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What is Truckload?

A truckload is a road transportation method that moves products in large quantities across two points in a shipping lifecycle. The truckload shipping is usually assigned to a single seller. The truck driver loads the products, transports them to the destination and unloads them. 

Significance of Truckload in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

Truckloads are incredibly lucrative for single sellers who transport larger volumes. It provides faster delivery and provides more flexibility to meet delivery targets.

  • Low transit time at a comparative rate: Truckload shipping provides a low transit time at an affordable rate. When several sellers collaborate with a shipping company to send out products, the costs further decline. 
  • Fewer chances of the product incurring damage: The entire space of a trailer is used up in truckload shipping. It highlights the absence of open space, which minimizes the chances of products tipping over, minimizes handling, and sustains less damage. 

Prerequisites of Truckload and How It Works

The determined quantity of goods that a single seller is shipping should at least fill up half the space of a 53’ or a 48’ trailer. It is the only requirement for a truckload.

On the contrary, a shipping company can also pool the products of several sellers with the same destination in a single trailer to suffice the mentioned quantity. 

Truckload follows the product inspection and verification protocol, loading, transporting, and unloading the products. 

Use Case with Truckload

A seller based in Manila decided to ship and store 10,000 mixer grinders in a storage unit located in Davao city. Therefore, the seller contacts a shipping company and loads a truck with the mentioned products. With around 75% of the trailer space occupied, the product is transported and unloaded in the Davao city warehouse.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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