Stirring Business Growth: Why Lyger Coffee Decided to Kickstart their Business with Locad as Fulfillment Partner

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Lyger Coffee – known for its crystallized coffee – brews powerful coffee experiences with each cup. From the very beginning, they worked closely with Locad to ensure that customer delivery is seamless and fulfillment operations are able to keep up with the fast-paced environment of e-commerce. For CEO and Co-founder Philipp Renner, Lyger would not have been able to kickstart its growth without the help of Locad’s fulfillment services

Key Metrics

  • Orders dispatched within 10 hours
  • Worry-free fulfillment
  • Hands-on customer service and communication

About Lyger Coffee

A combination of the strongest felines in the animal world – a lion and a tiger – Lyger crafts a powerful coffee experience that is both delicious and convenient. Known for its crystallized coffee, the Philippine-based coffee brand uses the ripest beans in the mountains of Colombia which undergo processing and milling before being roasted to perfection. Through the founders’ passion for coffee and creativity paired with the agricultural skills of their coffee farmers, Lyger is committed to being the daily caffeine companion that balances strong flavors and powerful aromas in each cup. 

Stirring Business Growth: Why Lyger Coffee Decided to Kickstart their Business with Locad as Fulfillment Partner

“I’ve always been a coffee lover. I have this crazy barista set up in my house and spend way too much money on coffee,” said Philipp Renner, Co-founder, and CEO of Lyger. “And then I decided I wanted to have a cafe-like experience at home.” He shared that in his years of being a coffee lover, he struggled to find coffee that offered the best in taste and convenience. It was then that Renner formed a group with three other founders and developed mini cups of crystallized coffee that ended his search for the perfect coffee. 

First order of business: outsource fulfillment

“It was very clear to us from the start that we will outsource fulfillment because it is quite complex,” Renner shared. Together with his co-founders, Renner saw that the market for fulfillment partners in the Philippines was limited. “There are not that many companies that can do it well,” he said.

Apart from doing their own search on the web, Renner and his partners also tapped into their own network of entrepreneurs and business owners to find any leads or recommendations. “LOCAD was a top referral from people we know and who already have been working with LOCAD and had very good experiences so it was a very easy decision for us to go with LOCAD.” 

From the very beginning of putting up Lyger, Renner had already enlisted the help of LOCAD as a fulfillment partner to avoid any possible challenges surrounding delivery and logistics.  Renner’s partners – coming from their own experiences running businesses before – understood that multiple problems hinged on fulfillment and logistics. And so, the co-founders of Lyger made sure that they outsource fulfillment before their business went live. “Without LOCAD, we would not have sold a single coffee,” said Renner.

Fulfilling cups and cups of coffee

“I’ve underestimated how complex [fulfillment] is,” Renner admitted. For him, handling the entire tedious process of fulfillment was a job he knew needed to be left to the experts. From ensuring the correct items are picked, packed, and packaged correctly to tracking and syncing warehouse operations to an integrated dashboard, fulfillment for an e-commerce business like Lyger is comprised of many various difficult tasks.

Stirring Business Growth: Why Lyger Coffee Decided to Kickstart their Business with Locad as Fulfillment Partner

When Renner and his co-founders were finalizing their decision on a fulfillment partner, reliability was their top priority. “When I say reliability, it’s that you have the certainty that orders are fulfilled within a certain amount of time that is reasonable.” 

At present, all Lyger order gets shipped out within 10 hours with LOCAD’s fulfillment services. 

Another element that Renner finds crucial in working with a fulfillment partner is a good communication flow, which he believes he has found with LOCAD. “Whenever we have a request or something is going on, we are being helped very very quickly.” He also mentioned how the usefulness and seamlessness of the LOCAD Dashboard lend perfect integrations and syncing with their online store.

The biggest benefit of fulfillment with LOCAD? For Renner, it’s that he doesn’t have to worry about it. 

He describes the nature of fulfillment as not only complex but also investment-heavy. From renting a warehouse to training staff to run it day-to-day, many nuances and jobs add up – resulting in a hefty fee that most businesses cannot simply afford. Renner shared that the decision to outsource fulfillment was a cost-effective decision from Lyger’s end. “Vertical integration in a lot of situations makes sense,” he said, adding that LOCAD’s continuously improving tech aids their business a lot. “I have also recommended LOCAD to other companies.”

With long-term plans to expand to other countries in Southeast Asia and to develop and introduce new coffee flavors, Lyger highlights LOCAD’s flexibility and expansion as a key point in their partnership. “Just to know that we have a reliable fulfillment partner that can also scale up once we start selling more is great to have,” Renner said. “And because of that, there is nothing at this very moment that I have to worry about.”

Set to launch more products designed to make people’s coffee experience at home better, Renner is working closely with LOCAD to introduce Lyger to more people across the globe.

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