Why Fulfillment is the Key to E-commerce Success

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More often than not, fulfillment and logistics remain afterthoughts for busy entrepreneurs and merchants. As their focus is on increasing sales and optimizing marketing, they lose sight of the part of their business that could ultimately impact and boost both. When a poor fulfillment system leads to a poor customer delivery experience, it can negate all your hard work in marketing. In spite of this obvious truth, many small retailers seem to neglect to strengthen their fulfillment infrastructure or fail to consider working with a fulfillment partner until it’s too late. 

Think of e-commerce fulfillment as the stage of your supply chain that takes place inside a warehouse or a fulfillment center. Starting with inbounding and transporting your inventory onto organized shelves to picking and packing orders, e-commerce order fulfillment harbors the potential to drive higher revenue and customer satisfaction depending on how you approach it.

“Logistics is 50% of the picture, if a customer places an order and doesn’t get it, that’s 100% failure,” said Nick Robertson, CEO of ASOS.

With the demand for e-commerce continuously rising, so have customer expectations for faster delivery and shipping. Understanding how these expectations influence consumer behavior will not only differentiate you from your competitors but also enable you to create a more sustainable e-commerce business built on the foundation of seamless and efficient fulfillment. 

In order to gain a clearer comprehension of why fulfillment now holds the key to success for e-commerce businesses, take a look at these four benefits:

Fulfillment can boost your conversion rate and improve customer service

When clear promises on fast and affordable delivery are made and kept to the customer, you are able to provide excellent customer service and earn their trust as a reliable online business. A fuss-free order experience makes first-time customers more inclined to shop from your store again and in turn, positively impact your conversion rate. 

Fulfillment can extend your customer reach and expand into new markets

Working with a fulfillment partner provides you with access to advanced tools that will not only widen your customer reach locally but also enable you to enter new territories through international shipping. Fulfillment companies like LOCAD have the existing framework to pick, pack, and ship to any part of the world on time. Their seamless order fulfillment allows you to enjoy the benefits of a logistics infrastructure that efficiently delivers to your customers whether they’re from another state or another country.

Fulfillment can reduce cancellations and returns while driving a higher cash-on-delivery success rate

By providing more delivery and shipping options, you cast a wider net to more customers with particular preferences when it comes to shopping online. Additionally, having an efficient e-commerce fulfillment system in place guarantees on-time delivery and lessens potential returns and back-and-forth caused by failed deliveries. 

Fulfillment can boost overall marketplace seller rating and maintain preferred seller reputation

When you provide a customer with a pleasant delivery experience once, not only do they come back to your store again but they are also more than happy to leave a glowing review and ratings for other potential customers to see. These factors carry weight to boosting your seller rating on marketplace platforms such as Lazada and Shopee as well as speed up the qualification process of the preferred seller badge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are The Philippine’s Double-Day Sales, and why are they significant for consumers?

The Philippine Double-Day Sales are highly anticipated shopping events, significant for consumers due to massive discounts and deals offered by retailers.

How do discounts and promotions influence consumer behavior during Double-Day Sales?

Discounts and promotions strongly influence consumer behavior during Double-Day Sales, often driving impulse purchases and increased shopping activity.

What are shoppers’ most popular product categories during Double-Day Sales?

Shoppers during Double-Day Sales are drawn to various product categories, with electronics, fashion, and beauty products being the most popular.

How do consumers engage with brands and make purchase decisions during these sales events?

Consumers engage with brands through strategic marketing, social media, and email campaigns, impacting their purchase decisions during these sales events.

What challenges do e-commerce sellers face in meeting the demands of consumers during Double-Day Sales?

E-commerce sellers face increased demand, logistics issues, and fierce competition when meeting consumer demands during Double-Day Sales.

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