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What is Carton?

A carton in shipping is referred to as a box usually made of paper that is tougher and more durable. These are used in the packaging of smaller or lightweight products such as cereals, footwear and others. Cartons are preferred due to their cost-effectiveness and optimized packaging.

Significance of Carton in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

A carton plays a substantial role in e-commerce shipping and delivery because they are inexpensive and eco-friendly. The primary benefits of the irreplaceable shipping unit are listed below.

  • Optimized package spacing: The application of cartons allows shipping companies to utilize maximum space within a container. These are lightweight and foldable, which allows them to be easily stacked. 
  • Shelf appeal: A carton, when properly designed, can help to set up a good brand reputation in terms of consistency and quality. It provides ample space to highlight the brand’s message to its customers. 

Prerequisites of Carton and How It Works

A seller should consider using a carton to ship multiple products. Shipping numerous products to the same port or warehouse are the only requirement—the steps below highlight how a carton works. 

  • Size selection and packaging: As per the product quantity, the size of a carton is selected. The products are then stacked within the carton accordingly.
  • Disbursal: The set is then handed over to the partner shipping company. 

Use Case With Carton

For example, a seller receives 20 orders from a said country for cereals. They bought 20 customized brand cartons to pack products. Subsequently, the merchant fits these boxes into one bigger carton. The shipping company received these, and the shipping cost was set up per the requirement.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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