The Top Logistics Companies in Singapore

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Singapore’s status as a global trade powerhouse is undeniably linked to its robust logistics industry.  Singapore’s strategic location, ease of trade and connectivity to global ports,  Southeast Asian regions and other major e-commerce, as well as projections for the e-commerce market reaching US$5,901.00m in 2024, makes it a prime market for e-commerce businesses to operate in. This advantage is further amplified by world-class infrastructure, a highly skilled workforce, and unwavering government support for the sector.

But what exactly does this mean for your business? Imagine a seamless flow – your products picked, packed and dispatched through the best last-mile carrier available at the moment, thereby, reaching customers with lightning speed.  This is the magic of a logistics company in Singapore.  They handle the intricacies of warehousing, inventory management, order fulfilment, and delivery, ensuring your products get where they need to be when they need to be there.

With thousands of logistics companies operating in Singapore, both established multinationals and dynamic local SMEs, evaluating the right logistics company for your e-commerce business can be overwhelming. 

This article will be your guide, helping you navigate the landscape and unveil the top 8 logistics companies in Singapore.  We’ll delve into their unique strengths and areas of expertise, empowering you to select the perfect partner to propel your business forward.

But before we unveil the top contenders, let’s explore key factors to consider when choosing a logistics company in Singapore.

What do logistics companies do for your Singapore business?

Delivering the ultimate e-commerce experience to customers thrives on efficiency and speed. Customers expect their orders to arrive quickly and reliably, placing the onus on businesses to deliver a seamless experience. This is where logistics companies step in, becoming the powerhouse partners behind every successful e-commerce operation. 

Logistics companies offer a comprehensive suite of services that streamline your operations, free you to focus on core business activities, and ultimately, fuel your growth. Let’s delve into the key logistics services that empower your e-commerce business:

  • Freight Forwarding:  Freight forwarding is essentially a crucial bit of the logistics puzzle. Freight forwarders handle the complexities of international shipping, ensuring your products get where they need to be, efficiently and cost-effectively. They manage documentation, negotiate shipping rates, and liaise with customs authorities, taking the burden off your shoulders.
  • Contract Logistics:  This goes beyond simple transportation. Contract logistics companies become an extension of your team, offering a customized suite of services tailored to your specific needs. Inventory management, order fulfilment, packing, labelling, and access to top last-mile carriers are just a few examples. By outsourcing these tasks to a logistics expert, you gain access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, skilled personnel, and efficient processes, allowing you to focus on product development, marketing, and sales.
  • Warehousing:  Efficient storage is the backbone of any thriving e-commerce business. Logistics companies offer secure and strategically located warehouses, ensuring optimal inventory management and order fulfilment.  They provide the space and infrastructure to house your products, manage stock levels, and pick and pack orders efficiently, helping you cut storage and labour costs and channel towards business growth. Moreover, Multi-warehousing ensures that inventory is stored closer to the customers to help e-commerce businesses reach customers faster.
  • Specialized Services: As an e-commerce business, you will require customization in either process or fulfilment. Logistics companies can help cater to these specific needs through tailored services like returns management and tailored inbound processes with VAS like bulk shipment processing, inventory record management, etc. Leading logistics companies cater to these specialized services.
  • Customs Clearance: International trade can be a labyrinth of regulations and paperwork, dampening e-commerce business expansion goals. Logistics companies offering IoR services with expertise in customs clearance navigate this complexity seamlessly, ensuring your products move smoothly across borders without delays or complications. They handle all the necessary documentation, liaise with customs authorities, and keep you informed throughout the process so that you can have your products listed on the many marketplaces, making the complex and labyrinthian process far easier and taking it off your plate entirely.

Top 7 Logistics Companies in Singapore

The following logistics companies in Singapore have consistently offered commendable services for e-commerce businesses within the prolific island nation of Singapore. Read along as we explore all of the ways we can 

1. Locad

Locad is, a comprehensive 3PL or Third-Party Logistics solution that seamlessly connects your Singaporean business to the entire Asia-Pacific market. Renowned for its extensive service portfolio that extends beyond standard fulfilment, Locad empowers businesses of all sizes to conquer the dynamic Southeast Asian and Australian markets. Here’s a glimpse into what sets Locad apart:

