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What is Landbridge in E-commerce?

Landbridge refers to shipping an ocean container by vessel from one point to another and then carried across the land. It makes it easier for buyers to get the items they need and for sellers to deliver them quickly and efficiently. Landbridge is often used for international shipping, allowing goods to be transported from one country to another without having to ship them through traditional shipping channels.

Significance of Landbridge in E-commerce Shipping

The landbridge is a crucial element of e-commerce shipping, as it delivers goods quickly with reduced costs. The significance of landbridge is –

  • It reduces the risk of goods being damaged or lost in transit. 
  • Additionally, the landbridge ensures that goods are transported safely and securely, helping to protect businesses from potential risks associated with international shipping. 
  • Landbridge helps to ensure that goods are delivered on time and in the condition they were expected to arrive in, providing customers with a better overall experience.

Prerequisites to Calculate Landbridge and How It Works

Prerequisites for calculating landbridge include having access to an accurate map or satellite imagery of the area. Additionally, the following elements are required –

1. Shipping rates and transit times

2. Warehouse locations

3. Customs regulations

4. Tax and duty information

5. Shipping carriers

6. Insurance coverage

7. Documentation

8. Tracking and monitoring shipments

Use Case With Landbridge

Suppose a business XYZ wants to send a container ship from the Philippines to Australia. XYZ will take an ocean shipment ‘landbridge’ from the Philippines to send the cargo to its destination on time.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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