Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines

Received orders, but unsure how to ship them to customers in the Philippines?

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Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines

The rise of digital consumption and the emergence of global players make the Philippines a thriving market for e-commerce. A recent study by Google notes that among the growing markets in Southeast Asia, Philippines is leading the way with terrific double-digit growth.

As an e-commerce brand, tapping into foreign markets lets you tap into new customer bases and maximize revenue. But when it comes to delivering internationally, there are several rules and regulations to comply with. Moreover, narrowing down the best carrier that fulfills orders at affordable rates gets difficult. You neither have the time nor can risk trial and error in a market that you’ve just entered.

Partnering with a reputed shipping carrier can reduce the hassles and ensure that your orders reach your customers on time. But where do you start?

Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines

Things you should know about Shipping to the Philippines

When you ship orders to a new marketplace, you need to be on top of several things – import documentation, duty fees, customer clearance, and tracking your orders once it reaches international shores. Skip any of these important steps and your shipment is likely lying in a corner, never to be seen again. Here are some of the important prerequisites you need to know before shipping to the Philippines:
The Shipping scene
Contrary to popular belief, the emergence of e-commerce has given rise to a lot of international shipping carriers in the Philippines. With some research, you can determine the average cost of shipping to the Philippines and choose the best carrier to ship your orders.
Custom Clearance
The Philippine government applies a de minimis threshold for the import of goods. Imports valued below PH. 10000 attracts no customs or duty tax. For goods that are valued above this limit, a 12% VAT is applied. In addition, custom duty will also be applicable based on the type of goods you ship. Improper paperwork or incorrect information on your receipts will only stall custom clearance.
Shipment Classification

Per the Philippines law, there are three types of shipment your orders fall under.

Regular imported commodities – Goods that can be freely imported and do not require additional permits, attract taxes or feed, and are outside government prohibitions.

Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines

Regulated imports – These are goods that can be imported into the Philippines only after securing permits and licenses from the government prior to shipping. Examples of regular imports include food, drugs and chemical products, electrical appliances, and more.

Restricted imports – Shipments containing goods that can be imported only when authorized by law or regulation. Some examples of restricted imports are gambling devices, ammunition, gunpowder, explosives, etc.

Prohibited imports – This category includes items that cannot be legally imported into the Philippines and are unlawful to be imported into the country. Goods falling under this category are simply called contrabands. Examples of prohibited goods that incite treason/rebellion, goods containing obscene images, falsely-branded goods or edible items, and more.

Overwhelmed by Philippine Import and Tax Regulations?

Ship your requirements and we’ll help you deliver orders to your customers

How to Choose the Right Shipping Carrier to the Philippines

When it comes to shipping orders to the Philippines, choosing the right shipping carrier matters. It ensures that your products are picked up from your pickup point and delivered to customers. When you bank on the right carrier to ship orders to the Philippines, you deliver a good customer experience that assures your business of their patronage. Here are some of the factors you should consider while choosing a shipping carrier to the Philippines.
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines

Whether you’re shipping locally or from an international destination, speed matters. The rise in customer expectations when it comes to e-commerce delivery makes speed a crucial factor to order fulfillment.

Shipping to the Philippine market is also largely impacted by the country’s geography. The Philippines is an archipelago with over 7,600 islands out of which nearly 2000 are currently inhabited. You need to ensure that the shipping carrier you choose covers areas where your target audiences are from and automatically works with shipping methods that assure efficient and faster shipping.


The reputation of a shipping carrier matters a lot when it comes to orders that come from a different country or region. These goods generally need gentler handling from the courier provider since they are shipped from outside the country and many times are expensive. You need to ensure that the product that reaches your customers safely and in prime condition. Secure shipping also reflects on your company. If you’re unable to deliver goods in good condition and on time, then you will end up losing customers in the long run.


 Shipping orders from an international location will definitely have a higher price than local orders. It also means longer waiting time for your customers. Affordable shipping is a key incentive for customers to continue shopping with you. But the cheapest shipping cost is not always the ideal way to go forward. It sometimes may require the shipping carrier to cut corners on other services in order for them to guarantee such a price. So how do you find out what is the optimal rate when it comes to shipping to the Philippines? Well, you need to look for a shipping cost that’s low enough for customers and high enough to cover the operating cost without compromising the quality of service.

Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines

Too many shipping carriers but don’t know which one to choose?

Why settle for one we can help you choose the best carrier for your shipments.
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines

Benefits of a Shipping Engine in the Philippines

There is a lot that rides on your business when you foray into a new market. And as complicated shipping rules and regulations appear, partnering with a reputed shipping carrier can make a lot of difference.
Consolidate all your shipping requirements and integrate with carriers that know the local market enough to pick the best shipping transportation. This streamlines the shipping process for your e-commerce online store. Moreover you eliminate the hassles of choosing the shipping more for each order, day in and day out.
Prevent e-commerce fraud
With the rise of e-commerce purchasing in the Philippine market, your business is also prone to a lot of fraudulent activities. Partnering with a reputed shipping carrier relieves you from the hassles of last-mile delivery frauds that heavily impacts your business. And when you trust reputed shipping companies to handle international shipping, you can be assured of various security measures to protect and safeguard your shipment through the entire shipping process.

