A Guide to Shopee Guarantee and How it Benefits E-commerce Sellers

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Isn’t it all too familiar when you’re selling online, but aren’t sure if you’ll receive your payment? Worried about the increasing number of false claims of missing orders affecting your seller ratings on Shopee? Or maybe you’re starting out and want access to a vibrant and active customer base.

As of 2022, Shopee had over 433 million active users and 2.2 million active sellers. But all of these numbers only racked up owing to the many stand-out features that the platform offers. One of them is the Shopee Guarantee Feature.  It is a program on Shopee that extends a safe shopping experience for both buyers and sellers on the platform. It ensures that buyers receive the products they ordered and that sellers are paid for their products. 

So how does Shopee Guarantee transform the e-commerce experience? Explore why the Shopee Guarantee program can help your online business by maintaining a good seller rating on the platform.  

What is Shopee Guarantee?

Shopee Guarantee, a cornerstone of Shopee’s e-commerce ecosystem, providing a secure and trusted shopping experience for both buyers and sellers. This buyer protection program plays a pivotal role in ensuring that sales and transactions are conducted with transparency, integrity, and accountability.

The Shopee Guarantee operates with a simple yet effective mechanism: holding payments until buyers confirm they have received the product in the condition described. This ensures that sellers only receive payment once buyers are satisfied, fostering a sense of trust and security throughout the transaction process.

How Does Shopee Guarantee Work?  

From the seller’s perspective, Shopee Guarantee acts as a reliable intermediary. Before notifying the seller to ship the product, Shopee verifies that the buyer has paid the full amount, eliminating the risk of non-payment. This financial security allows sellers to focus on fulfilling orders with confidence, knowing that their efforts will be duly compensated.

For buyers, Shopee Guarantee serves as a safety net, guaranteeing that they will receive the products they ordered in the condition described. If the product falls short of expectations, Shopee Guarantee facilitates a seamless resolution process, offering refunds or returns as needed. This unwavering commitment to buyer satisfaction has earned Shopee a reputation as a reliable e-commerce platform that prioritises the interests of its customers.

In essence, Shopee Guarantee acts as a mediator between buyers and sellers, fostering a harmonious shopping environment where both parties can operate with confidence and assurance. It is this dedication to providing a secure and transparent platform that has propelled Shopee to the forefront of Southeast Asia’s e-commerce landscape.

Who is eligible for Shopee Guarantee?

To safeguard the integrity of Shopee Guarantee and uphold the platform’s reputation for reliability, Shopee has established clear eligibility criteria for sellers. These guidelines ensure that only sellers who consistently demonstrate high standards of service and product quality are able to participate in this valuable program.

All registered sellers on Shopee are eligible for Shopee Guarantee, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Accurate Product Descriptions: Sellers must provide accurate and detailed product descriptions that reflect the product’s specifications, features, and condition. False or misleading descriptions can lead to negative customer experiences and may result in ineligibility for Shopee Guarantee.
  • Adherence to Shopee’s Policies: Sellers must adhere to all Shopee policies, including those related to product listings, shipping practices, customer service, and intellectual property rights. Failure to comply with these policies can jeopardise a seller’s eligibility for Shopee Guarantee.
  • Positive Customer Service Record: Shopee maintains a close eye on sellers’ customer service records. Sellers with a history of positive customer interactions and a demonstrated commitment to resolving issues promptly and effectively are more likely to benefit from Shopee Guarantee.

By enforcing these eligibility criteria, Shopee ensures that Shopee Guarantee remains a trusted and reliable program that protects both buyers and sellers. Sellers who participate in this program are recognised for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, further strengthening their reputation within the Shopee marketplace.

How many days is the Shopee Guarantee?

Shopee Guarantee safeguards buyers and sellers for a specific duration, providing a window of time to resolve any issues that may arise. The duration of Shopee Guarantee varies depending on the type of product, its category, and whether the seller is a mall seller or not. Typically, the guarantee period ranges from 7 to 15 days after the buyer has received the item.’

The Shopee Guarantee period is determined based on e-commerce sellers’ fulfillment options. Some sellers on the platform choose Shopee’s own logistics services. But when it comes to product type, need for customized packaging that reflects seller branding, multichannel selling, and other reasons, Shopee sellers may opt for third-party logistics and fulfillment providers.

Here’s a breakdown of the Shopee Guarantee duration for different scenarios:

  • Non-mall seller with Shopee Supported Logistics (SSL): Order Delivered date + 3 days
  • Non-mall seller with non-Shopee Supported Logistics (non-SSL): Estimated Delivery date + 3 days
  • Mall seller with Shopee Supported Logistics (SSL): Order Delivered date + 15 days
  • Mall seller with non-Shopee Supported Logistics (non-SSL): Estimated Delivery date + 15 days

In addition to these standard durations, certain product categories, such as electronics, may have extended guarantee periods. This is to accommodate the potential for more complex technical issues or the need for more in-depth product usage to detect any defects that may not be obvious while handling the product for the first time.

The Shopee Guarantee duration provides a clear timeframe for buyers and sellers to address any concerns or discrepancies. Buyers have ample time to inspect the product and ensure it meets their expectations, while sellers have sufficient notice to resolve any issues that may arise. This structured approach fosters a sense of security and trust within the Shopee marketplace.

