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What are Customer Returns?

Customer returns are when a customer submits a request to return a product to their seller. A customer return usually ends with a product replacement or a full refund. 

Usually, customer returns come in different conditions, from untouched to damaged condition. Once a return query is submitted, a brand needs to do the needful to uphold its image. 

Significance of Customer Returns in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

The benefits of customer return spiral down to the ability of a brand to provide a smooth shopping and return experience. It helps companies to maintain brand reputation and build customer loyalty. It also provides benefits as listed below:

  • Opportunity to serve the customer again: Even if a product is deemed faulty, it allows a brand to show its customer support and after-sales services. When given after-sales customer support, a brand shows its strong commitment.
  • Opportunity to improve: While customer returns can seem like a loss, it is also a chance to gain insight into where you might be going wrong with your products. Subsequently, you can rectify those gaps and improve your brand. 

How Customer Returns Works and Prerequisites for Customer Returns

Customer returns usually work in the following ways.

  • Receive a return/refund query: A prerequisite to initiating a customer return process.
  • Confirmation: Once a brand has acknowledged the issue, they send a confirmation to the customer. 
  • Initiation of reverse shipping: To retrieve the product, a company initiates reverse shipping. 

Use Case With Customer Returns

Every instance where a product is returned in exchange for a replacement or a refund can be considered a use case for customer returns. For example, an electronic device is returned for a replacement/refund. It can be due to technical faults or wrong product delivery. Providing a full refund or replacement helps improve customer satisfaction. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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