Pending Pickup

What is Pending Pickup?

Pending pickup refers to the situation when an order is not yet picked up from the seller or manufacturer. Once the seller schedules a pickup date for the order, the courier company will collect the order. 

Significance of Pending Pickup in E-commerce

Pending pickup status is the initial stage of order product status. Providing details about product statuses to customers helps them to know the progress of ordered products. It highlights that the order is accepted by the seller and will soon be dispatched.  

How Does Pending Pickup Work

To know where the order is in the order status process, customers and sellers require a tracking ID. They can follow the below process to check the pending pickup status:

  • Go to the ‘order status’ section of the e-commerce business website. 
  • It will display the status of the order. Sometimes, customers have to provide a tracking ID.

Use Case With Pending Pickup

A customer ordered a makeup box from an e-commerce business’ website from an XYZ seller. On checking the order status, they found it was ‘pending pickup’. Here, customers will get to know that the shipping company is yet to collect makeup boxes from the seller. Once the order has been picked up, the product status automatically changes to ‘in transit.’

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