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What is Stacking in E-commerce? 

There are many ways in which materials and products can be stored inside a warehouse. One of the most common methods is stacking, in which racks are used to stack products on top of each other to organize the place and optimize warehouse space usage. 

Significance of Stacking in E-commerce 

Stacking is one of the most commonly used storage methods in warehouses to optimize storage. But incorrect stacking that does not follow guidelines can result in safety hazards and injuries. On the other hand, if done right, it can be one of the best methods to organize and optimize the warehouse. 

  • Using a stack rack or pallet rack for stacking reduces product damage while simultaneously using all the available space in the warehouse. They are cost-effective, and they also increase storage capacity. 
  • Stacking also increases product visibility throughout the warehouse, and workers can find items easily in designated sections. 
  • Properly stacking items can also increase the speed of the order fulfillment process. If workers can easily find and access products, they can pick, pack, and ship them faster. It also results in better customer feedback. 

Prerequisites of Stacking in E-commerce 

Here are some of the prerequisites of stacking in fulfillment: 

  • Businesses must remember that stacking can be dangerous for workers if not done right. Unevenly stacked products can not only fall and get damaged but can also injure workers that are handling them. 
  • Manual stacking is good for lighter items as they do not pose a threat to humans. But stacking heavy and large items should always be done with a forklift. 
  • Some safe stacking methods include adding sheets of ply between the layers of items and binding them with cables after stacking them into cubes. Warehouses can also try pinwheel stacking and brick stacking for increased stability. 

Use Case with Stacking in E-commerce 

Suppose a company XYZ decides to use stacking as they have an influx of products suddenly being shipped; they can do so safely by using stack racks and forklifts. They should also bind these products to avoid workplace injuries while simultaneously optimizing their warehouse storage. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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