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What is Racking?

Racking is the storing and organizing of products in a warehouse or fulfillment center. Different racking systems efficiently store various products, including pallet racking, shelving, and mezzanine systems. Effective racking is crucial for successful order fulfillment and to prevent stock damage or loss.

Significance of Racking in E-commerce

Racking in a warehouse allows companies to maximize storage space and save costs. Here are some important aspects of racking in e-commerce: 

  • Racking enables efficient storage and organization of physical products.
  • It supports smooth and efficient order fulfillment.
  • Improves accessibility and retrieval of products.
  • Supports effective inventory management and control.
  • Supports the growth and scalability of the business by allowing for the storage of increasing quantities of products.
  • Contributes to a safe and organized working environment for warehouse employees.

Prerequisites of Racking

Here are the prerequisites for racking in e-commerce:

Warehouse or fulfillment center space: An appropriate and sufficient physical space is required to store and organize products.

Equipment and materials: The necessary equipment, such as shelving, pallet racking, and mezzanine systems, must be obtained and installed to support racking.

Warehouse personnel: A team of trained employees is necessary to manage the racking system, including the receiving and processing products, order fulfillment, and stock control.

Use Case of Racking

Suppose an online fashion retailer uses a mezzanine racking system to store products in the warehouse. When a customer buys a product or places an order, the order fulfillment software generates a pick list for warehouse personnel to retrieve products from the racking and package for shipment.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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