The Importance of Fulfillment Experience in E-commerce​

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Table of Contents

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Physical businesses have always provided a wealth of opportunities to create an in-person experience that helps to increase brand recognition and revenue. However, almost everyone shops online now because it’s way more convenient. But how can you improve the fulfillment experience when you don’t have a physical location to talk to customers face to face

Fulfillment Experience

Compared to traditional retail, satisfying clients in the e-commerce world is a difficult task. The online consumer experience takes a lot of thinking, from responsive UX/UI design to drafting the perfect product description. However, compared to more immediate improvements, such as brand recognition and marketing activities, the customer fulfillment experience is frequently overlooked.

In e-commerce, the fulfillment process plays a significant role in the post-purchase experience. Receiving a delivery is your customer’s first physical connection with your brand, so you want to make an excellent first impression to persuade them to buy from you again. From providing speedy and economical shipping to taking additional care with the unwrapping process, there are many ways to give a satisfying fulfillment experience which we will discuss in detail further in this article.

Fulfillment Experience

What is a Fulfillment Experience?

The fulfillment experience is the process of selecting, packaging, and shipping products to customers to ensure that purchases are delivered quickly and precisely. Unlike traditional stores, which can interact with customers and give immediate fulfillment, e-commerce stores rely on a complicated system of supply chains, logistics, and last-mile delivery to deliver products to customers.

Successful e-commerce fulfillment is critical to the customer experience. Even if the customer isn’t aware of the process, supply chain efficiency impacts the unpacking experience and is linked to brand loyalty and decreased cart abandonment rates. Because online customers won’t be able to see, touch, or feel your products until it is delivered to them, a satisfying fulfillment experience is critical for customer happiness.

Fulfillment Experience

How Does a Customer's Fulfillment Experience Drive Company Growth?

In many circumstances, having the best products does not ensure E-commerce success. This is because those products may not be supplied to target customers in the most efficient manner, as many companies fail in successful transportation and logistics. When products can’t possibly reach customers on time, on budget, and in good shape, it’s time to partner with a reputable and highly dependable third-party fulfillment center.

We have listed below some ways in which improving your customer’s fulfillment experience will drive business growth:

Build Influential Brand Image

When it comes to the fulfillment experience, good customer service will increase your brand’s visibility in the market due to positive feedback from satisfied customers. This will also help improve the company’s image, attract new customers, and raise sales and profits. An improved customer fulfillment experience can sometimes go a long way toward assuaging customers when the product isn’t up to par.

Close More Deals

Client satisfaction can be improved by providing an excellent fulfillment experience. They may be willing to spend more and suggest their friends, family, and coworkers to your business in addition to writing reviews and testimonials. Even if the process is as easy as a pickup, client satisfaction is determined by what else the organization has to offer. Keeping them updated on their delivery and letting them know what will happen to their shipment right away goes a long way toward closing more deals.

Enhance Customer Loyalty

Order fulfillment expertise and delivering on persuasive brand promises can result in the happiness and confidence that converts transactions into recurring customers. Good fulfillment experience is increasingly driving the loyalty that keeps customers returning to your firm rather than to a competitor’s. To succeed, you must maintain your promises and deliver orders profitably.

Fulfillment Experience

What are the Stages of Order Fulfillment that Enhance Customer Experience?

We have listed below the different stages of order fulfillment that impact the customer’s experience with your e-commerce brand.

Confirmation of Order

What many online brands don’t realize is that the fulfillment experience of the customer starts after they have made the purchase. The post-purchase activities keep them engaged and returning for more. After the purchase is made, it’s all about providing the customers with effective and transparent communication regarding the order confirmation, estimated fulfillment, and delivery time. This can be done either through direct text or email.

Tracking Details

Customers expect complete tracking details during the last-mile delivery stage. It’s as essential for you as it is for your customers to have access to e-commerce order tracking at all times during the order fulfillment process. This is important for the customer’s experience because it lets purchasers know what to expect from their delivery while alerting them immediately if there are any issues.

Effective Return Processes

Order returns are an avoidable part of running an e-commerce business. It doesn’t necessarily mean that your business has lost a sale, as they serve as an opportunity to improve the customer experience even more. Online brands that invest in easy and simple return processes will likely increase customer loyalty, satisfaction, and overall experience.

Fulfillment Experience

How to Improve the Fulfillment Experience

There are various methods to improve the fulfillment experience, from order punctuality to the sort of packaging you choose. However, if you want to compete with larger businesses, you’ll need a robust fulfillment infrastructure and technology.

Customers are interacting and purchasing across numerous channels. Moreover, they are also mixing their digital and in-store experiences since the retail disruption, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. They want retailers to provide flexible delivery alternatives, which affects their continuous loyalty. Therefore, your interactions with customers must include recognition and understanding of the previous activity.

Improving the fulfillment experience to stay competitive means providing clients with a range of options and allowing them to pick the one which suits their needs. And businesses need to offer all this while staying profitable in the marketplace.

Below are the different ways you can create a satisfying and powerful fulfillment experience for your customers.