The Top Logistics Companies in Singapore

Dashboard Overview on Locad

  • Accuracy You Can Trust: Locad offers an Order management System to rival any other. It is packed full of features to help you maintain complete visibility on your SKUs and avoid stockouts. Furthermore, streamlined processes and the advanced technology offering cloning and editing, of orders can minimise errors, guaranteeing exceptional order fulfilment accuracy. This builds trust and strengthens the brand image of your e-commerce business.
  • Branded Packaging to Stand Out:  E-commerce products require customization either due to orders having different shapes and sizes or accurate packaging so that it doesn’t incur extra cost due to increased dimensions/ weights. However, with Locad’s customized packaging solution, you not only stand the chance to establish your brand identity and elevate the customer experience with every delivery but also incur fewer shipping costs.
  • Effortless Multichannel Selling:  Using the Locad OMS, you can unify orders across various online platforms, like Lazada, Shopee, TikTok Shop or your own Shopify website. This streamlines your e-commerce operations, saving you valuable time and resources that you would’ve otherwise spent juggling the operations of the many channels.
  • Flexible Last-Mile Delivery Options:  Cater to diverse customer needs with a variety of affordable and reliable delivery options. Not only that, the locad OMS also auto-assigns you to the cheapest last-mile carrier at that moment to help you save costs. This ensures a convenient and satisfactory delivery experience for every customer and a cost-effective solution for you.
  • Real-Time Inventory Visibility:  Locad gives you complete transparency with real-time inventory tracking across all sales channels on a unified dashboard. Moreover, whenever you’re approaching stockout, you receive a notification notifying you about the low stocks. This empowers you to make informed decisions on timely replenishments and inventory management, optimizing your cash flow. Furthermore, Locad offers a smart inventory allocation based on each specific marketplace and to cater to the demands particular to each of the marketplaces.
  • Global Expansion Made Easy with Locad Borderless: With Locad Borderless, you can access the international market in APAC to expand your customer reach and tap into its vast potential. Not only does it offer freight forwarding and customs clearance, but it also allows you to list Locad as the Importer on Record, taking away a chunk of the responsibility and complications associated with selling across borders.
  • Scalable Storage Solutions:  Singapore is a market that is ripe for the taking, however, storage space is expensive. If you’re wondering how you could offset this along with other overhead costs, you can opt for Locad and  Pay only for the warehouse space you utilize. In addition to offering you premium warehousing space at an affordable price, you will also save on costs that you would otherwise have to incur on staff, packaging, pick-and-pack service and other warehouse operations. Locad offers scalable and comprehensive storage solutions to keep your storage costs low in order to channel them where you can make the best out of the extra budget.
The Top Logistics Companies in Singapore

Order Management on Locad

2. EasyParcel

EasyParcel Singapore has carved a niche for itself by offering user-friendly features designed to help online businesses save money and streamline their shipping operations. Here’s a glimpse into some of the benefits they provide to Singaporean e-commerce sellers:

  • Seamless Integrations: Effortlessly import orders from your e-commerce store and even social selling platforms, eliminating manual data entry.
  • Enhanced Brand Experience: Build brand recognition with customizable branding options for airway bills and SMS notifications.
  • Peace of Mind Protection: Protect your valuable parcels with optional insurance, ensuring financial security in case of unforeseen circumstances.
  • Rewarding Loyalty: Earn reward points with every top-up, which you can redeem for gifts or shipping credits for future use.
  • EasyParcel’s platform empowers you to compare courier rates, book deliveries, and manage both domestic and international shipping, all from a centralized location. This simplifies your workflow and allows you to focus on growing your business.
The Top Logistics Companies in Singapore

It’s important to consider the following when evaluating EasyParcel:

  • Limited Service Focus: EasyParcel primarily excels in the core shipping process. Businesses requiring additional services like warehousing, multi-channel fulfilment, or on-demand fulfilment across Southeast Asia may need to explore alternative 3PL providers.
  • Lack of Customization Options: While EasyParcel offers some branding customization, some users report limitations compared to other platforms.

Whether EasyParcel is the perfect fit depends on your specific needs. If you’re a Singapore-based e-commerce business seeking a user-friendly platform to streamline your shipping processes and save on costs, EasyParcel is definitely worth considering.

3. Flex

While Flex isn’t your typical logistics provider solely focused on e-commerce fulfilment, they offer logistics solutions for businesses with complex needs. As a global leader in manufacturing, design, and engineering, Flex brings a unique perspective to the e-commerce landscape. Here’s how they can potentially benefit your business:

  • Manufacturing Expertise:  If you have a product idea that you wish to bring to life, or if you source products, they can handle the entire manufacturing process, ensuring exceptional quality and efficiency.  This allows you to focus on other crucial aspects of your business while Flex takes care of production.
  • Design and Engineering Powerhouse:  You can also leverage their design and engineering expertise to optimize your product for manufacturability, performance, and overall quality.  This can potentially lead to cost savings in production and a superior product that exceeds customer expectations.
  • Streamlined Supply Chains: Flex can ensure efficient sourcing of materials, seamless production of your goods, and timely distribution to your customers, minimizing disruptions and delays. This translates to a smoother operation and a more satisfied customer base.
  • Value-Added Fulfillment: Flex offers a range of value-added services beyond standard pick-and-pack. These include kitting (assembling multiple components into a single product) and customization of packaging solutions, allowing you to enhance the customer experience by delivering a product that’s not only functional but also well-presented.

