Fulfilling from the Heart: How Thailand-based Mama’s Choice is Making Healthcare Products More Accessible with Logistics by Locad

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Mama’s Choice is a healthcare brand based in Thailand focused on developing products tailored to the needs of mothers and babies. Their catalog featuring high-quality, safe and natural products caters to the needs of mothers who are pregnant and breastfeeding and of babies experiencing any skin concerns. By enlisting the services of Locad’s logistics engine, Mama’s Choice is now seamlessly running multiple e-commerce storefronts and making mother care and baby care products more accessible to more customers all over Asia. 

Key Metrics

  • Improved management of multiple sales channels and e-commerce platforms
  • Tailored logistics services and dedicated customer service team
  • 99.9% Same-day Fulfillment Rate

About Mama’s Choice

On a mission to make the journey of motherhood a safer, happier, and healthier experience, Mama’s Choice aims to be the choice that mothers trust. The leading brand based in Thailand provides safe, affordable, and innovative products for mothers before, during, and after pregnancy. Mama’s Choice also looks after babies and young children with its extensive range of baby care products.

The brand is best known for its stretch mark cream – targeting a prevalent skin concern experienced by women during pregnancy – and intensive nipple cream, which addresses sore and cracked skin post-breastfeeding surrounding the concerned area. Other bestsellers include the newly released stretch mark serum that aims to prevent the formation of stretch marks, which is also best used with the brand’s exclusive massage roller that helps with product absorption.

Fulfilling from the Heart: How Thailand-based Mama’s Choice is Making Healthcare Products More Accessible with Logistics by Locad

Apart from their skincare and healthcare products, their online storefront also offers other accessories and gear tailored to mothers and their children. This includes strollers, clothing, bottles, multi-purpose bags, changing mats, pillows, containers, and feeding sets, to name a few.

A single source of truth and data on fulfillment

For a well-loved and fast-growing brand like Mama’s Choice, running multiple e-commerce storefronts and platforms presents both opportunities and challenges. While having multiple channels of distribution and selling boosts accessibility and potential for sales, it also pushes the brand’s e-commerce team to keep up. 

“A very important challenge is the management of multiple sales channels when we are working with the marketplace, our own website, social commerce – and to have a way to integrate all of the orders and manage these orders and unify them,” says Feredico Leidi, Country Manager at Mama’s Choice.

And by working with Locad and gaining access to its tech built specifically for e-commerce challenges such as this, he and his team are able to view a unified source of data and information on all their orders, regardless of which platform they were placed on. The full visibility of order tracking also aids their team in knowing the movement of their products and how they are being shipped to their customers as fast as possible.

Same-day fulfillment

Since enlisting the logistics services of Locad, the leading mother and children care brand now operates on a 99.9% same-day fulfillment accuracy rate – demonstrating how they are delivering their products to their customers as fast as possible. 

Tailored tech, logistics, and service

For Federico and his team at Mama’s Choice, it was crucial to find the right partner in terms of fulfillment and logistics. And only after a couple of months of using fulfillment by Locad, he feels certain he has made the right choice.

“We are really impressed with the fast response we are getting from the Locad team,” says Federico, adding: “We had some specific requests that needed to be worked on specifically for Mama’s Choice, and what’s important for us is the tracking of our orders of our inventory and order management system that Locad’s platform currently allows to manage using their technology.”

Federico also highlights how the flexibility of the Locad team in terms of managing inbound and outbound goods enabled them to focus on marketing and growing the business with full assurance that logistics is being handled by Locad.

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