12.12 estimated to have made PHP 15 billion in total sales across major shopping platforms

The 12.12 mega sale this year is estimated to have made PHP 15 billion in total sales across major online shopping platforms. This represents an uptick of more than 10 times the average daily e-commerce sales and is seen to be driven by strong e-commerce adoption and higher spending during the holidays.

Running the numbers

Based on the data we got from top e-commerce platforms we integrate with, this year’s total 12.12 sales is expected to hit USD 298 million or PHP 15 billion.

This computation sets the 2021 Q4 GMV of e-commerce at USD 4 billion or PHP 200 billion, and with the higher consumer spending during this holiday season, this figure aligns with the e-Conomy SEA 2021 data of Google, Temasek, and Bain wherein e-commerce GMV for 2021 is reported at USD 12 billion.

The continued rise of e-commerce

Online shopping continues to rise in the country with e-commerce growing by 128% — the highest amongst all internet economy sectors in the Philippines.

According to a report by Facebook and Bain, Filipinos are posting high customer satisfaction ratings with net promoter scores jumping from 26% last year to 64% this year. However, e-commerce brands should not be complacent as poor delivery experiences and difficult return processes are among the top complaints of detractors.

To combat this, partnering with an end-to-end fulfillment solution provider would help e-commerce brands deliver a great customer experience. Through LOCAD’s multi-channel e-commerce integration, on-demand warehousing, and automated picking, packing, and shipping, e-commerce brands can be at peak performance whether it’s a normal day or during hectic seasons such as 12.12.

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