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What is Zone Picking?

Zone picking involves picking orders from different zones of the warehouse by different workers. An employee can pick multiple orders within their assigned zone simultaneously.

The process of zone picking aids in reducing the time needed to collect orders. This strategy cuts down on travel time and the number of inventory transactions that need to be documented.

Significance of Zone Picking in E-commerce Shipping

The productivity of the supply chain is significantly impacted by zone picking in a warehouse. Some benefits of this process are:

  • The zone-picking method works well in large warehouses that manage a high number of SKUs with unique features or picking requirements. It reduces their travel time to a large extent.
  • This method can achieve a higher level of client satisfaction through accurate order fulfillment and punctual, damage-free delivery.

Pre-requisites of Zone Picking and How It Works

If you want to implement a zone-picking system, have the following things in place:

  • Have a zone-picking system in place. There are different types of zone-picking systems: zone-wave, zone-batch and zone-batch-wave. Choose an appropriate zone-picking system based on your needs.
  • A warehouse management system with all the functionality is one of the essential pre-requisites. It streamlines the procedure and aids in the orderly flow of transactions.
  • Your warehouse zone picking system is improved by equipment and machines. Buy equipment suited to your needs and strategy.

Subsequently, zone picking works by dividing the picking perimeter into numerous pick zones. Pickers assigned to each zone will only select objects that are placed within it.

Use Cases With Zone Picking 

Zone picking works well in cases where a business has various-sized items or various storage or picking requirements. 

For example, a distributor of food and beverages will have separate spaces for ambient goods, refrigerated goods, and frozen food. Picking an order from all three locations while changing into and out of coats and gloves as an employee walks from one zone to the next is not convenient. This is when a zone-picking system can help save time and increase the efficiency of the warehouse and its employees.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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