Warehouse Execution System

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What is Warehouse Execution System?

A warehouse execution system (WES) is a business software that automates all manual processes associated with warehouse management. It combines the roles performed by other supply chain operations management software- warehouse management system (WMS) and enterprise resource management (ERM). Brands can optimize and enhance productivity by adopting a warehouse execution system.

Significance of Warehouse Execution System in E-commerce Logistics

Warehouse execution systems enable brands to overcome disruptions in their supply chain and unpredictable market conditions through dynamic warehouse management. From packaging to inventory management, the WES optimizes the warehouse floor, ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity. 

  • Increased visibility 

With the warehouse execution system, the warehouse manager can gain real-time updates about inventory and warehouse workflow. This allows the warehouse manager to proactively monitor and detect potential vulnerabilities that can slow down operations. 

  • Improved management and productivity 

A WES integrates and manages existing automated software, ensuring coordination between different systems. Embedded features like task assignment, prioritization, and management further support an increase in operational efficiency.  

Prerequisites for Warehouse Execution System 

As the name suggests, a warehouse execution system supports the seamless execution of tasks across the warehouse. Some of the prerequisites for a warehouse execution system are 

  • Warehouse management system
  • Enterprise resource planning software

All three combined give managers full control of their warehouse operations. 

Use Case of Warehouse Execution System 

A warehouse execution system allows managers to track what is happening on the warehouse floor- who is assigned what task and how long are they taking to perform the task. Managers can change labor shifts and assign tasks in real-time depending on supply chain shifts. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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