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What is Out for Delivery?

Out for delivery is a product delivery status that tracks the product location in the last mile of delivery. It indicates that the customer’s product is on its way to them. 

Significance of Out for Delivery

An out-for-delivery status update to customers can help businesses remove blind spots and enhance the traceability of items. The importance of out for delivery is as follows:

  • It is through the out for delivery status customers get to know about the current condition of their product and when they can expect it to deliver.
  • It gives visibility of goods in the delivery cycle and updates on the order fulfillment. 

How Does Out for Delivery Work?

A product or packaging is in the out-for-delivery stage when it is close to its expected delivery date. However, a variety of factors can affect the out-for-delivery status. 

The delivery process can be broken down into three steps as mentioned below:

  • Receiving an order – The seller receives an order and ships it to the customer.
  • Processing the order – It includes verifying buyer contact information and other details. At this point, the tracking information that the customers will get is the order being processed.
  • Out-for-delivery status update – Once all the requirements are done, the status update ‘out for delivery’ is sent to customers. 

Use Case With Out for Delivery

For example, a customer has ordered a product from an e-commerce site XYZ. When the company has verified all the customer details, they will send a notification to the customer stating ‘out for delivery’. It indicates that they will get the product the same day the notification is sent if the weather is suitable.

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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