Are your shoppers looking for affordable shipping rates or are you looking for flexible payment options when it comes to shipping? When you have the option to work with reputed shipping carriers, you can leverage the flexibility that otherwise may not be applicable if you are running the entire shipping process end-to-end.

For example, when you think about shipping to new regions, a single carrier may look like a safer bet. But based on the type of order and the destination, various shipping carriers may offer different benefits. Having the ability to choose the carrier for shipping to the Philippines helps you cut down on rigid shipping costs significantly.

When it comes to shipping services, you’re always on the lookout for partners who guarantee faster shipping at affordable rates. And in the Philippines market, there are a lot of reputed carriers that help you deliver your orders to your customers. But why settle for one, when you can ship with multiple carriers based on convenience?

Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines

Entering the Philippine e-commerce market? Don’t let your competition win!

Get best-in-class shipping carriers for faster and affordable shipping now

Choose Locad for Shipping to the Philippines

Enter Locad, your logistics engine that lets you partner with the most reputable carriers and seamlessly operate in foreign markets. With Locad as your shipping partner, you don’t have to worry about shipping and instead focus on other facets of the business that requires your team’s attention. And getting started with Locad cannot be any simpler than this!
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines
Connect Your Store Finalize Pickup Location Start Shipping
Integrate your e-commerce store with Locad. As customers place their orders, automatically import these orders into your control tower.
Specify the pickup location from which our carriers will collect the orders and prepare them for shipping to the Philippines.
Once the shipping carrier is finalized, sit back and relax as your pickup is initiated automatically and the order begins its transit to the Philippines.
Why Locad for shipping to the Philippines? Let’s decode the advantage.
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines

A comprehensive order management system

The Locad control tower offers you a 360 view of your orders. Simply integrate it with your e-commerce store and you can watch the status of every order that trickles in. Get a complete timeline view of your orders and find out where it is in the fulfillment status – whether the order is picked, packed or shipped.

With best-in-class order management at your disposal, you can:

  • Get a transparent view of the shipping status of orders that are ready to go
  • Flag orders that have been processed on your store but are experiencing delays
  • Make on-the-go decisions that helps you accelerate your shipping process

No Forced Lock-ins or Warehouse Tie-ups

For a business that’s testing new waters, you may not require an exclusive warehouse space or can’t afford to pay storage cost. You may just require a shipping service that would pick your orders from multiple locations and ship them. That’s exactly what Locad’s Shipping Engine offers. No hidden charges, no rigid warehouse tie-ups. You get access to the best shipping carriers and the technology to stay on top of your orders.

Locad’s Shipping Engine offers you the engine to grow your business by:

  • Helping you choose the right shipping carriers to accelerate sales in the Philippine markets
  • Avoiding any expensive warehousing integration or tie ups that increase your investment while expanding your reach in Philippines
  • Integrating with multiple e-commerce online stores like Shopify, Lazada, WooCommerce and more, to handle all orders under one roof
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Growing businesses have customized needs, especially when you are starting our in a new market. That’s where

Locad’s Shipping Engine caters to emerging and large e-commerce businesses that are setting up their operations in the Philippines. Outsourcing your entire shipping requirements or simply a part of it, Locad has got you covered.

Locad caters to your flexible needs and spoils you with options by:

  • Letting you outsource your shipping needs whether it’s region-specific, store-specific or simply during peak sales days
  • Enabling you to choose from top shipping carriers in the Philippines like DHL, Lalamove, Ninja van, J&T and LBC
  • Giving you the freedom to choose a shipping carrier on an order basis making international shipping friendlier on the pockets

A team that gets you like no other

Whether you’re in it for a short time or the long run, Locad’s Shipping Engine works with you to understand your needs and offer you the best shipping options for you to scale. Get the best team that’s available 24×7 to help you navigate new markets, get onboard and familiarize yourself with the platform in no time.

Locad helps you integrate with top shipping carriers and the best team to deliver:

  • A hands-on guided onboarding experience from understanding your requirements to a full tour of the product
  • A 24-hour response window from the time you submit the inquiry form on our website
  • Easy feed of your pick up locations and shipping schedules to start shipping your orders
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines
Trusted and Reliable Fulfillment Center in the Philippines
Shipping for your e-commerce business could either be a game changer or a deal breaker. When you’re new to the Philippine market, there’s a lot that you need to be mindful of. Choosing the right shipping carrier can check a lot off your to-do list and gives you the time and space to focus on scaling your e-commerce business. With Locad, turn shipping into a cost-effective solution that delights both you and your customers.

Ship to the Philippines and grow your business effortlessly

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