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What is Cardboard Box? 

Cardboard boxes are the most popular type of packaging in e-commerce. It uses a single layer of sheets, making it one of the cheapest, recyclable and eco-friendly packaging options in e-commerce. Using cardboard boxes as packaging material keeps moisture away from infiltrating the products.

Significance of Cardboard Box in E-commerce Shipping and Delivery 

Cardboard boxes are the most sustainable packaging containers available. It also acts as a protective layer for items inside the box and can be shipped easily for their light weight. Here are some of the significance of cardboard boxes. 

  • Cheap 

Cardboard boxes are cheaper to make. Usually made from recycled materials, their production cost is very low and can be bought in bulk at a very low price. 

  • Flexible 

Cardboard boxes can be malleable or rigid depending on the need of the items inside. Businesses use rigid cardboard boxes for delicate items such as electronics or glassware. But mostly, cardboards are more flexible and do not take up much space. 

  • Recyclable 

Cardboard boxes are recyclable, which makes them more sustainable than metal or plastic packaging. This is better for the environment. 

  • Protective 

Cardboard boxes are great at protecting the items inside. Corrugated cardboard boxes have multiple cardboard pieces placed on top of one another for cushioning products. Even delicate items can be wrapped in layers of protective cardboard and shipped without difficulty. 

Prerequisites for Cardboard Box 

Here are some of the prerequisites of cardboard boxes. 

  • The integrity of a cardboard box depends on the fragility and weight of the items. Delicate items and heavy products need stronger and more rigid boxes than others. 
  • Weatherproofing a cardboard box is necessary for long-distance and international shipping. 

Use Case with Cardboard Box 

Most companies use cardboard boxes for shipping. For instance, tech companies use cardboard boxes of varying shapes, sizes, and thicknesses, depending on the product inside. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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