Partner

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Digital specs brand Kids Optics provides screen-safe eyeglasses optimally designed for children. With extensive plans to scale its business to more social commerce platforms such as TikTok, Kids Optics outsourced fulfillment and logistics to Locad. Since then, its timeline of growth has sped up, and utilizes Locad’s advanced technology to accurately forecast demand.

Key Metrics

  • Fast track plans for growth and expansion for TikTok Shop
  • Increase in accuracy of demand forecasting
  • 100% healthy ship-out time on customer delivery

About Kids Optics

Built for the digital age, Kids Optics is a leading kids specs brand with the ultimate blue light-blocking technology.  The brand – founded by IT professionals who are parents to a five-year-old kid – is rooted in the future of the digital generation. Acknowledging the increasing consumption of technology found amongst the younger generation, the founders of Kids Optics aim to equip children with the right tools to combat the negative physical effects of this era of avid screen use.

To help combat the harmful implications of living in the digital age, Kids Optics has set out to enhance the quality of life of children – promoting better sleep and healthier eyes. The brand’s screen-safe glasses are specifically engineered to protect kids from overexposure to the blue light emitted from screens and gadgets. And through this, Kids Optics can support kids in learning and living more productively and safely in front of screens. 

All glasses are malleable and bendable up to 180 degrees – making them strong and sturdy for use by children. Every purchase comes with a blue light testing kit that allows parents to verify the authenticity of the technology behind the product.

Demand planning for growth

Kids Optics is set to grow on more sales channels. The brand is designed to address the rising usage of tablets, laptops, and phones – a phenomenon that applies to children from all over the world. And with the distinct and effective technology behind Kids Optics’ blue light-blocking glasses in protecting children’s eyes from the harmful effects of screens, it is not surprising that the brand has become widely popular in the Philippines. 

With the product’s proven effectiveness and the clear demand for the market, Kids Optics is set to launch their TikTok shop. And with Locad having the fulfillment and logistics capabilities to integrate its dashboard with TikTok Shop, the team of Kids Optics can rest assured that their Locad Control Tower will display cohesive data across all their sales channels. 

Another one of the most important factors to consider when planning for growth and expansion is the ability to forecast and plan for future demand. By being able to analyze the potential demand in their target growth markets, Kids Optics is also able to strengthen their production operations, minimize warehousing costs and manufacture enough supply. Brand Manager James Fernando explained that because the platform of Locad allows him and his team to see a history of sales, they have access to the crucial data points that allow them to plan for the demand ahead.

Fulfillment as the driving force of multi-channel e-commerce

For Kids Optics, outsourcing fulfillment has allowed them to maintain a healthy net promoter score – a metric used to measure customer experience and loyalty of customers to a brand. And Fernando attributes this to the multi-channel fulfillment services provided by Locad – with the factor of fast shipping being a primary reason. “Orders that enter the system before 4 pm get shipped out the same day and that way, we are able to do more upsells with the fast shipping time,” he said.

And because they can maintain a healthy ship-out time with Locad, they are able to avoid warranting penalty points which would hinder them from joining the major sales campaigns (e.g. double-digit sales days). With the brand’s presence on Shopify, Lazada, and Shopee, it is crucial for Kids Optics to work with a fulfillment partner that could handle fulfillment on all storefronts.

And now that Locad is partnered with TikTok Shop – Fernando and the team behind Kids Optics are excited to integrate more channels to maximize the brand’s growth and opportunity for sales and marketing.

Expanding and growing business by strengthening logistics

Kids Optics has recently been acquired by Armada Brands – an enabler that invests and builds direct-to-consumer brands across Southeast Asia. 

Brand Manager James Fernando explained, “As a brand aggregator, it’s important for us to cater to countries in the Southeast Asia region not just in terms of delivery.” While he underscores the importance of the actual picking, packing, and shipping from the Philippines done by its fulfillment partner, he also highlights how the scalability of Locad aligns with their business goals. “What if we want to buy a brand in Singapore – with this partnership [with Locad], we can do that and fulfill [orders] from those countries as well.”

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