The Recipe for Growth: How Same-Day Fulfillment by Locad is Helping Cosmic Cookware Grow

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Cosmic Cookware is a kitchen companion brand that creates pans and accessories that not only look good, but cook good. By outsourcing fulfillment to Locad, Cosmic Cookware has delivered better customer experience with same-day fulfillment, impeccable fulfillment accuracy and streamlined their plans for expansion to different regions. 

Key Metrics

  • Now offering same-day fulfillment
  • 99.8% fulfilled order accuracy
  • Growth in Singapore and expansion to Australia in the pipeline

About Cosmic Cookware

The leading kitchen accessories brand is housed under RPG Ventures – the innovation-focused corporate venture capital and incubation arm of RPG Group. On a mission to reimagine consumer brands and be at the forefront of internet and supply chain innovation, RPG Ventures has created, launched and scaled well-loved consumer brands including Thousand Miles, Bottoms Lab, Eubi, and Montigo.

Founded in the middle of the pandemic – a time when people turned to healthier and more convenient ways of cooking from home  – Cosmic Cookware stepped in to be the ultimate kitchen companion that fits great in your hand and in your home. Elvin Chee, RPG Commerce’s (House of Brands including Cosmic Cookware) Head of Supply Chain, explains that new and first-time homeowners were faced with the challenge of houses getting smaller which in turn gave rise to the issue of storage. And when it came to cookware, there was a gap to fill with cooking ware that was multi-purpose.

With its ethos of “looks good, cooks good”, Cosmic Cookware has thoughtfully designed dependable, multi-purpose, and easy-to-clean kitchen pans, pots, and accessories that aim to make cooking easier and more enjoyable.

The brand’s best-seller is the Cosmo Pan, which is an all-rounder that features a solid stainless steel handle with Swiss-certified non-stick ceramic coating built for stir-frying, and sautéing. Their roster of cookwares – which are available in multiple fun colors – also includes Cosmo Fry and Cosmo Casserole which complement the best-seller well, together with other kitchen accessories such as utensils and mitts.

Strategic inventory and demand forecasting

For Cosmic Cookware, unlocking growth lies in having the ability to forecast the demand. Without the foresight of the demand, it would be difficult for the brand to prepare for it in terms of production and marketing.

With inventory and demand forecasting as a key priority when it comes to growing the brand, Cosmic Cookware maximizes the features and tools of Locad’s Control Tower.

Now, with Locad, Elvin and his team have access to data and insights produced by the Control Tower that studies and analyzes the shopping behavior of their customers against seasonality and periods. With this, they have better predictability with demand which allows them to power up manufacturing, invest strategically in marketing, and properly meet the demand forecasted.

“We wanted to give this new logistics model a try and my team is happy,” shares Elvin. “Everything is very easy to manage in a way and that’s the great thing about Locad.”

Same-day fulfillment is the brand’s new standard

From the moment an order is placed, items are shipped out from Locad’s warehouse within 1.3 business days. According to Elvin, this increase in fulfillment time has positively impacted customer satisfaction.

While the brand’s main operation centre is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Elvin shares that the brand is also present in other markets such as Singapore & Australia. Aligning with its parent company’s mission & goal, the brand will also look to expand & grow into other South East Asia countries as well as exploring opportunities in US & Canada. And one of the most important factors they considered when they decided to outsource fulfillment is how their potential partner could deliver orders with the same accuracy and speed regardless of the region.

Locad’s global presence helps bring Cosmic Cookware closer to its customers, wherever they may be. Elvin’s team works closely with Locad’s team to ensure fulfillment operations are seamless. “Among the 11 warehouses we manage and work with globally, Locad is definitely one of the most stable,” he says, adding: “Locad is one of our risk management partners to grow our business.”

Expanding into different regions with the right fulfillment partner

“The good thing about Locad is that they can help support our growth,” said Elvin. 

As he personally visited the warehouses of Locad in Singapore, Elvin saw first-hand the scalable systems and efficient warehouse processes in place. “Being able to have had a personal chat with Locad’s people working on the ground, it helped a lot in the decision-making process,” he recalls their decision to choose Locad as their fulfillment partner. “Locad is very transparent in how things are being operated.”

“At the end of the day, we know Locad is a great partner for us to grow in Singapore. We’ve also chosen Locad for Australia for expansion,” says Elvin.

For Chee and RPG Commerce, the goal is to grow different brands in different regions.  With the mission to bring their thoughtfully designed cookware to more new and first-time homeowners all over the world, Cosmic Cookware is expanding to Australia with fulfillment by Locad. The flexible warehousing, scalable fulfillment services, and automated technology of Locad allow Cosmic Cookware to better plan and prepare for its regional expansion.

As they prepare to also broaden their product range by expanding their cookware range and exploring into other ranges such as bakeware & kitchen prepware, Elvin and the Cosmic Cookware team are able to look forward to continued growth with the support of their fulfillment partner Locad.

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