However, it is important to consider your specific needs. While Flex offers a comprehensive suite of supply chain solutions, they cater to a broader range than a typical 3PL provider. If your primary focus is on standard e-commerce fulfilment services like warehousing, pick-and-pack, and last-mile delivery, other providers on this list, like Locad, may be a better fit.

4. Ceva Logistics

Ceva Logistics is a globally renowned name, offering a comprehensive suite of logistics services. From air freight to land and sea transportation across the world, they cater to diverse industries. But how well do they fit the specific needs of Singaporean e-commerce businesses? Let us take a look:

  • Customized Solutions: Ceva’s potential for tailored logistics solutions can be a boon for e-commerce businesses with unique product requirements or complex shipping needs.  This flexibility allows them to potentially create a solution that aligns with your specific challenges.
  • Real-Time Visibility:  CEVA has an arsenal of advanced tools that provide real-time shipment tracking, tracing, and booking capabilities. This translates to greater transparency and control over your inventory and deliveries, allowing you to proactively manage your supply chain.
  • Dedicated Transport Expertise:  You can also benefit from Ceva’s specialized transport teams across air, ocean, and road freight.  The products are handled by experienced professionals who understand the intricacies of global logistics, ensuring they reach their destination efficiently.

However, like most other options on this list, you may have to make some considerations in case you are looking for a top logistics company in Singapore that will fulfil very specific requirements for your business:

  • Higher Fulfilment costs: Ceva’s extensive global network can be a double-edged sword. While it offers broad coverage, it might translate to higher costs and potentially longer fulfilment times for Singapore-based e-commerce businesses compared to providers with a more regional focus. This can impact your ability to offer competitive delivery speeds to your customers within Singapore and Southeast Asia.
  • Customization Challenges: E-commerce fulfilment requires specific considerations, such as efficient order processing, pick-and-pack operations, and last-mile delivery expertise. Despite offering customization, some users report difficulty obtaining solutions tailored explicitly to e-commerce fulfilment needs.
  • Delivery Concerns:  While Ceva offers a compelling service portfolio, customer reviews mention instances of late deliveries exceeding estimated timelines, lost packages, and damaged goods during shipping. Reliability and timely delivery are crucial for customer satisfaction in e-commerce.  If on-time delivery is paramount for your business, a history of delivery issues might warrant further investigation.
  • Customer Service:  Certain customer reviews also highlight unprofessional driver behaviour and difficulty reaching helpful customer support.  Responsive and professional customer service is essential for resolving any fulfilment issues that may arise.  Investigate their customer service channels and responsiveness to ensure they can address your needs effectively. If not, opt for one that can prioritise proper communication and professionalism.

5. DB Schenker

DB Schenker is a titan in the world of logistics, offering a comprehensive suite of services that cater to complex supply chain needs. But how well-suited is it for a Singaporean e-commerce business? Let’s delve into its strengths and potential limitations.

  • Global Network for Global Ambitions:  DB Schenker boasts a robust network spanning land, air, and ocean freight.  This ensures seamless transportation across various locations, a critical advantage for businesses that source materials or sell products internationally.
  • Contract Logistics Expertise:  Their contract logistics and 4PL solutions offer deep supply chain integration. This can potentially translate to optimized logistics operations through more strategic planning and management, potentially improving efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Industry-Specific Solutions: Benefit from tailored solutions designed to optimize efficiency within your specific industry.  This can be invaluable if your e-commerce business operates in a niche market with unique logistical requirements.
The Top Logistics Companies in Singapore

However, DB Schenker may not be a perfect fit for our e-commerce business in SIngapore, due to the following limitations in its roster:

