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What is Bulk Storage?

Bulk storage is the method of storing and sorting relatively large quantities of products. It helps companies to organize and store their inventory in a more efficient manner. 

Usually, products are stored in original containers without any packaging. With the proper storage layout of a warehouse, companies can use bulk storage for faster access to products. 

Significance of Bulk Storage in an E-commerce 

Bulk storage has traditionally been used to move industrial goods and heavy-duty appliances. However, it also provides several benefits in the e-commerce shipping and delivery ecosystem. These benefits are listed below:

  • Reduces cost: Bulk storage allows the storage of a massive quantity in one go. It minimizes consistent transport and handling needs, subsequently reducing the cost. 
  • Better management and categorization: Products moved in bulk are already classified. It promotes better warehousing and product processing efficiency, allowing a seller to cut down transit times. 

Prerequisites of Bulk Storage and How It Works

The prerequisites and subsequent working of bulk storage have been provided below.

  • Identifying the requirement: As per the product and the available warehousing space, one needs to select the type of required bulk storage from pallet racking, floor stacking, drum cradle, and M&V dividers. 
  • Sorting and storing: Products are stacked as per their common attribute and placed as per the choice of sorting and storing, ready to be shipped.   

Use Case With Bulk Storage

Suppose a company transports and stores building goods like cement, bricks, and more in huge quantities. Such items are usually stored in bulk in warehouses. 

The primary benefits of using bulk storage in such cases are that it helps in cost reduction and better management of goods. Furthermore, with bulk storage, businesses can always rely on having enough stock at hand.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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