6 Ways To Become A “Shopee Preferred Seller”

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As an e-commerce seller on Shopee, your goal is to stand out from your competitors and increase the reach of your Shopee shop. Becoming a Shopee Preferred Seller takes you one step closer to that achievement. It not only symbolizes success but also unlocks a plethora of advantages. In this comprehensive guide, we explore what it takes for your business to achieve the  Preferred Seller status. 

From understanding the criteria to maintaining impeccable customer service, pricing strategies, enhancing your brand, and leveraging Shopee’s tools, we’ll equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed for success on this thriving platform.

Introduction to Shopee Preferred Seller Status

Being recognized as a Shopee Preferred Seller is  a significant breakthrough towards gaining more visibility and generating enough touchpoints for sales. But what does this coveted status entail? We’ll dive into the essence of Shopee’s Preferred Seller program, which is open for sellers who meet specific criteria for excellence on the platform.

Why do sellers aspire to reach this status? The benefits are more than just a badge of honor. Discover how being a Shopee Preferred Seller opens doors to a range of advantages that can boost your business and reputation.

Understanding the “why” behind this aspiration is crucial. Uncover the motivations and incentives that make becoming a Shopee Preferred Seller a goal worth pursuing. As we explore these aspects, you’ll gain insights into the significance of this esteemed status for your e-commerce journey.

What happens when you become a Preferred Seller?

  • Access to Shop ads that’s open to Preferred Sellers
  • Appear in the search results of the “Preferred Search Tab” on the Shopee website
  • Access to Shopee Selling Coach that helps you tap into platform-wide insights to boost your business growth and revenue

Meeting Shopee’s Criteria for Preferred Seller Status

6 Ways To Become A "Shopee Preferred Seller”
  • Sales Volume and Consistency: Shopee Preferred Seller status is often tied to sales performance. Maintaining a consistent and substantial sales volume of Net Order volume and Unique Buyers over the past 30 days can pave the way for achieving this recognition.
  • Positive Customer Feedback and Ratings: High customer satisfaction is a hallmark of a Preferred Seller. Having an overall positive shop rating  and a response rate of 75% can increase your possibility of becoming a Shopee Preferred Seller.

Operational Excellence

  • Fast Order Processing and Shipping: Speed matters in e-commerce fulfillment. Your shop’s eligibility increases if you maintain a non-fulfillment rate and late shipment rate below 5%.  
  • Low Order Cancellation Rates: Minimizing order cancellations is key to operational excellence.  This is key to avoid incurring seller penalty points. Consistently maintaining a low seller penalty point below 1 favors your shop in achieving the coveted status.

By understanding and mastering these criteria, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the path to becoming a Shopee Preferred Seller.

Maintaining Excellent Customer Service

Exceptional customer service is at the core of becoming a Shopee Preferred Seller. It’s not just about making sales; it’s about building lasting relationships with your customers. Here, we explore in more depth the elements that constitute excellent customer service:

A. Prompt and Courteous Responses to Customer Inquiries

Timely and courteous responses to customer inquiries set the tone for a positive shopping experience. Customers value quick and informative responses to their questions, whether they’re seeking product details, order updates, or general assistance. A well-handled inquiry can turn a curious visitor into a satisfied customer.

B. Handling Returns and Refunds Responsively

Returns and refunds are a part of any e-commerce business, and how you handle them can significantly impact your reputation. Shopee buyers appreciate a hassle-free returns and refund process. Being responsive to return requests, processing them within the cut-off time, and keeping customers informed every step of the way can foster trust and satisfaction.

C. Resolving Customer Disputes and Issues

In some cases, occasional disputes and issues arise. Whether it’s a delayed delivery, a damaged product, or a misunderstanding, your ability to resolve these matters professionally is crucial. By addressing disputes with empathy and effective problem-solving, you can transform a potentially negative experience into a positive one, leaving the customer satisfied and more likely to return to your store.

By prioritizing these aspects of customer service, you not only meet the criteria for becoming a Shopee Preferred Seller but also establish a strong foundation for long-term success and customer loyalty.

Managing Inventory and Fulfillment Efficiently

Efficient inventory and fulfillment management are essential for maintaining Preferred Seller status on Shopee. Find out the key components of managing your inventory and fulfillment operations effectively:

A. Stock Management to Avoid Out-of-Stock Situations

Preventing out-of-stock situations is vital for maintaining customer satisfaction and Shopee Preferred Seller status.Ensuring consistent product availability is imperative to uphold customer satisfaction and secure Shopee Preferred Seller status. Shopee Hub provides a centralized platform where sellers can conveniently check product availability, fostering a seamless and organized approach to inventory management.

 For those utilizing non-supported logistics, relying on order management systems becomes instrumental in obtaining accurate insights into inventory levels, facilitating efficient decision-making and enhancing overall stock control.

B. Efficient Order Processing and Shipment

Efficiency in order processing and shipment is a cornerstone of successful e-commerce. Discover techniques for streamlining these processes, from automating order processing to selecting the right shipping options and carriers. Faster, more reliable delivery contributes to a superior customer experience.

C. Collaboration with Shopee Logistics and Partners

Collaboration with Shopee’s logistics and fulfillment partners can help you provide seamless delivery services to your customers. Discover the advantages of collaborating with fulfillment partners who possess local last-mile access to expedite and enhance your shipment processes. 