  • E-commerce Focus May Be Limited:  While DB Schenker offers a variety of services, some users report that their offerings may not be as comprehensive as those of other 3PL providers focused specifically on e-commerce fulfilment.  They may lack features crucial for e-commerce businesses, such as multi-channel order management or last-mile delivery expertise.  
  • Transparency Throughout the Journey:  The complexities of contract logistics can make it challenging to maintain clear visibility of your products throughout the supply chain with DB Schenker. Transparency is essential for managing inventory effectively and ensuring timely deliveries. This may be an additional discussion you may have to have regarding their visibility and the existence of robust tracking tools to ensure you can monitor your inventory closely.
  • Delivery and Customer Service Scrutiny:  Customer reviews mention issues like missed deliveries, incorrect addresses, lost or delayed packages, and mishandled shipments.  Since reliable and timely delivery is paramount for customer satisfaction in e-commerce, a history of delivery issues begs for reconsideration.  Ask for their performance metrics and how they ensure on-time deliveries and if they don’t meet your expectations, opt for a logistics company that does.
  • Communication is Key:  In e-commerce, responsive and professional customer service is essential for resolving any fulfilment issues that may arise. However, some users have raised concerns about difficulty reaching customer service and a lack of responsiveness to inquiries.
  • Cost Control and Avoiding Delays:  Customers have reported encountering unexpected charges and experiencing delays, particularly during customs clearance.  This can impact your profitability, and customer satisfaction, and most importantly, incur additional fines. So, consider all of the other options and, in case, you do plan to opt for DB Schenker, ensure that you consider additional fines and penalties when calculating profitability and overall charges.

6. ShipBob

ShipBob has carved a distinct space as a technology-driven 3PL provider, offering a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking to scale their e-commerce operations on a global scale.  Let’s explore how ShipBob can empower Singaporean businesses:

  • Integrated Order Management:  ShipBob’s fulfilment technology integrates with your existing order management system to help centralize your workflow, eliminating manual data entry and ensuring a smooth flow of orders from your online store to fulfilment centers around the world.
  • Global Distribution Network:  ShipBob has strategically located fulfillment centers around the world offering the potential for competitive delivery times to your international customers, enhancing customer satisfaction and potentially increasing your global market reach.
  • Real-Time Inventory Control: ShipBob’s offers a warehouse management system (WMS) to offer visibility and control over your inventory levels across all fulfillment centers.  This approach to inventory management empowers you to minimize the risk of stockouts and ensure you have the right products in the right places to fulfill customer orders promptly.
  • Data-Driven Decisions:  ShipBob’s analytics and reporting dashboard empowers you to make informed decisions.  You gain valuable insights into fulfilment performance metrics, identify areas for improvement, and optimize your e-commerce operations for efficiency and profitability.
The Top Logistics Companies in Singapore

ShipBob stands as a giant fulfilment titan. Yet, their offerings may not necessarily align with those looking for a top logistics company in Singapore. Here are a few points you would have to consider when opting for them:

  • Lack of Pricing Transparency:  ShipBob’s pricing model is based on factors like storage space utilized, order volume, and fulfilment complexity.  Carefully evaluate your needs to ensure it aligns with your budget.  The cost structure might not be optimal for businesses with limited storage requirements and lower order volume.  Be sure to request a customized quote to ensure it aligns with your projected growth.
  • Focus on Established Businesses:  ShipBob’s services may be more suitable for businesses with a more extensive existing customer base and higher order volume.  Their pricing and service offerings might not be as flexible for startups or smaller businesses just getting started.  If you’re a new player in the e-commerce landscape, explore other options to see if they can accommodate your plans.

7. Beehive Fulfillment

Singaporean e-commerce businesses seeking a flexible and scalable 3PL solution will find a strong contender in Beehive Fulfillment. Here’s why they could be a potential fit for your journey:

  • Core Fulfillment Essentials:  Beehive offers a comprehensive foundation of services, including warehousing, order fulfilment, fast order processing, accurate picking and packing, and secure storage facilities.  This ensures your products are stored efficiently, with orders picked, packed, and shipped out promptly.
  • Scaling Alongside Your Growth:  Beehive only requires you to pay for the storage space you utilize and the fulfilment services you require.  This eliminates unnecessary overhead costs, making them a suitable option for businesses still establishing their online presence and those with fluctuating inventory levels.
  • Transparent Pricing Advantage:  Beehive implements no minimum contract periods or hidden fees.  You only pay for the services you use, providing predictability and cost control for your business.
The Top Logistics Companies in Singapore

Despite placing massive amounts of importance on the core essentials of fulfilment, Beehive can still leave your business in a rut if you do not make the choice based on the drawbacks that certain customer reviews have highlighted in their case.

  • Focus on Fundamentals: While Beehive offers a solid foundation of fulfillment services, its range of offerings may be more limited compared to some providers on this list. It excels in core fulfillment but may not cater to highly specialized needs.
  • Limited Advanced Features:  If your business requires advanced features like multi-channel fulfilment, cross-border expertise, or value-added services like kitting, you might need to explore alternative 3PL providers with a broader service portfolio as Beehive may not be able to fulfil this requirement for you.

