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Shipping Engine

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Still struggling with

Missed Carrier Pick-Ups & Delayed Deliveries?

You pay for a poor shipping experience with your brand reputation and reduced customer loyalty.

Managing hundreds of orders and pickups across multiple stores can get difficult

Shipping Engine

High costs and lack of flexibility from 3PLs can lead to a frustrating experience

Shipping Engine

What price does your business pay?

The unseen opportunity costs for your brand outweigh the visible expenses.

Centralize your orders and monitor every
shipment from one source

Turn your operations into a well-oiled machine. Let the Locad Shipping Engine work for you

Unify your multiple stores and set diverse pickup points

Merge your varied e-commerce platforms like Shopify or Woocommerce with our integrated systems, centralizing your operations for better control and efficiency.

Shipping Engine
Shipping Engine

Choose your favourite carrier, set allocation rules and pickup times

Handpick your preferred shipping carrier, set specific allocation rules to govern order fulfillment, and specify pickup times that work best for your business.

Monitor your order status, sales volumes, and revenue from a unified dashboard

Keep a close eye on key metrics like order status, sales volume, and revenue, all from a single, comprehensive dashboard, making data analysis simpler and faster.

Shipping Engine
Shipping Engine

Swiftly identify issues using Locad Dashboards and initiate immediate resolution

Utilize Locad’s intuitive dashboards to quickly spot potential issues and promptly initiate remedial measures, ensuring smooth and continuous operation of your business.

Hundreds of e-commerce brands trust Locad Engine with their operations

Join the e-commerce brands globally have put their trust in the Locad Engine.

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