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What is Waybill?

A waybill is a document issued by e-commerce logistics that includes all essential data about the movement of goods. It also includes information about the sender and recipient of the shipment. A waybill provides details about the shipment’s origin, destination, and transportation route for shipment tracking. 

Significance of Waybill in E-commerce Logistics

The task of e-commerce logistics is made easier since the waybill contains all the information regarding the shipment of the product. Additionally, it eliminates confusion caused by similar packaging. Following are the additional advantages of the waybill:

  • Facilitates real-time tracking: Because the waybill includes a tracking number, customers and businesses can easily keep track of their goods.
  • Hassle-free shipping: Waybill makes it easy for the shipment to reach its destination without confusion, as it includes all the information and tracking details.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customers can estimate product delivery times with a waybill. If an issue arises, the waybill assists in locating the product.

Pre-requisites of Waybill and How It Works

There are two ways to create a waybill: manually or by pasting a barcode on the shipment. Manually filled documents are created by entering the order id, package details, and sender and recipient names. The following are the prerequisites of a waybill:

  • Goods invoice: An invoice is required to generate a waybill and it is created based on the information in the invoice.
  • Necessary information: In addition to names, the waybill also needs contact information and the weight of the shipment.

Use Case With Waybill

Consider the situation where a customer orders a television online from location B. The seller, who is at location A, then generates an invoice, prepares a waybill by filling out all the relevant information, and mails the buyer the tracking ID. The buyer may now see the progress of the goods as it travels from point A to point B.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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