8. RAK Logistics

Singaporean businesses seeking a comprehensive logistics partner with global reach can find a strong contender in RAK Logistics. Headquartered in Singapore, they offer a compelling solution for businesses with international ambitions.  Here’s what makes them stand out:

  • Tailored Solutions for a Global Marketplace:  RAK Logistics goes beyond a one-size-fits-all approach.  They offer customized logistics services, including strategically located warehousing and storage facilities in the USA, Netherlands, and UAE. This allows them to create a solution that aligns with your niche and target markets, optimizing inventory management and distribution for efficient global reach.
  • Seamless Global Deliveries:  Their extensive network spans air, ocean, and land freight transportation worldwide.  This ensures seamless delivery of your products to customers anywhere in the world, regardless of location.  Whether you’re targeting established markets or exploring new territories, RAK Logistics can help you bridge the gap.
  • Industry Expertise You Can Leverage: RAK Logistics has deep industry expertise in various sectors. These include fast-moving consumer goods, cold chain logistics, food and beverage, retail, energy, and, of course, e-commerce. This industry knowledge translates to tailored solutions that take into account the specific requirements and complexities of your product category, ensuring efficient handling and delivery of your goods.

While RAK Logistics boasts a global presence, it’s important to consider its current warehousing footprint. Their facilities are currently located in the USA, Netherlands, and UAE only. If your primary focus is on regional fulfilment within Southeast Asia, other providers on this list with a stronger regional presence, particularly those with warehouses strategically located across Southeast Asia, might be a better fit for faster and more cost-effective distribution within the region.

What to Look For in Logistics Companies in Singapore

Singapore boasts a vibrant landscape of logistics companies, each offering unique strengths and specializations.  Choosing the right partner is crucial for streamlining your e-commerce operations and propelling your business forward. But with so many options, where do you begin? Here are key factors to consider when selecting a logistics company in Singapore:

  • Expiry Management:  For businesses dealing with perishable products, a logistics partner with expertise in expiry management is essential.  They should have proper facilities, such as cold chain storage and First-In-First-Out stock rotation practices, to ensure your products reach customers fresh and within their designated shelf life.
  • Multichannel Sales:  If you have any plans to expand your existing operations into the likes of Zalora, WooCommerce, Shopify, Lazada, and TikTok Shop, choose a logistics company that can seamlessly integrate with your existing sales channels and accommodate future growth.  Look for a partner that offers multiple warehouse fulfilment solutions to optimize delivery times across different regions.
  • Inventory Analytics and Demand Forecasting:  Accurate inventory management is vital for maximizing efficiency and profitability.  Look for a logistics company that provides advanced inventory analytics and demand forecasting tools. This allows you to optimize stock levels, minimize the risk of stockouts, and ensure you have the right products in the right place at the right time.
  • Unified Sales Metrics:  Gaining a holistic view of your sales performance is crucial for making informed business decisions.  Partner with a logistics company that offers a unified platform, providing real-time visibility into inventory levels, order fulfilment status, and delivery tracking.  This empowers you to track performance across all your sales channels and identify areas for improvement.
  • Decentralized Inventory:  For businesses with a large customer base spread across different regions, strategically placed warehouses can significantly reduce delivery times and improve customer satisfaction.  Look for a logistics company that offers a decentralized inventory network, allowing you to store products closer to your customers for faster delivery.


Navigating the e-commerce landscape in Southeast Asia can be exciting, but the fragmented logistics set in pace can result in inconsistent fulfillment experiences, negative customer reviews and ratings, and high volume of order cancellations and returns.  

This blog post explored the top logistics companies in Singapore, each offering a unique blend of services and areas of expertise. From global powerhouses to tech-driven solutions like Locad to regionally focused providers, there’s a strong contender to suit the specific needs of most Singaporean e-commerce businesses.

So, why partner with a Singaporean logistics company like Locad?  The benefits are numerous.  Singapore boasts a world-class infrastructure, a strategic location within Southeast Asia, and a strong track record of efficiency and reliability.  Partnering with a local logistics provider allows you to leverage this expertise and infrastructure for faster delivery times, reduced costs, and a deeper understanding of the regional market. 

How big is the logistics market in Singapore?

The Singapore logistics market is a powerhouse, valued at over $70 billion USD.

Who uses logistics companies?

Logistics companies are used by businesses of all sizes to move goods from origin to destination.

Why is logistics important in Singapore?

Logistics is crucial in Singapore due to its limited land area and role as a global trade hub.

What are the types of transportation in logistics?

Transportation in logistics includes air, sea, land, and even combinations for efficient movement.

What is logistics transportation?

Logistics transportation is the physical movement of goods throughout the supply chain.

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