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What Is Unit Load Device?

A unit load device, or the ULD, is used to restrain and group cargo during air transit. ULD is a widely used term that might refer to a restraining net, a container, or an air pallet. The primary objective of a unit load device is to hold shipments together during air transport. 

Significance of Unit Load Device in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

A unit load device is an irreplaceable cargo addition during air transport. The list below clarifies why it is important.

  • Protection and space utilization: Air transport can sometimes move around too much, and such instances might damage the goods. ULD holds and protects the contents while ensuring the maximum utilization of carrier space. 
  • Automatic loading/unloading: Manual labor is not required with ULDs to load or unload the goods. Primarily, cranes are used for the mentioned task. 
  • Faster shipping: Air transit offers the fastest shipping times. Coupled with ULDs, products reach the destination countries faster, without damage. 

Prerequisites of Unit Load Device and How It Works

A unit load device is only used when air transit is used for delivery. Unit load device is usually applied in the following ways.

  • Grouping and packing: The products are grouped and packed per the destination city or country. They might be stored in an air pallet or an air container. Both the mentioned storage units are considered unit load devices. 
  • Netting and loading: The pallets are then netted and loaded inside the airplane using a crane. 

Use Case With Unit Load Device

Some use cases of a unit load device are as follows.

  • Packing and stacking 200 products of 100 pounds each in a container. Followed by its subsequent loading onto an airplane using cranes and grouping nets. 
  • Placing two heavy appliances of around 700 pounds each in an air container, further to be followed by the netting and loading process.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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