Order Entry and Scheduling

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What is Order Entry and Scheduling?

Order entry and scheduling is the process of receiving orders from customers and entering their information into the company’s processing database. Thereafter, delivery dates are scheduled for the orders. It is one of the first key steps in order fulfillment. 

Significance of Order Entry and Scheduling in E-Commerce Logistics

Order entry and scheduling process is crucial for any business to run its supply chain efficiently. You can read some of its benefits mentioned below:

  • Scaling up businesses: By using logistics software, the order entry and scheduling process can be made easier, and more products can be tracked and monitored. Accordingly, accurate stocks can be stored in inventory which ultimately enhances the business productivity. 
  • Minimizing inventory: Overstocking can be easily minimized by keeping an eye on the order entry and scheduling process.
  • Reduced delivery time: Order entry and scheduling provide information about the shortest route, reducing delivery time.
  • Enhances supply chain: Order entry and scheduling give an accurate idea about the company’s inventory. Therefore, unexpected delivery delays, last-mile changes, etc., can be easily avoided.

Pre-requisites for Order Entry and Scheduling 

Companies must fulfill specific requirements to practice the order entry and scheduling process. These requirements are:

  • Systematic inventory management
  • Supply chain management software
  • Reliable logistics partners
  • Efficient processing unit

Use Case With Order Entry and Scheduling

Consider a company that has received an elaborate order consisting of several different components. First, the order is entered into the system. Subsequently, an assigned person uses warehouse software to check the availability of all the ordered components in their warehouse. A situation arises where one of the components needs to be restocked from its manufacturer. Therefore, with this data, the software schedules an appropriate delivery date and delivers the product on time to customers. 

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Get the latest industry news, best practices, and product updates!

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