Cross-Border Fulfillment Made Simpler

Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Online Sellers
Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Online Sellers

Don’t limit your reach to just one region! Locad helps you grow and expand into new markets by shipping your products globally without hassle.

Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Online Sellers

Expand to newer markets with a trustworthy cross-border fulfillment provider

Are you looking to expand your business to newer markets? Thanks to the evolution of technology and the rise in e-commerce, it’s easier than ever to sell your products to a wider audience, take advantage of new opportunities, and tap into new customer segments. It all starts with Locad as your fulfillment partner.

Complete visibility

Stop wasting time manually tracking orders. Locad will help you track your orders, stages, and inventory. Automatically sync your online store with us to come out on top.

Boost your sales

Using intelligent analytics, you can really narrow down your best sellers and create promotional campaigns to help move the deadstock.

Distributed inventory

Locad’s fulfillment centers make it easy to split inventory and improve order fulfillment so that you can easily sell local or cross-border products.

Partner with Leading 3PLs

With Locad, you get to partner with a network of reliable 3PL providers who are the leaders in your market to ship your products quickly and efficiently.

Order Management

Stay on top of all your regional and cross-border orders with our real-time tracking. We’ll let you know the status of your order and how to take action, so you never miss a beat.

Easily Tackle Challenges

Crossing borders can complicate shipping, but with a 3PL, you can ensure all aspects are taken care of. Using our services, your products will be delivered anywhere

Got your eyes on expanding to a new global market?

Look no further! Locad will help you understand what you need to dominate new markets

Maximize your business growth with cross-border fulfillment

Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Online Sellers

Conquer the challenges in Borderless Fulfillment

Borderless marketing is well known, but fulfilling cross-border orders can be difficult. When you expand your business to new markets, you’ll have to deal with different shipping and customs regulations. This will make things more difficult and might even increase shipping fees. Avoid complex customs delays and expensive storage costs by partnering with Locad. With Locad’s global e-commerce fulfillment platform, we’ll help you quickly, easily, and affordably conquer the challenges of international orders.

Expand to Multiple Marketplaces

Cross-border shipments can be tricky. With Locad, you’ll get the technical support you need to make it seamless. You’ll be able to pick, pack, ship, track, and deliver by cross-checking orders across multiple stores, channels, or marketplaces on one platform. This way you’ll always stay on top of your shipments without having to toggle between multiple order management systems.
Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Online Sellers
Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Online Sellers

Scale your way to the top

Locad enables you to ship orders quickly with reliable third-party logistics providers. These providers oversee international shipping, as well as cross-border fulfillment when necessary. With multiple warehouses across the Asia Pacific region and various international shipping options, you’ll be able to expand into new markets without overspending. You can also track your orders in real-time, and generate order processing and shipping statuses. Locad allows you to grow your business faster by growing locally and tapping into newer global markets

International Shipping Rates that are affordable

Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Online Sellers
Shipping across borders can be costly and complex! With Locad, we automatically find the cheapest 3PL provider for your cross-border shipping. You’ll save on transport costs and get a complete overview of additional tax break-ups in advance. This way, you can optimize shipping expenses and accelerate the delivery process.
Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Online Sellers

100+ Brands Trust Locad to scale their brand

Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Online Sellers

The biggest benefit of working with Locad is the peace of mind knowing that the shipments are going out as fast as possible.

Dominic Symons

CEO, Subminimal

Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Online Sellers

The Locad Control Tower enables me to check the status of my sales targets and inventory health any time of the day.

Aencille Santos

CEO, Manila Athletica

Cross-Border E-commerce Fulfillment for Online Sellers

Now with Locad handling our fulfillment and operations, 95% of our shipments are shipped within 90 minutes.

Jordan Harrison

CEO, MuscleU

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Don’t let borders hinder your brand’s growth

With cross-border fulfillment, Locad enables you to tap into newer markets with ease. Our goal is to empower you to grow your business globally.

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