Benefits of Shopee Guarantee for e-commerce sellers

Shopee Guarantee, a cornerstone of Shopee’s e-commerce ecosystem, extends its benefits beyond buyer protection, offering a plethora of advantages for sellers as well. By participating in this program, sellers gain access to a range of benefits that enhance their online presence, boost sales, and foster a positive reputation within the marketplace.

  1. Enhanced Buyer Confidence and Trust

Shopee Guarantee serves as a powerful trust signal, assuring buyers that their purchases are protected and that they can expect high-quality products and prompt customer service. This instils confidence in buyers, encouraging them to make purchases without apprehension. As a result, sellers who participate in Shopee Guarantee can expect to experience increased buyer confidence, leading to higher conversion rates and more sales.

  1. Protection against Fraudulent or Misleading Product Listings

Shopee’s strict eligibility criteria and commitment to buyer satisfaction act as a deterrent against fraudulent or misleading product listings. Sellers who participate in Shopee Guarantee are held to high standards, ensuring that buyers receive accurate product descriptions and genuine products. This protection against fraudulent activities reduces the risk of disputes and chargebacks, allowing sellers to focus on building a successful business.

  1. Access to a Wider Customer Base

The trust associated with Shopee Guarantee extends beyond individual transactions, attracting a broader customer base to sellers’ products. Buyers are more likely to browse and purchase products from sellers who participate in this program, as they perceive it as a symbol of reliability and quality. This increased visibility and exposure can significantly expand a seller’s customer base, leading to more opportunities for growth and success.

  1. Competitive Advantage in the E-commerce Landscape

In the competitive e-commerce landscape, sellers constantly seek ways to differentiate themselves and attract buyers. Shopee Guarantee serves as a powerful differentiator, giving sellers a competitive edge over those who do not participate. Buyers are more likely to choose products with the Shopee Guarantee label, as it provides a level of assurance that is not always available elsewhere. This competitive advantage can translate into increased sales and market share for sellers who embrace Shopee Guarantee.

  1. Fostering a Safe and Positive Shopping Experience for All

Shopee Guarantee plays a pivotal role in creating a safe and positive shopping experience for both buyers and sellers. By providing buyer protection and ensuring high standards among sellers, the program promotes trust, transparency, and accountability throughout the e-commerce ecosystem. This benefits sellers indirectly, as it creates a more conducive environment for their business to thrive.

What is Extend Shopee Guarantee?

Extending Shopee Guarantee is an add-on offered under the umbrella of Shopee Guarantee. It is a strategic step that sellers can take to enhance their online presence, boost sales, and foster a positive reputation within the marketplace. By offering buyers an extended protection period, sellers demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction and product quality, ultimately contributing to a more secure and trustworthy e-commerce experience for all.

By extending Shopee Guarantee, sellers can reap a range of benefits:

  • Enhanced buyer confidence and trust
  • Increased product attractiveness and conversion rates
  • Differentiation from non-participating sellers
  • Strengthened reputation for reliability and quality

The process of extending Shopee Guarantee is straightforward and convenient for sellers. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Log in to your Shopee seller account.
  2. Navigate to the “Manage Products” section.
  3. Select the product you want to extend the guarantee for and click on the “Extend Guarantee” option.
  4. Follow the prompts and provide any necessary information or documentation.
  5. Review and confirm the extension. The extended guarantee will be visible to buyers.

Closing Thoughts

Shopee Guarantee provides a secure and trustworthy e-commerce environment for both buyers and sellers. This buyer protection program ensures that transactions are conducted with transparency, integrity, and accountability, fostering a sense of confidence and security throughout the shopping experience.

For sellers, Shopee Guarantee offers a range of benefits that enhance their online presence, boost sales, and foster a positive reputation within the marketplace. By participating in this program, sellers can gain access to a larger customer base, achieve a competitive edge, and contribute to a safe and positive shopping experience for all.

Sellers who embrace this valuable program can expect to reap the rewards of increased buyer confidence, protection against fraudulent activities, access to a wider customer base, a competitive advantage, and the satisfaction of contributing to a thriving e-commerce ecosystem.

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Shopee Guarantee is a payment protection program that ensures that buyers receive their orders in good condition and that sellers are paid for their products. When a buyer places an order, the payment is held by Shopee until the buyer confirms that they have received the order and are satisfied with it. Once the buyer confirms receipt, the payment is released to the seller.

How do I know when my Shopee Guarantee ends?

The Shopee Guarantee period ends on a specific date, which is calculated based on the seller’s Days to Ship (DTS), Courier Delivery Time, and the Buyer Confirmation Time. You can find the exact date that your Shopee Guarantee ends by checking the order details page.

What is the Shopee Money Guarantee?

Shopee Money Guarantee is a similar payment protection program that is offered for certain types of transactions, such as those involving ShopeePay or Shopee Mall sellers. With Shopee Money Guarantee, payments are held in escrow until both the buyer and seller agree that the transaction is complete.

Can I get a refund without returning the item on Shopee?

In some cases, you may be able to get a refund without returning the item if the seller agrees to it. However, this is not always possible, so you should always contact the seller first to discuss your options.

Can I refuse delivery from Shopee?

Yes, you can refuse delivery from Shopee if you have a valid reason to do so. For example, if you ordered the wrong item or if the item is damaged, you can refuse delivery and contact the seller for a refund.

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