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What Is Ready for Dispatched?

The ready for dispatched status notifies that the product is shipped and has finished the dispatched process. It also indicates the product is now on its route to customers. The order management system will only indicate this status when there is the last contact between the warehouse and the product. This status is indicated after the final document verification completes.

Significance of Ready for Dispatched in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

Ready for dispatched status ensures that the parcel is correctly packed and is conveyed in transit from the delivery company. Here are some of the advantages of ‘ready for dispatched’.

  • Reduces errors

This status ensures all necessary order processes are completed, including the verification process and preparing the documents for shipping. So, it avoids errors and ensures customers receive what they’ve ordered.  

  • Improves business efficiency

It indicates the completion of a particular order and decreases the chances of order returns. So, the business can effectively focus on other orders and thus increase its efficiency.

Prerequisites for Ready for Dispatched

Here are some of the prerequisites of ‘ready for dispatched’.

  • Once the product is ready, it must be handed over to the delivery partner (shipping agent/courier partner/forwarder) in a timely manner. Otherwise, the customer will keep on waiting and will most likely move to other e-commerce stores for their next purchases.
  • The ready for dispatched status must mention the mode of shipping i.e. truck/land/air/sea.

Use Case With Ready for Dispatched

Suppose company X deals with the manufacturing and delivery of stationery items. When the order management system shows ‘ready for dispatched’ in the system, it can ensure the items will soon reach the customer’s destination. So, this status indicates the order completion and helps to focus on managing other orders.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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