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What is Voucher?

Vouchers are gift cards or discount coupons that an e-commerce firm gives to its loyal customers. Customers can use these vouchers to earn a discount on their next purchase or to receive free goods or services. Vouchers can be sent as a digital code by SMS or e-mail to be used to make a new transaction.

Significance of Vouchers in E-commerce Logistics

Voucher marketing is a prominent marketing strategy implemented by the majority of e-commerce businesses to acquire new and recurring customers. Here are some more advantages of a voucher to consider:

  • Reduced advertising costs: Due to their greater effectiveness in ad cost reduction, vouchers attract more attention than any other sort of advertisement.
  • Boost the number of visitors to your online store: The majority of customers try to evaluate the impact of the voucher by going to the e-commerce website, which increases website traffic.
  • Increased brand loyalty: Not only can voucher and discount coupons bring in a regular flow of new buyers. They provide a dual purpose by encouraging repeat business from existing customers.

Pre-requisites of Voucher and How It Works

E-commerce offers customers vouchers, which they can use on the product checkout page to get a discounted price. Vouchers also work as a payment method for certain product purchases. The following are some prerequisites for a voucher:

  • Existing customers: E-commerce platforms only offer vouchers to existing customers via SMS or e-mail.
  • Minimum amount: Most vouchers have a minimum amount purchase requirement to be availed.
  • Online payment: Vouchers on the website must be redeemed using an online payment method.

Use Case With Voucher

Most e-commerce companies effortlessly attract their first consumer with a voucher. Let’s think of an e-commerce site that wants to bring in more new customers. The likelihood that a new customer will make a second purchase increases when you offer a discount voucher for their initial transaction. Later, these customers can continue to be loyal to the brand with hassle-free service.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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