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What Is a Serial Number?

A serial number is a distinctive number assigned to an item for identification. It is also called a production code, batch number, or manufacturing code. It is usually encoded as a string of alphanumeric characters uniquely identifying the item for quality control and production tracking. Apart from character strings, it can also consist of alphanumeric digits and typographical symbols. The serial number is found on the product, in the manual, or on the packaging.

Significance of Serial Number in E-commerce Logistics

Inventory tracking is made easier with the serial number. Some of these benefits are discussed below.

  1. Inventory visibility is enhanced with the identification left by serial numbers.
  1. Serial numbers in an inventory help identify name tags.
  1. It provides easy access to inventory history.
  1. Demand forecasting is taken care of with the use of serial numbers.
  1. There are fewer errors with serial number tracking.
  1. It enables just-in-time inventory by offering precise tracking and reordering of goods.
  1. It aids in after-sales processes by identifying faulty and outdated items.
  1. Having serial numbers can help a business manage its warranties on things and offer easy repairs.
  1. Serial numbers are mandatory in some countries, making manufacturing and selling items easier.

How Serial Number Works

Serial number tracking provides an easy and reliable way to identify and track items and orders. Let’s look at how the serial number tracking process works.

  • A unique serial number is assigned to each item in a warehouse.
  • Subsequently, whenever an item is scanned at any stage of the supply chain, its information is recorded. 
  • Therefore, the product history can be easily identified whenever required.

Use Cases of Serial Number

In a warehouse setting, it is often tricky to find out about items that need to be listed in the product sales list. Therefore, a company establishes a serial number system to track its products easily. This number helps the company to identify the model number and the date of manufacture. In short, it will significantly help with tracking and movement of the item.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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