By entrusting logistics to external partners, sellers can leverage the efficiency and reliability of established networks, ultimately providing a quicker and more reliable shipping experience for customers. Explore the benefits of integrating with Shopee’s logistics ecosystem through such partnerships, ensuring your ability to consistently meet customer expectations.

Pricing and Promotions Strategies

Effective pricing and promotional strategies can be your path to success as a Shopee Preferred Seller. In this section, we delve into the critical elements of pricing and promotions that can set you on the right course:

A. Competitive Pricing

Competitive pricing is the bedrock of e-commerce excellence. Explore the art of setting prices that are both competitive and appealing to your target audience. We’ll guide you through the nuances of market research, pricing optimization, and staying abreast of industry dynamics.

B. Offering Attractive Discounts and Deals

Entice your customers with irresistible discounts and deals. Learn to create promotions that not only capture attention but also drive sales and garner positive feedback. 

C. Participation in Shopee Campaigns and Promotions

Shopee hosts a range of exciting campaigns and promotions, each offering a unique opportunity for sellers.Unlock growth and elevate your Preferred Seller status by actively participating in Shopee’s flagship events, such as the highly anticipated 9.9 and 11.11 campaigns. Learn valuable insights from successful Preferred Sellers who have mastered the art of navigating these promotions. Participating in these events not only exposes your brand to a wider audience but also provides an opportunity to showcase your products and services in a dynamic marketplace. 

Enhancing Your Store’s Brand and Reputation

Building a strong brand and a stellar reputation is integral to becoming a Shopee Preferred Seller. In this section, we explore the core elements of store branding and reputation management:

A. Building a Strong Store Brand

Establishing a robust and distinctive store brand is not just about a logo; it’s about creating a unique identity that resonates with your target audience. Delve into the intricacies of brand building, understanding how to articulate your brand values, voice, and visual elements. 

Explore the art of crafting a compelling brand story that engages customers emotionally, fostering a sense of loyalty and connection. Learn to effectively communicate your brand message across product listings, storefronts, and marketing materials, ensuring consistency and authenticity in every customer interaction.

B. Encouraging Positive Customer Reviews and Feedback

Customer reviews and feedback are integral to shaping your store’s reputation on Shopee. Dive into strategies that go beyond merely providing excellent products, focusing on ways to actively encourage satisfied customers to share their positive experiences. 

Explore techniques for requesting reviews through post-purchase communication, optimizing product listings to prompt feedback, and fostering a positive customer service experience. Understand the impact of positive reviews on building trust and credibility, creating a virtuous cycle that enhances your store’s standing in the eyes of potential buyers.

C. Showcasing Quality Products with Detailed Descriptions

Transparency and comprehensive product information are paramount in establishing trust. Present your products with meticulous descriptions, high-quality visuals, and precise specifications. Transparent product presentation profoundly impacts customer satisfaction and contributes to your store’s reputation. By elevating your brand and reputation, you position yourself for Shopee Preferred Seller recognition.

Leveraging Shopee Tools and Resources

Your journey as a Shopee Preferred Seller is bolstered by the effective use of Shopee’s tools and resources. In this section, we explore the key elements of harnessing Shopee’s support:

A. Utilizing Shopee Seller Center Features

Shopee Seller Center offers an array of powerful tools and features designed to enhance your selling experience. Learn how to navigate and utilize these resources to streamline operations, manage orders, and optimize your store’s performance.

B. Shopee Training and Support for Sellers

Shopee provides training and support programs to empower sellers. Discover how to tap into these resources to refine your selling skills, understand the platform’s intricacies, and access assistance when needed. We’ll delve into the value of ongoing education and the support systems available to sellers.

C. Staying Informed About Shopee’s Latest Policies and Updates

Adaptability is key in e-commerce. Stay updated with Shopee’s latest policies, updates, and changes to remain compliant and competitive. Explore how to keep abreast of platform developments and effectively align your strategies with Shopee’s evolving landscape. Leveraging these Shopee tools and resources optimally can accelerate your journey towards becoming a Shopee Preferred Seller.


Elevating your status to a Shopee Preferred Seller is not just about reaching a milestone; it’s about securing a prosperous future in e-commerce. By adhering to the criteria, providing excellent customer service, and using strategic approaches, you can maximize your presence on Shopee. With dedication and these insights, you’ll be well on your way to Preferred Seller recognition and the accompanying benefits it brings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a preferred Shopee seller?

To become a preferred Shopee seller, you need to meet specific criteria related to sales performance, customer service, and operational excellence.

What does it mean to be a preferred seller in Shopee?

Being a preferred seller in Shopee signifies that you meet stringent performance and service standards, which can boost your visibility and credibility on the platform.

What is the benefit of Shopee Preferred Plus?

Shopee Preferred Plus offers sellers added visibility and trust, potentially leading to increased sales and recognition.

What is a preferred shop?

A preferred shop on Shopee is one that has achieved a preferred seller status, signifying excellence in various aspects of e-commerce.

What is the difference between Shopee Mall and preferred?

Shopee Mall represents an official store operated by brands or authorized distributors, while preferred sellers meet specific performance standards without being brand-specific.

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