That is why fast-growing e-commerce businesses rely on 3PLs to improve their fulfillment experience by providing the fulfillment system, technology, service, and expertise they require.

Provide Quick and Affordable Shipping

Everyone wants quick and inexpensive shipping, but only a few retailers can supply it. One of the most critical aspects of delivery is price, and modern buyers expect free shipping. Therefore, in most cases, high shipping costs are the leading cause of cart abandonment.

Apart from free or low-priced shipping, customers also want faster delivery. So, offering same-day or ASAP delivery is the push that customers need to place an order, especially when speedier fulfillment durations are in great demand.

Use Branded Packaging

Creating an experience without engaging face-to-face with your customers is challenging. That’s why many direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies spend money on unique customized packaging to help raise their brand’s awareness, satisfy customers, and improve the unboxing experience.

Unboxing is a crucial touchpoint for establishing brand affinity and connecting with consumers. Branded packaging that is both aesthetically beautiful and functional can help your product stand out from the competition. Remember that your customer is unlikely to make a repeat purchase if your product was not transported with properly branded packaging or has arrived damaged.

Offer a Transparent Shipping Process

With the advancement and possible disruptions in e-commerce shipping, transparency throughout the delivery process is feasible and expected. By employing different logistics systems, fulfillment centers, and last-mile operators assisting with online delivery, you should provide customers with a complete package tracking system because they care about their package’s whereabouts.

Informing buyers about the status of their order and where it is at an exact given time plays a vital role in improving the fulfillment experience. This is also an essential service because it allows customers to plan their activities around their package arrival date and avoid potential delays.

Build Customer Communication

From shipping delays to the warehouse or factory closures due to external factors, it’s unavoidable for an e-commerce supply chain to have problems at some point in its business operations. Situations beyond their control can harm even the most capable fulfillment service provider. Establishing a system that ensures customer communication in such cases is essential.

When such issues emerge, transparency in tracking information and giving spontaneous replies to customer concerns can improve the fulfillment experience. Technological advancements in today’s world will assist you in maintaining effective communication with customers throughout their purchasing process.

Scaling Fulfillment Experience

The scaling fulfillment experience requires your order management system to keep track of inventory across all locations, accept orders most cost-effectively, and provide a smooth digital interaction across your website and contact service centers.

A provider with E-commerce expertise can create an integrated and extensive ecosystem for all your order management processes. As your company grows, you will need alternatives to improve your customer’s fulfillment experience and maintain their loyalty to your brand.


Customers are unlikely to make another purchase from an online E-commerce store if they do not receive a desirable and satisfying fulfillment experience. You’ll need the infrastructure, technology, and support to provide a dependable, consistent, and accurate fulfillment experience for all of your consumers.
A third-party logistics warehouse, often known as a 3PL, is an outsourced organization that manages a company’s supply chain and logistics activities by providing an effective fulfillment solution. It’s for entrepreneurs and enterprises who want to outsource all of the hard labor and technicalities involved in storing, packaging, distributing, and putting products into customers’ hands.
A good 3PL will improve your customer’s fulfillment experience and reduce your current and future costs while doing so. So now is the time to partner with a 3PL if you want to start working on improving the fulfillment experience.

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The fulfillment experience is the process of choosing, packaging, and sending products to customers to guarantee that orders are fulfilled fast and accurately. It entails rapid and affordable delivery, customized packaging, transparent shipping, and effective customer communication.

Customer fulfillment is important for businesses to gain a competitive advantage and drive growth. It impacts your brand’s image, customer loyalty, decreased cart abandonment rates, and overall sales and profitability. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the fulfillment process:

  • The customer places an order
  • The information about the customer is double-checked, verified, and recorded.
  • Inventory levels are checked. An alternative item is requested if the product is out of stock.
  • Either a 3PL fulfillment service or the firm packages and ships the order.
  • Throughout the procedure, the customer will receive updates and tracking information.
  • The shipment of the order is confirmed.
  • The package is delivered to the target customer.

The following are the duties of a fulfillment associate:

  • Receive delivery trucks
  • Offloading of the delivery trucks to transport goods to the warehouse
  • Ensure that incoming deliveries are placed in specified storage spaces
  • Employing pallet jacks, cherry pickers, and forklifts to do warehouse tasks
  • Read and process work orders

Your order is in ‘fulfillment,’ which means that it has been processed and is about to be dispatched. The stages of fulfillment are as follows: Fulfilled: When a whole order is shipped, it is marked as fulfilled. Unfulfilled: An order is regarded as unfulfilled when it is placed but not shipped.

A fulfillment service is a third-party company that handles order fulfillment on behalf of another party, such as an e-commerce retailer. These broad categories can be applied to a wide range of orders, from major B2B transactions to individual direct-to-consumer (D2C) transactions.

Merchant fulfillment, also called self-fulfillment or in-house fulfillment, is when an e-commerce seller handles the whole order fulfillment process without the aid of a third party. In the early days of E-commerce, many online businesses choose to fulfill orders in-house, holding goods and packing orders from the comfort of their homes.

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