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What is HAZMAT?

HAZMAT is a commonly abbreviated version to identify products deemed hazardous materials. Generally, fuels, combustible products, and items made with radiological, chemical, or biological agents are categorized as HAZMAT. Shipping HAZMAT products is heavily regulated and expensive. 

Significance of HAZMAT in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

HAZMAT product shipping requires utmost care for safe shipping to avoid accidents. Companies can ship their HAZMAT products internationally and nationally safely by classifying HAZMAT goods. 

  • Shipping flexibility: Now, a seller can ship HAZMAT products using the mentioned shipping containers depending upon hazard class. Demand for specific biological and radiological products across the world can be satisfied.
  • Global risk management: As HAZMAT is tagged as a hazardous product, thousands of incidents release such agents every year into the environment due to unforeseen shipping accidents. HAZMAT containers reduce the chances of such risk, even during these incidents. 

Prerequisites of HAZMAT and How It Works

While selecting a suitable shipping carrier, one should identify if their product falls under the HAZMAT category. Once the mentioned prerequisite is fulfilled, the following steps are listed below. 

  • Selection: The seller is required to select a shipping carrier that provides safe delivery and handling for HAZMAT.
  • Packaging: Depending on the HAZMAT class, pay attention to its packaging. The seller packs the products using a HAZMAT shipping kit or 4GV/U.N boxes.
  • Shipping paper and disbursal: Prepare shipping paper mentioning the following details:
  • Shipping name
  • Hazard class
  • Packing group
  • Quantity and types of packages, and others 

The packaged product is then handed over to the shipping company. 

Use Case With HAZMAT

A company has to ship antiseptics and disinfectants. They have to pack it in a HAZMAT shipping kit and ship it to the customer by following the federal regulations and carrier’s requirements. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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