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What is Packing? 

Packing is the process of enclosing the product in a small box or a container to ship it to a particular location. A package might include an outer covering, bubble wrap, a small cardboard box, some dunnage, or more. It is primarily used to protect and preserve or protect the product during transit.

Significance of Packing in an E-commerce Shipping and Delivery

Packing plays a massive role in protecting a product from external damage. Thoughtfully packed products can also provide a sense of importance to a customer. 

  • Protection against damage: Products tend to incur damage during shipping, and good packing reduces the probability of the mentioned risk. It saves a company from overhead expenses and also disarms the chance of possible shipment delays. 
  • Branding: Thoughtfully made packages often tend to surprise a customer. It increases their appreciation, thus allowing a merchant to build a great brand image that the seller can leverage further down the line. 

Prerequisites of Packing and How It Works

Packing does not have any requirements as such. However, when partnering with a shipping company, the seller might be required to adhere to the condition of box packing per their protocol. 

  • Requirement analysis: Before selecting a specific type of packing, one must determine the box size requirements of their partner freight forwarding company.  
  • Final packing: As per the gained insights, and the product requirements, the product is packed and handed over to the involved shipping company. 

Use Case With Packing

A seller received an order for a glass-show piece from Sydney. As per the partner shipping company, the merchant decided to use a 1.5’ cubic box with several layers of bubble wrap covering the product. Furthermore, a stick letter was also slipped into the packing as a thoughtful gesture. Subsequently, the merchant handed over the product to the shipping company.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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