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What is Package Material?

Package material is any material that protects shipments during the handling, storing, and transporting of goods. The most commonly used package materials in e-commerce are corrugated boxes, poly mailers, bubble wraps, air pillows, kraft papers, and so on.

Significance of Package Material in E-commerce Logistics

Package material plays a crucial role in the order fulfillment process since it protects goods from external damage. Furthermore, an attractive package material also enhances brand value and sales. Here are additional advantages of package material:

  • Reduces company costs: Good package material guarantees that a product is well protected during shipping, lowering product damage. Hence, businesses are not required to pay additional costs for reshipping the returned item.
  • Increases brand value: Delivery packages are a reflection of the brands themselves. Therefore, with good package material, brands can leave a lasting impression on their customers and increase their value.

Prerequisites for Package Material 

There are certain requirements that must be taken into consideration for choosing package material. These are the following:

  • Information about the product
  • Packaging designs
  • Environment-friendly packaging options
  • Rules and regulations regarding package material

Use Case With Package Material

Let’s say an organization wants to ship an order containing a glass vase, cooking utensils, and a book. Therefore, the seller uses bubble wrap and a corrugated box as packing material for the vase, cardboard for the utensils, and polyethylene packaging for the book.

In this way, the company is using different package materials based on the item. This ensures maximum protection and reduced costs. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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